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Let's get acquainted!

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Let's get acquainted! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Let's get acquainted!
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  1. Let's get acquainted! Chain stores tights and underwear Fashion Lady is based in the Republic of Belarus in 2010 At present (January 2013), our network includes 3 the store : Mogilev Novopolotsk Vitebsk

  2. The shop Fashion Lady in Mogilev Mogilev, Leninskaya str. , 21

  3. The shop Fashion Lady in Mogilev • Shop floor space: 42 sq. m. • Store Type: detached • The presence of major interchanges: no • Location in the city: near the center. In densely populated area. • The residential area is located across the street, 4, 5-storey buildings (5-10) • Availability of public transport: Yes, on the opposite side of 10 m from the store • Public transport: buses: № 8, 26, 40, 41. trolley buses: № 2, 4. Minibus taxis: №, 1, 2, 28, 16, 35, 37 • Availability of parking near the shop, yes, 10 meters from the shop around the corner • The presence of large shopping centers near the store: "Epicenter»: Velcom, Milavitsa, Atlantic, bridal salon, pharmacy. Serge, «Gold", a pedestrian street deli "Perekrestok« • The presence of social and cultural objects: a pedestrian street with small shops and other facilities, school culture

  4. The shop Fashion Lady in Mogilev

  5. The shop Fashion Lady in Mogilev

  6. The shop Fashion Lady in Mogilev

  7. The shop Fashion Lady in Vitebsk TC «Marko-city», str. Lenin, 26а, level «-2»

  8. The shop Fashion Lady in Vitebsk • Shop floor space: 70 sq. m. • Type of store: Inside the TC"Marko City“ • The presence of major interchanges: yes • Location in the city: the center. In densely populated area. • The residential area: 1 house, 5 storeys. At 500 meters 2-storey house (first floor removed from the housing stock). Residential 5-storey houses begin on the next bus stop. • Availability of public transport: Yes, there is the TC "Marko City" near the bus stop. • Public transport: Bus number 3, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18, 22, 25, 33, 34, 38. Trolleybus № 1, 2, 4, 8. Trams – no • Availability of parking next to the store, yes, in the shopping center parking lot in Block B • The presence of large shopping centers near the store: Supermarket Vitebsk, Euroopt inside the shopping center, in front of the shopping center "Milavitsa" Belarusbank, BPS-Bank. • Sociocultural Amphitheatre "Slavic Bazaar" Kotok, the area of freedom: the urban tree, summer concerts - down to the park named after Frunze, hotel "Vitebsk"

  9. The shop Fashion Lady in Vitebsk

  10. The shop Fashion Lady in Vitebsk

  11. Shop Fashion Lady in Vitebsk

  12. The shopFashion Lady in Novopolotsk Str. Molodezhnaja, 166a, TC "Streletsky Capital" 2nd floor

  13. The shopFashion Lady in Novopolotsk • Shop floor space: 40 sq. m. • Type of store: Inside the shopping center "Streletsky Capital“ • The presence of major interchanges: yes • Location in the city: near the center, residential, peripherals, sleeping area, a transit district, the "working" area, the area crowded, densely populated area • Residential area: yes, about 5-6 houses, mostly long 9-storey • Availability of public transport: Yes, 3, is the shopping center right at the bus stop • Public transport: Bus number 2, 4, 5.6, 8, 10 A shuttle bus: № 2, 4, 5.6, 8, 10 • Availability of parking near the shop, yes, opposite the shopping center • The presence of large shopping centers near the store: Dionysus, Priorbank, Belagroprombank • Social and cultural facilities: no

  14. Shop Fashion Lady in Novopolotsk

  15. Shop Fashion Lady in Novopolotsk

  16. Positioning Chain stores Fashion Lady - it's a chain of stores specialized shops selling lingerie and stockings. Specialty store designed to fully meet the broad needs of customers in a particular product category assortment. We attract a wide range of buyers. Wide range of products. sellers of high-end. We provide customers with selection and fitting products, the ability to find their identity, as well as through high quality service to have fun and excitement of the buying

  17. Brief description format stores For their own development, the company has chosen a strategy of the market leader, which implies knowledge of the best in its segment of the market and the buyer Sales area, Apt. m: 70 - 150 Number of cash components: 1 Workplace to provide additional services (dressing): 1 fitting to 70 square meters. m of retail space Number promozon in store: 3-5 Provided service: defining the right size bra and panties (measuring customer) selection of models to try on, help with fitting (if required), the recommendations for the care of goods, packing of purchased goods. Opening hours: 10.00 - 20.00every day Location: in the areas of the city with good infrastructure (good transport and pedestrian message, the presence of stops of public transport, the accumulation of daily demand shops, specialty stores or shopping centers within a 5-10 minute walk, the presence of large enterprises, office buildings and prestigious housing).

  18. Brief description format stores • Disposition: • -detached buildings (residential or public use) require the presence of its own separate entrance from the center (from the main transport traffic) street. The presence of windows. With an area of ​​up to 100m2 - one trading hall square, regular, over 100 m2 - the separation of the premises for no more than 2 trading room only in a situation appeal on all key • indicators. • placement in shopping centers: preferably one floor, at the main entrance. The presence of windows. Area 70 - 100 m2. In this place the shop in the shopping center should appeal only in a situation in all its key indicators. • Traffic flows: specifically allow access from 2 \ 3 residential areas of the city, at least 20-30 minutes by public transport - without a transplant). Car traffic is mandatory parking at a distance of 100 meters, the presence of public transport in the vicinity of the store

  19. Target Audience Young girls and women aged 18 to 25 years Women aged 25 to 40 years Women aged 40 to 55 years nursing mothers Men who want to make a gift to your loved ones and friends of women Description of the consumer behavior of the target audience The customer wants to emphasize their individuality, but often lost in the selection. That's why they need competent advice seller to find exactly the model that would be consistent with their expectations Buyers want to get emotional satisfaction from the purchase of: joy, elation, comfort acquisition beauty The customer wants to feel a bargain purchase: product quality, reasonable price, services offered (selection right size, making a set of clothes, pack the goods) Buyers want to make a gift to a close Buyers select place, and then the product itself (I need underwear ... underwear is in Fashion Lady)

  20. Competition To date, competitors operating in this particular format does not exist, so the competition we see in terms of the places in which people get used to acquire linen: Distribution network "Milavitsa“ Shops «Serge» Large state stores and shopping malls: GUM Department Store and other trading houses A large shopping center. Having in the range of underwear, "Crown", "Hippo", "Euroopt" (not all stores), «Prostore» etc. Small retail space in shopping centers Markets, bazaars Lingerie store "a la boutique" Our goal - to form the habit of consumers to purchase clothes in the shops of tights and underwear Fashion Lady

  21. Our competitive advantages Individual approach to each customer. excellent service Carefully selected and a range that meets the needs of different categories of buyers Variety of product range in the sector underwear and tights, enabling you to create each customer has their own individual way Profitability of purchase (flexible price policy store)

  22. Brand Fashion Lady Registered trademark of in Belarus belongs Tsalabanov RuslanMikhailovich - Founder of "Liana-Gold"

  23. Product brand portfolio Bra, panties, sets of underwear Corsets, corset lingerie, bustier Special underwear: slimming and underwear Nursing Nightwear Knitwear Swimwear Tights Leggings Hosiery Socks Men's underwear

  24. Key attributes of the brand 1. Color solution • hot pink (fantasy lingerie) • white (white classic linen) • Black (Black classic linen)

  25. Key attributes of the brand 2. OVAL • Symbolizes the complete image • Garant bargain

  26. Key attributes of the brand 3. liana • Inscrutability • Joy • good mood • endless choice • Gracefulness • Gracefulness • femininity

  27. Key attributes of the brand 3. slogan : 1 – Fashion Lady - your favorite network 2 – variety of surprises 3 – create your own image 4 – be different! The first two are directly related to a slogan chain store Fashion Lady The rest for the beautiful ladies

  28. Brand Identity • Brand identity is fixed in • - Brandbook shops of Fashion Lady • In the Merchandisingbook Fashion Lady, as well as • The standards of customer service chain store Fashion Lady

  29. Corporate Identity

  30. Corporate Identity Дисконтная карта

  31. Appearance brand External design shops

  32. Appearance brand Appearance of employees

  33. Appearance brand - billboard - stand - flyer - Navigation in shopping centers

  34. Organization of retail space

  35. Brand philosophy Fashion Lady Come to our store, shopper feels very comfortable, she realizes that it has gone exactly where she wanted while the time away: in the bustle of the city there is no better place to be given the most attention and, slowly, with the help of a competent consultant, choose a set of charming clothes that can emphasize individuality. MISSION Fashion Lady – is an expert in the world of lingerie and stockings FashionLady – is the guarantor of the quality of purchased goods and professional service Fashion Lady – It's nice and friendly staff, always ready to help Fashion Lady – the beauty, fashion and personality Fashion Lady – the joy of choice and ease of purchase Fashion Lady – breaking habits purchase lingerie and opens new opportunities for buyers Fashion Lady gives customers the warmth, comfort and a smile of purchase, and also emphasizes the individuality of each women customers - that's why store chain of tights and underwear – favorite store chain.

  36. Marketing Communications Period: November 2012. Title: "Rates available from Fashion lady» Period: December 2012. Title: 'Give holiday with Fashion lady »

  37. Marketing Communications Period: January 2013. Title: "Create your own form"

  38. summary Chain stores tights and underwear Fashion Lady - is a young and dynamic network. We strive to make buying lingerie as comfortable, simple, beautiful and profitable. We have conducted numerous studies to make the best deals for our customers. Existing results of this work suggest that, to date we have chosen quite a viable format stores that are popular with our customers. They know, recognize and recommend to their friends and acquaintances. An ever-growing number of our customers, especially loyal - is the most important for us to measure our collective work. We strive to be the best, we strive to open new stores, all our women to find underwear in our stores.

  39. summary Thank you!