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Pre-Separation Counseling Brief Also known as: Filling out the DD-2648 form PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-Separation Counseling Brief Also known as: Filling out the DD-2648 form

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Pre-Separation Counseling Brief Also known as: Filling out the DD-2648 form
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Pre-Separation Counseling Brief Also known as: Filling out the DD-2648 form

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  1. Pre-Separation Counseling Brief Also known as: Filling out the DD-2648 form Fill out the DD-2648 completely BEFORE you attend TRS 1

  2. DD-2648 / DD-2648-1 Active Duty use DD-2648 Reservists use DD-2648-1 Bring three completed copies to TRS. Use Black or blue ink only. Ensure copies are dark and legible. MAKE SURE YOU CAN VIEW THE NOTES SECTION IN THESE SLIDES. More information is there 2

  3. BLOCKS 1-4 • Block 1: Last name, first name, MI • Block 2: Full SSN • Block 3: Pay grade • Block 4: Date of birth yyyymmdd If needed, line through any incorrect information and write the correct data just above.

  4. BLOCKS 5-6c • Block 5: Check appropriate service • Block 5a: AC=active duty; AR=active reserve • Block 6a, 6b, 6c: This refers to the location of your TRS class MCAS NEW RIVER NC28545 If needed, line through any incorrect information and write the correct data just above.

  5. BLOCKS 7 • Block 7: Your EAS; if pending a new EAS, use date on your ID Card. • Block 7a: Select appropriate box.

  6. Blocks 8 • Block 8: Starting date of your TRS class. • Block 8a: If your TRS Class starts 89 days or less from your EAS, “X” this box.

  7. Blocks 9 • Block 9: Check as appropriate • Block 9a: Check as appropriate – No one will be contacting you. You are not signing up for anything.

  8. PAGE 2 • Enter your Last name, First name, MI, full SSN on pages 2, 3, 4 and 5 • Do NOT fill out the SPOUSE column unless you are a civilian spouse attending the TRS.

  9. Page 2 • Each line must be checked either YES or NO. OK X • You can NOT check a box and then make a line down the sheet to imply the same answer. NO

  10. Page 2 Remaining questions are a Pre-Attendance Survey. Right now, as you read each question, do you want more information about that subject? You will check Yes or No . No one contacts you with more information. You are not signing up for anything. This is a resource to use later, when you have time to research these subjects. • Where/who to contact for more information. 10

  11. PAGE 2 Effects of a Career Change #10 What Is Stress? Stress is a mismatch between the demands in our lives and the resources we have available to deal with those demands. It is a physical response to a situation that, if ignored, can lead to conflict, mental and physical exhaustion or even serious illness. You may not be stressed but your family members may be. Resources to Help Deal with Stress Counseling Support Branch Chaplain Hospital – Mental Health VA VET Center MilitaryOneSource Marine For Life Select Yes or No on the form if you plan on seeking more information about #10 11

  12. PAGE 2 DOL Employment Workshop #11a You will receive a minimum of 2 days of training on this program during your TRS. Information on Federal Employment, Online Networking, Create a draft Resume. Plan a successful transition back to a civilian. • Job Hunting, Skills Assessment, Resume Writing, Interview Techniques, Dress for Success are covered. 12

  13. PAGE 2 Download and bring your VMET to your TRS A printout of your military education and training. Helpful in resume writing. Pulled from your unit diary information. Translates military to civilian terminology. Corrections – must be done by your IPAC/ PSD/ Personnel Office Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) #11b

  14. PAGE 2 What civilian jobs use your military Skills? /ONET #11c O*Net & MyNextMove • Research types of careers, daily routines, salaries, skills/training needed, projected job growth. • Interest Profiler – a questionnaire to match your interests and training with other career fields • Browse civilian careers similar to your Military field in the O*Net Crosswalk •

  15. PAGE 2 Licensing, Certification, and Apprenticeship #11c(1)&(a) Does your military job require a license or certification in the civilian world? What’s the difference between Licensed and Certified? GI Bill can be utilized to pay for exam fees and apprentice training 15

  16. PAGE 2 US Army Credentialing On-line #11c(1)(b) Does your military training get you close to being Licensed or Certified? Civilian credentialing requirements Identify credentials related to military occupations Financial Assistance

  17. PAGE 2 USMAP #11c(1)(c) USMAP USMilitary Apprentice Program While on active duty, work towards a civilian apprenticeship Recognized by DOL (Dept of Labor) Includes A&P Certification 17

  18. PAGE 2 DANTES #11c(1)(d) Get tested on what you already know & skip some college classes . Save college time and money. DANTES sponsors a wide range of examination programs to assist service members in meeting their educational goals. They include: Credit-By-Exam - CLEP, DSST College Entrance Tests – SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT Other - GED, Praxis See your local Education Office for services available 18

  19. Page 2 Navy COOL #11c(1)(e) Does your military training get you close to being Licensed or certified? Identify credentials related to military occupations Civilian credentialing requirements Similar to the Army Cool site

  20. Page 2 TurboTAP #11d & (1) Online version of the TRS (aka GPS) Locate resources/ agencies referenced during TRS An interactive Career Decision Toolkit to help you plan your transition . In-depth information/links to related subjects: money management, veterans benefits, education and training, health care and more

  21. Page 2 Hire Vets First #11d(2) • Hire Vets First is no longer available. • Select No on the form. State Job Boards #11d(3) • Every state has a help-wanted job board for their state • First place to look for local/statewide jobs • Employers can search for applicants • Applicants can search for positions

  22. Page 2 #11d(4) Assists Wounded and Injured service members and their family reintegrate into the civilian workforce DOL REALifelines Advisors 1-866-487-2365 One-on-One Employment Assistance Online Resources for all veterans 22

  23. Page 2 Public and Community Service Opportunities (PACS) #11e • Non-profit, public, and community organizations • Schools Hospitals Law Enforcement • Tutoring Mentoring Assist elderly • Register for PACS

  24. Page 2 #11f Teacher and Teacher’s Aide Opportunities Eligibility and Qualifications Financial Assistance Available - Stipend/Bonus Hire In Advance Program 24

  25. Federal Employment Opportunities #11g, 11g(3) and 11g(5) Veterans’ Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA) Veterans Preference Special Hiring Authority Veterans Recruitment Appointment 30 Percent or More Disabled Veterans OPM: FedsHireVets 25

  26. Page 2 #11g(1) Official job site of the federal government Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website One-stop source for federal jobs

  27. #11g(2) DOD job website Careers in national defense Entry level to executive level

  28. Veterans Federal Procurement Opportunities #11g(4) Maximizing participation Eligible small businesses Veteran advantages and 28

  29. Page 2 NAF Hiring Preference #11h One-Time Preference Must be Involuntary Separation or VSI/SSB Camp Lejeune NAF Personnel Office (910) 451-JOBS (5627) 29

  30. Page 2 State Employment AgenciesOne Stop Career Centers #11i and 11i(1) Priority for Job referral, testing and counseling Local Veteran Employment Representative Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist 30

  31. Page 2 Workforce Investment Act #11i(2) Provides training and education WIA services and information are available through the local One-stop Career Centers

  32. Page 2 Small Business Administration and the SBA Patriot Express Loan #11j(1) Small Business Administration Services Veteran Advantages Patriot Express Loan Eligibility Amounts 32

  33. Page 2 National Veteran’s Business Development Corporation #11j(2) Congressionally mandated Reinforcement of assistance to Veterans Referral Contact Information 33

  34. Information On Employment And Reemployment Rights And Obligations (USERRA) For Active Duty Service Members #11k • You may be entitled to get your old civilian job back • Several criteria apply • Generally no more than 5 years of active duty

  35. Page 2 “Priority Of Service” #11l Veteran and eligible spouses are given priority over others for any DoL funded programs

  36. Page 3 “Relocation #12a • Permissive and Excess Leave • May be authorized for job seeking and house hunting • No more than 30 days can be granted. • Service members who separate at the end of a normal term of service are not eligible.

  37. Page 3 “Relocation #12b • Travel & Transportation Allowances • Separation: To Home Of Record (HOR) or PLace Entered Active Duty (PLEAD). 180 day time limit • Retirement: from duty station to a home of selection (HOS). 1 year time limit • Storage time frames vary

  38. Page 3 “Contact Information for Housing Counseling Assistance #13 • Government quarters: Pre -move out inspection requirements. • HUD Housing & Urban Development : avoiding foreclosure, buying and selling a home. • Homeless Assistance programs. • Affordable housing.

  39. Page 3 “Education #14 • Post 9-11 GI Bill – tuition, books, can pay a monthly housing allowance • Montgomery GI Bill • Yellow Ribbon Program • Base Ed & the VA will have more information

  40. Page 3 US Department of Education Federal Aid Programs #14b The Federal Aid program includes grants, loans and work-study programs. Upward Bound – Refresh your academic skills to successfully complete your college program 40

  41. Page 3 Other Federal, State, Local Education/Training Programs #14c • Base Education • Counselors • College level testing • Tuition Assistance and Financial Aid

  42. Page 3 Healthcare and Mental Health Services #15a • VA Briefing • TRICARE • DOD Mental Health Self Assessment Online

  43. Page 3 Transitional Healthcare Benefit/TRICARE #15a(1) • Eligibility criteria • 180 days Health coverage • Pay quarterly Premiums and deductibles • Must enroll / re-enroll

  44. Page 3 VA Health Administration #15a(2) Page 3 • VA Disability Compensation – tax-free • VA Pension – low income & disabled or over 65 • All veterans are potentially eligible for VA health care

  45. Page 3 VA Vet Center #15a(3) Page 3 • Readjustment Counseling Services • Key Access link between other VA departments • Specific eligibility requirements

  46. Page 3 State & Local Health Care and Mental Health Services #15a(4) Page 3 • Behavioral and environmental health • Physical well-being • Welfare, Foster Parenting, Aging Rehabilitation

  47. Page 3 Health Care and other Benefits provided by the VA #15b Page 3 • Tricare – retirees & eligible beneficiaries • Re-enroll in Tricare Prime to continue it. • DOD Delta Care – ends at separation/retirement

  48. Page 3 VA Health Care #15b(1) Page 3 • Must meet eligibility requirements • VA healthcare – medical, surgical, readjustment counseling, rehabilitative care

  49. Page 3 VA Dental Care #15b(2) Page 3 • Must meet extensive eligibility criteria • Limited services

  50. Page 3 Continued Health Care Benefits Program #16a Continued Health Care Benefit Program Registration timeline – 60 days $1065 per quarter for one Individual $2390 per quarter for a family Research other options for Coverage Separating with military health issues Provides continuous health coverage for pre-existing. 50