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POWERPOINT DIVERSITY PRESENTATION. Renee Rothschild Educ2201 March 5, 2003. What is Diversity ?. Different cultures/multicultural Built by differences in people

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powerpoint diversity presentation


Renee Rothschild


March 5, 2003

what is diversity
What is Diversity?
  • Different cultures/multicultural
  • Built by differences in people
  • Includes a variety of different attributes: Religion, age, gender, race, language, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, family structures, learning styles, etc.
  • IDEA: Make your classroom and daily plans according to everyone’s liking; Make it so everyone can participate and be involved!
what is culture
What is Culture?
  • The customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious or social group
  • Examples: Religion, behavior, language, values, music they listen to, customs, clothing, different foods, etc.
3 types of cultural diversity
3 Types of Cultural Diversity:
  • Concrete: most visible and tangible, different festivals and celebrations, (race, clothing, food, gender, etc.)
  • Behavioral: how we define our social roles, (gender, age, family structure, language, socio economics)
  • Symbolic: includes our values and beliefs, (religion, customs, upbringing)
bilingual education
Important for the teacher to be able to communicate with their students and their caregivers

Most schools should have a teaching center for the teachers and students to learn the different languages.

Bilingual Education
strategies on how to reduce the effects of racism in the classroom
Strategies on how to reduce the effects of racism in the classroom!
  • Show films that discuss racism and how it effects us
  • Work with students who have experienced a problem with racism in school
  • Teach that all people were created equal
  • Do some group work that teaches and reflects on different types of cultures and races
  • Make sure everyone understands the importance of diversity among us
among our students
Among our students:
  • Talk with each child about their beliefs and values
  • Before beginning a project, make sure all students can and are willing to participate
  • Make sure no one feels left out
  • Do a variety of activities to relate with each type of individual
  • Get some background information from their parents and the school