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Logger Net 3.4.1

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Logger Net 3.4.1. Introduction. Logger Net 3.4.1 is a latest version of Support Software for many Campbell Scientific Inc. (CSI) Data loggers. It enables users to setup, configure and retrieve data from a network of Campbell Scientific Data loggers

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Logger Net 3.4.1

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logger net 3 4 1
Logger Net 3.4.1


Logger Net 3.4.1 is a latest version of Support Software for many Campbell Scientific Inc. (CSI) Data loggers.

It enables users to setup, configure and retrieve data from a network of Campbell Scientific Data loggers

It supports both Edlog and CRBasic Data loggers

Edlog Data loggers

CRBasic Data loggers

CR500, CR510, CR10, CR10X, 21X, CR23X, CR7

CR200/205, CR800, CR3000, CR1000, CR5000, CR9000


(current data logger at GBC)


(future data logger at GBC)

requisites for cr1000
Requisites for CR1000
  • Power Supply: 12 V (nominal)
  • Software Support: PConnect 3.1, PC400, PC200W 3.0, Logger Net
  • Data logger Program File: .CR1

Logger Net 3.4.1, Logger Net Admin, Logger Net Remote, Logger Net-SDK, Logger Net Server-SDK, Logger Net Linux

Can be created by three different ways

For uploading software (sending program file to data logger from computer) to CR1000, we need the program file written in CRBasic code, i.e. extension file .CR1

Note: Program written for CR10X in Edlog (.CSI/.DLD files) is not supported by CR1000

creating cr1000 program cr1 file
Creating CR1000 program (.CR1 file)

Logger Net 3.4.1 provides three different software applications to write the data logger program (.CR1), the only file type that is compatible with CR1000 data logger

1. Short Cut: Program generator

2. CRBasic: Program editor

3. Transformer Utility: Programming Code Converter

Note: Logger Net 3.4.1 also provides Edlog editor for many other different kinds of data loggers

logger net 3 4 1 main menu
Logger Net 3.4.1 Main Menu

For CR10X data logger

For both data loggers

For CR1000 data logger

Data download

Sending .CR1 file to data logger from computer


short cut scwin
Short Cut (SCWin)
  • Excellent choice for the beginning data logger programmer for creating data logger programs quickly and easily
  • Generates a program for user (for almost all of Campbell Scientific’s data loggers) which can be imported to CRBasic editor (also to Edlog) and can be directly sent to our data logger
  • It’s an application which also generates wiring diagram for the sensors connection to the data logger

However ….

  • NOT suitable
  • for complex applications that require more control over measurement programs
  • for programs that require to support all of the functionality in Campbell Scientific data loggers
short cut main menu
Short Cut main menu

For new sensor-measurement set-up

For adding/removing sensors in existing program

crbasic editor

CRBasic: Campbell Recorder Basic

-- similar to BASIC programming instruction code

CRBasic Editor

CRBasic Editor is a text editor programming tool that facilitates creation and modification of ASCII text files that constitutes the CR1000 application program.

Intended for use by experienced data logger programmers who need more flexibility and control over data logger operation that what can’t be achieved using SCWin

Note: CRBasic code - Case Insensitive

crbasic main menu
CRBasic main menu

Writing/Editing window for CRBasic Code

transformer utility
Transformer Utility

It’s a tool for transforming Edlog program file (.CSI /.DLD) to CRBasic program file (.CR1)

Specially for those who are switching to CRBasic data loggers from Edlog data loggers

Transformer utility is not installed on the logger net window, instead it is installed in separate window which can be opened from Start | Programs | LoggerNet | Utilities | Transformer

transformer main menu
Transformer main menu

Source CR10X file

Converted CR1000 file

source and converted files
Source and Converted Files

CR1000 file

CR10X file

Action Log: Comments about the problems in Converted file

program files cr10x vs cr1000
Program Files: CR10X Vs CR1000




downloaded data from cr1000
Downloaded data from CR1000

Soil Moisture data in LAB

Measurement Index

Text file: http://www.geocities.com/sanjayaworld/smexpt01.txt

soil moisture data calibration
Soil Moisture Data Calibration


Soil Moisture ~ Volumetric Water Content (VWC)

( % ) (m3/m3)


Sensor Output


Newly applied Calibration

VWC = 0.00103 x mV – 0.334 ---- Potting Soil

VWC = 0.000507 x mV – 0.0394 ---- Rockwool

VWC = 0.00119 x mV –0.400 ---- Mineral Soil

Soil Moisture Data Now & Then

Text file: http://www.geocities.com/sanjayaworld/08Jun02_sm.txt

Excel file: http://www.geocities.com/sanjayaworld/08Jun02_sm1.xls

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