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What’s Going On?

What’s Going On?

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What’s Going On?

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  1. The Insanity of the worst Economic Downfall ever in U.S. History! What’s Going On? Ladies and Gentlemen this is the… Great Depression Created and Produced by Robert Thomas

  2. The Stock Market Crashes Abruptly • The stock market began to crash in 1929. By 1932 stocks were only 20% of their original value in 1929. • Many investors, including banks, witnessed an on going relapse that virtually left them trapped inside a frightening black tunnel. • With no hope emerging from this cave, 11,000 of the United States 20,000 banks had failed. In 1932 unemployment had reached an incredible 30% of the original work force dating back to 1929. This all happened in just 3 years! Scary!!!

  3. American Dream Turned to Nightmare • Hoovervilles- This was a small town of shanty's built by the homeless during the depression. • These small towns were named after president Herbert Hoover, who was the president that was initiated with the start of the Depression.

  4. Roosevelt to the Rescue! Franklin D. Roosevelt created different plan of attack to cure this American catastrophe. The New Deal Taking place at the beginning of 1933, the New Deal brought much hope into the eyes of many Americans. “President Roosevelt’s New Deal had three main goals. The first was to provide help to millions of suffering Americans. The second was to improve the economy. The third was to pass new laws so that there were not so many poor people.” The basic concept was the to try, try and keep trying until something works.

  5. Question One: ( For a loaf of bread) What U.S. President was called upon to Rescue America from the Depression? Franklin D. Roosevelt • Note: Getting this question wrong would be like starving yourself and perhaps the family • for a substantial amount of time…

  6. Did the New Deal Work? Keynesian Economics – This was an idea created by a British man by the name of John Maynard Keynes. The concept consist of government vastly spending, even when deficit spending is needed, during the times of a recession. Once the economy has recovered, it is then that government should reduce it’s spending in order to create

  7. Did the New Deal Work? Part II President Roosevelt did not agree with Keynesian Economics entirely. Roosevelt was considered to be a major factor in government assistance to the public. Due to government aid, this HELPED America get back on its feet. People who owned large businesses at the time were unable to continue the monopoly of power they controlled. Since the economy was regulated by the government, money would then be spread throughout everyone and not just wealthy business owners. WW II Many people were given opportunity but most importantly they now had hope. Although many were still unemployed, millions were given job opportunities. However this did not end the depression.

  8. Question Two: (For a place to shower, stay warm, and eat for the night) In 1929, what major crash initiated the start of the Great Depression? Hint… It was not an airplane crash The Stock Market Crash Note: Not answering this question correctly could result in the family literally sleeping in the DOG HOUSE…

  9. Invasion of Pearl Harbor The Depression lasted from 1929 until the very beginning of 1940’s. There were two different presidents throughout this era. One being Herbert Hoover and the other Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt served as the U.S. president for eight years, starting in 1933. The Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. This was where our main Navy Base was located. Pandemonium took place all over America. With people frightened and the economy at a dismal, how would America ever make it out alive?

  10. The Depression Ends After the Invasion of Pearl Harbor, amazingly America found itself back to normal. production boomed and jobs were becoming readily available to everyone. The New Deal did not fix the economy although it did help the belief and hope of many U.S. citizens. It was war that was the lead America out of the Depression oddly enough! How could war help the economy? The economy was fixed because factory production for war and military positions opened up for men, while women did both too, work in the factory while her husband was at War and help injured soldiers throughout the military. Yay- The Depression Finally Ends!

  11. Risk it All on a… Bonus Question Question # 3 - ( To live a life with no despair and live happily ever after) Which saved our country from the Depression, the New Deal or WWII? Congratulations!!!- You have made it out of the Great Depression

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