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Doron Solomon August 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Doron Solomon August 2015

Doron Solomon August 2015

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Doron Solomon August 2015

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  1. Accessibility Doron Solomon August 2015

  2. Agenda • Accessibility ??? • What is section 508 • AT&T Worldwide / AT&T Israel R&D Center • What is CATO • What is WAI-ARIA • How the screen reader works • Disability Types and Assistive Tools • Front End Developer • Some Do’s and Don’ts • Some useful links and info sources • Q/A

  3. Accessibility ??? • The purpose of this presentation is to tell a story, the story of accessibility support in Israel at&t R&D Center.

  4. What is section 508Section 508 is a set of laws addresses legal compliance through the process of market research and government procurement and also has technical standards against which products can be evaluated to determine if they meet the technical compliance.Web-based Applications standards assures accessibility to web content, e.g., text description for any visuals such that users of with a disability or users that need assistive technology such as screen readers and refreshable Braille displays, can access the content.

  5. AT&T Worldwide • One of the largest telecom companies in the world. • Over 300,00 employees worldwide. • The largest telecom provider in the US. • Provides services to both the business and private sectors, such as: • ​​Landlines • Mobile • TV • Internet • Communication technologies. • Security. • IoT (connected cars, smart houses etc.)

  6. AT&T Israel R&D Center • Formerly Known as Interwise Ltd. • Purchased in 2007 by AT&T. • Employment growth of 1,000% in 5 years. • Unique R&D Center – the only one outside of USA. • Technologies: • IOS, Android, Microsoft, Web …

  7. What is CATO • CATO - Corporate Accessibility Technology Office • An organization within AT&T charged with ensuring that AT&T’s product and service develop cycles consider the accessibility of persons with disabilities, and highlights how it enables AT&T workers to continue their jobs and thrive, all while pushing the business forward.

  8. What is WAI - ARIA • WAI - ARIA – WAI* Accessible Rich Internet Applications • It is a technical specification published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that specifies how to increase the accessibility of web pages, in particular, dynamic content and user interface components developed with Ajax, HTML, JavaScript and related technologies. As of March 2014, it was a Recommendation. • * WAI – Web Accessibility Initiative

  9. What is WAI - ARIA

  10. What is WAI - ARIA

  11. How the screen reader works Screen readers look at the document object model (DOM) of the page to know what the browser would display. For the Web, as well as for some other applications, screen readers are not reading the screen any more; instead, the screen reader is using the DOM to provide a speech rendering of data that is a web page. Put simply, a screen reader will read the outputted page from top to bottom left to right.

  12. Disability Types and Assistive Tools Visual – Screen readers (JAWS and NVDA), screen magnification, Refreshable Braille displays, Voice recognition and high contrast Mobility – Alternative/adaptive keyboards and mice, Onscreen keyboards and mouse emulation, Breath control devices etc. Auditory – Teletypewriter (TTY) Communications device used by people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired to communicate over networks designed to carry voice.

  13. Front End Developer

  14. Some Do’s and Don’ts cont.

  15. Some Do’s and Don’ts • Provide text alternates for all meaningful images using ALT attribute • When graphics contain useful information, also provide the information in text • Identify language (lang="en") • Use summary attribute and <th> tag for tables

  16. Some Do’s and Don’ts cont. • Title all frames • Never blur pictures to indicate unavailability • Make it easy for users to skip any multimedia and Flash demos • Maintain correct heading structure

  17. Demo Demo 1 Demo 2

  18. Columbus Egg

  19. Some useful links and info sources JAWS usage - Introduction to Web Accessibility – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) -

  20. Thank YouAny Questions?

  21. Doron