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Australian Cultural Treasure Hunt PowerPoint Presentation
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Australian Cultural Treasure Hunt

Australian Cultural Treasure Hunt

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Australian Cultural Treasure Hunt

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  1. Australian Cultural Treasure Hunt Sri Tati, Kate Vorias, Pak DJ, Rebecca Matthews (St Johns College, Dubbo)

  2. Where did we go? • Our trip was to Lygon Street, the Italian centre of Melbourne where many immigrants after World War 2 settled. • They brought many things with them, like new food and skills.

  3. Traffic

  4. What Kind of Traffic Did We Find? • We saw many kinds of cars: big 4 wheel drives, small cars, and others in between. Many are made overseas, like Japan, but Ford and Holden are ‘Aussie’ favourites. • We also saw: Trucks, Trams, and Buses • There are also Bicycles, some of which Melbourne City provides for people to ride for a fee. One University student told us it was good because it was cheap, if you only had a short distance to ride. • To park on the street you need to pay for a parking meter, or else you get a fine. • We saw an L Plate driver, which is a learner driver. They then have to do tests and not have a ‘real’ licence for many years. This is very different to Indonesia where we do not know who is learning and who is not! • There also was not many motorcycles!

  5. What food and drink did we see (and eat)? • Lygon Street has many Italian restaurants. You can eat pizza, or pasta, or other Italian dishes like risotto. • We ate at an Italian restaurant. We tried garlic bread, bruschetta, mushroom pizza and black squid risotto. It is different to Pizza Hut in Indonesia. • We also saw Japanese restaurants, cafes, an Indonesian restaurant, and many of them you eat outside, like in Europe. There were also pubs (where you drink alcohol). • A famous bakery we went to was Brunetti’s, where we bought Canoli! • We also saw deli’s and coffee shops which had produce from many different countries: salami, chorizo, anti-pasta, olives, buffalo mozarella, chocolates and wine!

  6. Food and Drink

  7. What are the clothing styles? • The ladies were very interested in shopping, and there were a few clothes and shoe shops along Lygon Street, but many of them expensive! • Many of the shops were just for women, and had dresses, skirts, and pants in different colours. One store had Indian style clothes and smelt like incense. Most were European in style. • Shoe shops had boots and high heels for women. Boots are not popular in Indonesia. • We saw a dry cleaner who also repaired clothes; but they do not have many tailors who will make clothes for you here.

  8. Clothing/Shopping

  9. What shops are there? • Pharmacy – sells medicine and personal products • Delicatessen – sells food like cheese • ‘Bottle Shop’ – sells wine, beer, spirits (alcohol) • Clothing shops – also sells bags, scarves, jewellry • Shoe shops • Coffee shop – sells coffee beans, and coffee machines (no coffee from Java as it is too expensive!) • Supermarket (Woolworths) – sells food and some other things

  10. Shops

  11. Languages • Our menus and many names of restaurants/shops were in Italian and English • Other languages we heard were: • Greek • American • African

  12. Language

  13. Sounds • The traffic like cars, trams, trucks and buses – but not a lot of beeping like in Indonesia! Birds • Music • People talking • Walking Signal from traffic lights • Flag pole rope from flying international flags clanging in the breeze • Coffee machines, and a lovely smell of coffee.

  14. Sounds

  15. People we saw • Australia has many nationalities. As there was a University nearby, many were international students, but there are also others who were speaking English. We saw: • Africans, • Chinese, • Lebanese, • Greek, • Italian, • Middle Eastern Muslim…and more…. • People were talking with their friends ‘doing coffee’, business meetings over lunch, shopping, romantic dinners, sight seeing, going to University or work, working and making pizza.

  16. People

  17. Other things we noticed or saw • Many of the houses nearby are ‘terrace’ houses which have 2 levels and are joined together. Some houses are very old, and some are newer. Some of the older houses have been made into shops or businesses. • Mail or post boxes are red here, like in Indonesia. Both countries do not write personal letters much anymore because of email, Facebook or sms. • We also saw a women’s hospital, some of which was in a very old building that looked like a church. • One of the most beautiful things are the leaves on the trees and on the ground – they are many colours like yellow, red and brown. • The public toilet we went to was in the middle of the street but you had to walk under the street to get to it. In Indonesia they are small individual containers in public places.

  18. Other things…