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Low Cost Web Design Mobile Marketing Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Low Cost Web Design Mobile Marketing Tips

Low Cost Web Design Mobile Marketing Tips

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Low Cost Web Design Mobile Marketing Tips

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  1. How Mobile Marketing Can Bring You More Business Proudly Presented By

  2. Overview • Visibility and Brand Loyalty • Mobile Websites • Mobile Directories • QR Codes • Text Messaging

  3. Visibility • If you want your company to be found by potential customers, then you need to be where people are looking. • How many people do you know that don’town a mobile phone?

  4. Brand Loyalty • Mobile marketing is great way to build brand loyalty through personal communication and by making sure that you are available to your customers wherever they are.

  5. Mobile Websites • Many business owners believe that their websites will look fine on a mobile phone, but that is not true. • Many sites do not convert well and since they become difficult to see and use, mobile visitors give up.

  6. Mobile Websites • Gone are the days when you needed information, but had to wait until you had access to a computer to find it. • Information is easily gathered using mobile phones and the Internet.

  7. Mobile Websites • More people actually own a mobile phone instead of a PC or a laptop. SA Ratio 29:2 • Mobile sites offer advantages that standard websites can’t. • Click to call

  8. Mobile Websites • Keep Your Mobile Website simple, so that people do not have to wade through flashy sales tricks to get to what they need. • Keep your contact information and business details where it can be readily seen. • Restaurants that offer delivery should have a menu available.

  9. Mobile Directories • Mobile Directories are important for helping customers find you when they don’t know you. • Many mobile directories offer similar benefits as having your own site, such as the ability to post menus and special offers.

  10. Mobile Directories • The more active and credible you are in Mobile Directories, the more people will see your business. • Mobile directories are used by people who are on the go and need a fix for their problem. • They have intent to buy.

  11. Mobile Directories • Some Mobile directories such as Foursquare allow a customer to check into your business when they visit you. • There are various titles to earn, such as mayor, and you can offer specials to people who earn them, encouraging repeat business.

  12. Mobile Directories • When people are viewing mobile directories, it generally means that they are looking to contact a business immediately and negative reviews or a lack of reviews could lead them to move on because they don’t have the time to do more research.

  13. Mobile Directories • When mobile directories offer the option to add a special offer to your listing, you should do so. • The more that your listing caters to the need of the viewer, the more likely it is that they will become a customer.

  14. QR Codes • QR or Quick Response codes are another great way to use mobile marketing to offer incentives to your customer base. • QR Technology is free for you to download and free for your customers to scan with apps on their phones.

  15. QR Codes • If you want to build a list of mobile subscribers or send people to your Facebook Page or website, you can use QR codes. • By using QR Codes you will be saving money on any kind of physical form that your customer would fill out. (Promote going green)

  16. QR Codes • QR codes have a surprising range of use. • They can be used with a simple invitation for customers to scan and be added to your contact list. • Some companies have even hidden them around large events and used them as a scavenger hunt for users to earn a prize.

  17. QR Codes • There are many interesting ways for you to entice customers to scan your code. You could offer freebies and discounts, answers to fun riddles and more! • No more putting an entry form in a box and entering that data manually.

  18. Text Messaging • Text Messaging is another easy way to capture your customers’ information. • By having a text marketing campaign, Customers can just text their name to your number and be subscribed to your mobile list.

  19. Text Messaging • Another great thing about text marketing is that it is a quick way to reach a large group of people. • It is also cost effective and environmentally friendly because you won’t be leaving a paper trail.

  20. Text Messaging • Even with email marketing, customers usually still have to print out the coupon, whereas with texts, they can show a cashier the deal right on their phones.

  21. Text Messaging • Text Messaging is a great way to send your customer base deals quickly. • This is helpful if your restaurant is having a slow night or if an appointment has just opened up at your office.

  22. Text Messaging • 90% of text messages are read within the first minute whereas emails can sit in an inbox for weeks or be deleted without being opened.

  23. Text Messaging • Texts can be used for more than just spreading special offers, they can also be used to inform customers about new products and services.

  24. Text Messaging • Make sure that when you send a text that you include your business name, so that they will know it’s from you if they don’t have your number saved. • Also be sure to add an option for them to opt-out of the texts.

  25. Text Messaging • Make sure you understand the Anti-Spam Legislation based on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act before you start your text campaign. • Make sure your text marketing works together with your other marketing tools.

  26. Mobile Marketing • Mobile Marketing is a great, cost effective way to reach a lot of new and repeat customers. • Start using this marketing technique before your competitors do.

  27. Mobile Marketing • Mobile Marketing can be more personal and enticing than other forms of marketing. • Reach your customers where they spend most of their time.

  28. Recap • Visibility and Brand Loyalty • Mobile Websites • Mobile Directories • QR Codes • Text Messaging

  29. Low Cost Web Design Package offers:- • Business Web Site • Mobile Web Site • Facebook Business Page • Google Paces Listing • Business Directory Listings

  30. Thank You • For more information on a complete mobile and visibility marketing campaign for your business, contact us: • Email: • Phone: 27 84 6100 501 • URL :