update on the living longer living better reform n.
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Update on the Living Longer . Living Better Reform

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Update on the Living Longer . Living Better Reform - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Update on the Living Longer . Living Better Reform. Where are things at? What is LASA doing? What can members do? . Where are things at?. 5 Bills are now with Community Affairs Legislation Committee for review Download: DoHA – Q&As Regarding the Legislative Changes

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Where are things at?

  • What is LASA doing?
  • What can members do?
where are things at
Where are things at?
  • 5 Bills are now with Community Affairs Legislation Committee for review

Download:DoHA – Q&As Regarding the Legislative Changes

  • These are only the “superstructure” of the reform.
  • The detail is in “subordinate legislation” or principles which are slowly been released:
    • Accommodation Payments Guidelines - Submission due by May 1st
    • Home Care Guidelines – Available 27/04 submission due by 17th May
    • Workforce Compact Available ???? Submission due by 17th May
  • Submissions to the Community Affairs Legislation Committee closed 22 April then Senate must submit findings by 17 June

Link: More information on Senate Committee Inquiry

unfairness of process
Unfairness of Process
  • How can anyone make a clear assessment of Legislative Bills without due process of considering such Bills in line with related principles?
  • Is it “parliamentary” to seek the passing of bills that are devoid of detail?
  • A mockery of “consultation” given unrealistic timeframes
unfairness of process1
Unfairness of Process

Community Affairs Committee

Findings during NDIS legislation

“ The committee considers that, as a matter of good public

policy, when a bill seeking to institute significant national

reforms is going to rely on extensive subordinate

legislation, a draft of that ancillary material should be

released as close as possible to the introduction of the bill

itself, to enable both Parliament and the public to fully consider the issue before it.”

key issues
KEY Issues

Funding does not match the true costs of care

and accommodation for older Australians:

1 workforce compact supplement
1. Workforce Compact – Supplement
  • Any supplement must be inclusive of on costs
  • No assurances of funding beyond the supplement period
  • LASA has advised Minister and DoHA that the entire process is flawed
  • Opposed any interference on from Department on Employer/Employee relations
  • Devil is in the detail and its very nasty.
  • Right of Entry


2 accommodation payments
2. Accommodation Payments


  • Proposed amendments to accommodation payments (bonds) dictates that the Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) is used to calculate the Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD).
  • LASA proposes the reverse with the RAD determining the DAP as originally recommended by the Productivity Commission.
  • No capping on Bonds – Allow market forces to determine
2 accommodation payments1
2. Accommodation Payments


  • The choice of payment method period allows residents 28 days to decide how they will pay their accommodation payment.
  • LASA does not support this extension and recommends the current method of payment election on entry.
2 accommodation payments2
2. Accommodation Payments
  • Retentions: The proposed amendments disallow ‘retentions’.
  • = $232 million per annum loss across the industry.
  • = a substantial portion of the operating surplus for many facilities, and the loss of this key income stream will be particularly detrimental to rural, low care and providers on the margin of sustainability.
  • Solution: Providers retain the ability to deduct retentions from bonds. Consumers elect their payment method on entry to a facility with a 14 day period where modification can occur (consistent with the resident agreement).
3 specified care and services
3. Specified Care and Services
  • LASA supports the removal of the High care/ Low care distinction.
  • However the subsequent changes that will be required to be made to the Principles (specifically the Specified Care and Services Schedule) will need consideration for increased costs to the industry.


Providers receive subsidies to provide care and services. Any changes to the current schedule must be cost neutral to the provider.

4 home care
4. Home Care
  • LASA supports ‘Home Care’ as a wide and diverse range of services provided to enable people to direct and receive care and support of their choosing while living in their own home and community for longer.
  • To date, there is no clear understanding as to how providers will cover the cost of:
    • administration & compliance
    • the increase in red tape, as a result of greater consumer choicewithin individual cases.


Age service providers will require infrastructure support to better manage, administer and deliver consumer directed care in a sustainable way.

5 timing
5. Timing

Considering the level of detail and complexity to be contained in the

subordinate instruments LASA suggests that:

The Senate would be negligent in its duty of review if the framework

legislation that now constitutes the Aged Care Act was to be

considered in isolation of the principles.

LASA recommends that:

  • MPs urge Minster Butler to release all subordinate instruments to ensure appropriate scrutiny of the framework bills and to deliver a sound legislative outcome.
  • An override provision to the Legislative Instruments Act 2008 be adopted (to allow principle amendments rather than disallowance of an entire document)
what is lasa doing
What is LASA doing?
  • Dissected and analysed the Bills
  • Sought specialist advice from constitutional lawyers
  • Undertaken extensive analysis to formulate Impact positions
  • Engaged member feedback to capture impacts
  • Provided real time information to members
  • Prepared an extremely focused and imperative strategy - The LASA Campaign (three parts)
lasa campaign
LASA Campaign

Part 1: Legislative Campaign


To gain a critical number of MPs to support LASA’s

amendments to the Aged Care Act as it is debated and

worked through Community Affairs Legislation Committee


Meetings with MPs before 17th June 2013

part 2 electorate campaign
Part 2: Electorate Campaign


Educate and influence MPs across Australia before the

September Federal Election


Engage with as many MPs as possible across all

electorates through one on one meetings, involvement in

member meetings, encouraging members to invite MPs to

their facilities, phone calls and information packs.

information packs
Information Packs

For members:

  • Brief about the campaign and how members can assist
  • Draft letter to send to MPs, inviting them to visit facility, meet with management etc.
  • Tips on meeting with MPs
  • Age services fact sheets (4)

For MPs:

  • Letter of introduction
  • Brief on key issues, reforms, what they can do to assist
  • Age services fact sheets (4)
  • Age services in their electorate snapshot
  • Public Campaign information
media plan
Media plan



3. Targeted media release with photos sent after each meeting: local print and radio news, national industry online news

1. General media release: regional print, television and radio advising of MP meeting dates, locations

2. Photographs, quotes from MPs gained at each meeting

@LASAVictoria: Tweets and Twitpics from meetings, of media and general sharing of campaign messages/activities

part 3 public campaign
Part 3: Public Campaign
  • Public campaign focused on the age services worker.
  • To raise awareness and engage workforce, their networks and supporters
  • Main message: Age services is the highest growth industry in Australia and yet does not receive the funding, support and recognition it deserves; this needs to change.
key elements
Key elements
  • Website www.3millionreasons.com.au
  • eMarketing and Social media (Facebook and Twitter @3MillionReasons)
  • Outreach to aged care providers
  • Outreach to aged care workers
  • Outreach to aged care clients, carers and families
  • Media coverage
engagement collateral
Engagement / Collateral

Sign up to Support: sign up function on website

Campaign Posters: encouraging providers to display them

Support Posters: encouraging people to take photos holding them and share

Email signature banner: available to download and use

Campaign Information flyers: four flyers available to download and distribute

  • Campaign Overview
  • Family and Friends
  • Implementing the Campaign
  • Keeping the Campaign Alive

All available to download here

resources links
Resources & Links

Living Longer. Living Better general information


LLLB Q&A Document:


Senate Committee Submissions:


3 Million Reasons Campaign:

Website: www.3millionreasons.com.au

Collateral & Resources: http://www.3millionreasons.com.au/get-involved/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/3MillionReasons

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3MillionReasons