Lyndon b johnson s great society
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Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society. What domestic policies does LBJ bring to the White House?. Carrying on Kennedy’s Legacy. Lyndon B. Johnson was a shrewd politician, uses Kennedy’s legacy to get things done

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Lyndon b johnson s great society

Lyndon B. Johnson’sGreat Society

What domestic policies does LBJ bring to the White House?

Carrying on kennedy s legacy
Carrying on Kennedy’s Legacy

  • Lyndon B. Johnson was a shrewd politician, uses Kennedy’s legacy to get things done

  • LBJ urges Congress to cut taxes, tax cuts spur economic growth, & lower federal deficit

  • Urges Southern Senators not to block Civil Rights Act

  • Act passes and prohibited discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, and sex (Govt gets new powers to enforce these laws)

Lbj s war on poverty
LBJ’s War On Poverty

  • 1964: LBJ creates Economic Opportunity Act (EOA)

  • $1 billion for youth programs, antipoverty measures, small business loans, and job training.

  • EOA also creates

  • 1) Job Corps Youth Training Program

  • 2) VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America)

  • 3) Head Start (pre-school)

  • 4) Community Action Program

Lbj s great society
LBJ’s Great Society

  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965: gave $1 bill. + in fed. aid to public schools

  • Medicare: provided low-cost medical insurance for almost every American 65 years old and older

  • Medicaid: extended health insurance to welfare recipients

  • Immigration Act of 1965: opened the door for non-European immigrants to settle in the US

  • Water Quality Act of 1965: required states to clean up rivers & seek out the worst chemical polluters

  • Department of Transportation created to deal with air, rail, highways

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting (educational radio & TV)

Reforms in supreme court
Reforms in Supreme Court

  • Several major cases decided by Supreme Court during LBJ years

  • Baker v. Carr: Courts can tell congress to reapportion their districts to have more fair representation

  • Gideon v. Wainwright, 1963: criminal courts must provide free legal counsel to those who cannot afford it

  • Miranda v. Arizona, 1966: all suspects must be read their rights before questioning