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Just For Fun! PowerPoint Presentation
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Just For Fun!

Just For Fun!

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Just For Fun!

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  2. STRING FUN Maker A Roller Coaster This Just For Fun! Urban Legends Reference PageCheck the validity of forwarded e-mail messages. Museum of Hoaxes The Dialectizer Funology Inter-Face Dominique Drawtoy Vs. Byokal Kaleidoscope Painter Make-a-Flake Sand Art BrainTwisters Christmas Reindeer Games (interactive game with sound) Santa's Signing Reindeer(Interactive with music) Santa's Signing Reindeer 2 (Interactive with music) Holiday Snow Globe (Interactive with music) Pumpkin Carving /halloween/ pumpkin_sim.htmlRubik’s Cube Spy

  3. Classroom Management Free online bookmarking services Backflip iKeepBookmarks PortaPortal Harmony Hallow (Cool Timer, Hat Sorter, Cool sites and more!) Harmony Hollow (Cool Timer and The Hat-Windows only) Create your own soothing background noise! Great site for quick tunes from every era, every style and every mood Home of Rubistar, NoteStar, Classroom Architect and more. ALTEC- Advanced Learning Technologies in Education Consortia (Formerly HPRTEC) Synectics MO-VIP Missouri Virtual Instruction Program free online courses through registered districts or paid courses for individuals. Hippo Campus Hippo Campus MO-VIP's free resources for grades 6-12. Click login (upper right corner). To view Missouri's course, at the bottom of the screen  type mymvipunder "If you want to visit someone else's myHippo page, you can look them up here.". Cool Sites for Teachers Filamentality Game Show PowerPoint Templates Create beautiful word clouds for any subject! LOVE These GAMES!!!!!! Great multi-purpose site - certificates and charts Management – Documentation letters Printables Convert between languages Great, Quick ways to create graphs! Look here for a variety of already made templates

  4. Science Making Science Fun by Steve Spangler Simple Machines Virtual Caves WIRED NASA Center for Disease Control Find out the latest info on H-1N1 BBC Science - The Human Body USDA Center for Nutrition James Reserve Wildlife Observatory Weather Picture of the day! The Science Channel find links to the Discovery Channel, TLC, Discovery Health the Military Channel , Animal Planet and much more! Science Fair Central Science Fair Central get help from The Discovery Channel. The Yuckiest Site on the Internet Eureka Alert! Great up to the minute information in all areas of science! Amazing Space Online Explorations Operation Ruby Throat: The Hummingbird Project Schoolhouse Science Rock BrainPOP Science (requires subscription) BrainPop Health (some free videos) Life Science Connection: The Human Body Adventure

  5. Language Arts CyberGuides- supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core works of literature. Great reading activities for all ages Independent Reading Rubric FunBrain's Spell Check-Choose the incorrect spelling out of four word choices; easy and difficult levels Houghton Mifflin English BrainPop Movies for EnglishOnly some movies are free. RhymeZoneType in a word to find its rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more. Power Proofreading Visual Thesaurus Lyrics to the songs from the 1970s grammar cartoons. Listen to the songs too School House Grammar Rock School House Rock Videos on Grammar (YouTube) The Tale of Mr. Morton (subject) Conjunction Junction Interjections! Rufus XaphierSasparilla (pronouns) Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here

  6. Social Studies This day in history! Tour Missouri's Govenor's Mansion Lewis & Clark Resources Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark Finding Missouri Video Seriesfor students and teachers in Missouri's elementary and secondary schools, was funded by DESE and the Historical Preservation Section of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

  7. Math The MegaPenny Project Uses stacks of pennies to help visualizing huge numbers. Flashcards, games, homework helper and worksheets. Curious and Useful Math Find all kinds of tricks with numbers. AAAMath (K-8) basic math skills, interactive practice, and challenge games. NCTM Illuminations Internet-Based Math Lesson Plans National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics by Utah State University (1st -Grad School) Interactivate is Java-based courseware for exploration in math and science The Data Place (K-6) A place where students all over the world collect and work with real-world data. Brain Teasers (3-8) Each Wednesday evening a new Brain Teaser for e ach grade range is posted. Solutions are posted a week later. Create a Graph Schoolhouse Multiplication Rock Lyrics to the songs from the 1970's multiplication cartoons. The Math Page Math Dictionary for Kids Galileo Educational Network Math Puzzles (1-12)

  8. Smart Notebook™ ( And smart tech ) Smart Tech Website Variety of SmartBoard ideas Smart tech website for smart notebook Multiple Smart Board websites with downloadable activities Great SmartBoard Templates SMART Exchange Smart Notebook Resources. ACCE Interactive Whiteboard Resources. McLain, C. SMART Board Templates. Center School District. Kansas City, Missouri.

  9. Videos You Tube Teacher Tube Great resource for lessons, demos and student works engineered for teachers Common Craft by Lee Lefever Simple, humorous explanations – some free (check out on Simple Truths Great inspirational movies! Check out 101o

  10. Music