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IAA Primary Curriculum Guide

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IAA Primary Curriculum Guide. Grade 5 Term 3. Welcome to Term 1.

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welcome to term 1
Welcome to Term 1

Welcome to the first term. After the long holidays it will take a couple of weeks for your children to settle back into routines. In this time, the teachers will informally assess your children to ensure that the planning fully meets the individual needs of each child.

In the pages that follow you will find the units that your child will study this term along with the expectations at the end of each unit. Not every child progresses at the same rate so please compare your child’s ability at the end of the unit to what he or she could do at the start.

If you have any questions about your child’s levels of attainment, please speak to the class teacher, who is the person who know your child best of all.


We will focus on two specific genres this term: Narrative and Non-fiction


  • Playscripts
  • Text Study


  • Formal and Informal writing

We follow the Renewed Primary Framework for England. For further information please see:



Numeracy teaching is divided into 5 Blocks of study:

A Counting, Partitioning and Calculating

B Securing number facts and Understanding Shape

C Handling Data and Measure

D Calculating, Measuring and Understanding Shape

E Securing Number facts, relationships and Calculating

These blocks are then divided into 3 Units of study.

This term, children will cover Blocks A1, B1, C1, D1, E1 and A2.

Further information on the content of these blocks , including objectives, can be found at:


Our teachers use the Abacus Evolve scheme to support their teaching.

  • www.abacusevolve.com

Please be aware that this scheme supports practical learning and our teachers use the pages that are appropriate rather than following the scheme page by page.


In Primary, the day is quite intense for children working in two languages. For this

reason we limit our homework to 30 minutes per day in Grade 5. We suggest:

  • 10 minutes - reading
  • 5 minutes - spelling
  • 15 minutes – completing homework sheet/finishing off

If you would like to further consolidate this term’s work we would suggest:

  • www.bbc.co.uk/schools/bitesize
  • www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk

We also suggest the CGP books:

  • www.cgpbooks.co.uk