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Atlanta story. Created by: Andy H, Zoe S, . Heroic Qualities Flaws. Brave Arrogant Independent impulsive Strong A woman in a men world

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Atlanta story

Atlanta story

Created by: Andy H, Zoe S,

Heroic qualities flaws
Heroic Qualities Flaws

  • Brave Arrogant

  • Independent impulsive

  • Strong A woman in a men world

  • Fearless Curiosity

  • Swift and fast

  • Strong will

  • Prideful

  • Adventurous

  • caring

Journey quest tasks events

  • When Atalanta was a baby, her father left her in a mountainside to die.

  • Luckily a female bear took care of her and nursed her, as she got older a kind hunter found her and took her in to live with her.

  • She later became a hunter and was pursued by 2 strongest mortal called centaur, Atalanta was fearless and defeated them with two arrows.

  • Atalanta adventures continue on by joining the Calydonian boar hunt, it’s a dangerous mission send by King Oeneus.

  • King Oeneus was being punished by Artemis because he forgot to give her the first fruits in harvest time. Artemis then send a destructive and strong boar to bring chaos in King Oeneus land.

  • King Oeneus then order the strongest soldiers in Greece to take the monster down, including Atalanta and she is joined by Oeneus’s son Meleager, and his uncles and heroes.

Journey quest tasks events1

  • During the hunt, she was view as a beautiful masculine warrior, and a lovely women in Meleager eyes. He felt in love with her at first sight, though Atalanta only saw him as a comrade and never a lover.

  • As the hunt begin two warriors was killed, and Atalanta was able to damage it with her arrow, and Meleager got the last strike on the monster.

  • Even though Meleager took down the monster, Atalanta was awarded with the skin because Meleager insisted it.

  • After the hunt was finished, they all went to celebrate and Meleager mother Althea used her magic to transfer Meleager life onto a stick. She said that as long as this stick does not turn to ashes then he won’t die.

Journey quest tasks event

  • Unfortunately the Caldydonian boar hunt became a tragedy. Meleager killed his uncles because he was filled with hatred after hearing the words of his uncles discriminating Atalanta gender as a warrior.

  • Meleager mother Althea later found out and threw the stick of Meleager life into the fire, because she was embarrassed of her son’s foolish action. Her guilt ended her life because she was horrorstricken of her own action.

  • Atalanta later joined this wrestling match and were able to beat the father of Achilles “the great hero Peleus”. After her accomplishment, she found her real parent and went to live with them.

  • Her father was able to get over the problem that she was his daughter because of her lovely and strong heroic traits.

Journey quest tasks events2

  • Many men try to go after Atalanta because of her beauty and heroic traits but they have all failed due to a footrace. Atalanta carelessly declare that she would marry anyone who can beat her in a footrace.

  • A man called Melanion had a plan to win because he had little help all thanks to Aphrodite(goddess of love).During the race he threw 3 apples carefully to distract her from running and he successfully won.

  • At the end they were both turn to lions because of some affront offered to Zeus or Aphrodite.

Motifs and themes
Motifs and Themes

  • Pride Goes Before a Fall-Atalanta lost the footrace due to her arrogance.

  • What goes around comes around-Meleager killed his uncles, he get killed by his mother.

  • What goes around comes around-Meleager uncles was trash talking about Atalanta, then they were killed.

Major archetypes
Major Archetypes

  • The journey-Atalanta learned that arrogance will make you fall

  • The task-Atalanta wanted to keep winning the race so she cannot get married/

  • The unhealable wound-Meleager’s mother Althea found out his own son killed all her beloved brothers.

  • Supernatural Intervention-Zeus turn Atalanta and Melaonion to lions

  • Forest-habitat of great mother, Atalanta loves having race with her men

Major archetypes1
Major Archetypes

  • Hero-It’s Atalanta she has all the amazing heroic traits.

  • The anti-hero-Melaonion he would use any tricks in order to win the footrace against Atalanta.

  • The villain-the boar.

  • The innocent-Atalanta was left on the mountainside because she was not a male

  • The villain-Atalanta’s father was discriminating his daughter gender.

  • The earth mother-the female bear

Major archetypes2
Major Archetypes

  • Three-3 apples was used to trick Atalanta

  • Transformation- Atalanta was little girl and then she became a heroic fearless warrior

  • The Garden-help grew the prettiest apples

  • The trickster-Melaonion won the footrace because of using tricks on Atalanta

  • Fire-Meleager died and his life ended.

  • The task-an order to killed the boar from King Oeneus

Story summation
Story Summation

  • Our hero learned that being too prideful can lead you to your fall.

  • She learned that her trait as a independent women is very attractive.

  • She learned that you cannot be careless and never underestimate her enemies.

  • She learned that having these traits makes her different than most housewife women, but had to accept that role as typical woman because due to her hubris downfall.

  • She learned that she’s a unique heroine because she’s a female and she has a strong will that can change the world opinions about stereotype weak women.

Lessons or cultural values in story
Lessons or Cultural values in Story

-Every women can be strong and very unique.

-Don’t ever underestimate your enemies no matter how confidence you are.

-Don’t killed people for a selfish love, Atalanta never loved Meleager back.

-Don’t make stupid decisions, think about it then choose wisely.

-No matter what race or gender you are, you should not be discriminated by your parents or people because you’re a unique individuals and we need you to break the stereotypes.

-Don’t ever promise anybody that if they win in a race they get to marry you.

Women heroes can’t beat prescribed women roles