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University of Colorado Denver (UCD) City and County of Denver (CCD)

Kevin L. Rens , PhD, PE Professor Incoming Department Chair. University of Colorado Denver (UCD) City and County of Denver (CCD). Overview of K. Rens Presentations. Introduction. Why it began. How it has evolved. UCD. Where it is going. CCD Denver Infrastructure Mgmt . GIS Alleys

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University of Colorado Denver (UCD) City and County of Denver (CCD)

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  1. Kevin L. Rens, PhD, PE Professor Incoming Department Chair University of Colorado Denver (UCD)City and County of Denver (CCD)

  2. Overview of K. Rens Presentations Introduction Why it began How it has evolved UCD Where it is going CCD Denver Infrastructure Mgmt GIS Alleys Street subsystems Streets NDE Sewer Bridge Mgmt Other Bridge Research (MS and PhD) Materials

  3. Kevin L. Rens, PhD, PE • Iowa State University • BSCE, MSCE (structures), PhD (structures) • Infrastructure • Inspection, Rating, Maintenance, Rehabilitation • Civil Engineering Materials Science • Sustainability & Environmental Engineering • University of Colorado Denver • Assistant Professor (1995-2000) • Associate Professor (2000-2006) • Professor (2006-2009) • Professor and Chair (2009-?)

  4. A little bit about: Colorado & Denver

  5. Colorado

  6. Colorado Population (2008) = 5,000,000

  7. 54 peaks over 14,000 ft (4,200 m) elevation

  8. Denver CCD Population = 600,000 Denver Metro Population = 2,500,000

  9. Area = 155 square miles (400 sq km)

  10. University of Colorado System • 3 Campus System • Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs • 52,000 Students • 4,200 Full time faculty • $2,000,000,000 (2 Billion Dollar Budget) • $651,000,000 ($651 Million Dollars Externally Funded Research Projects)

  11. University of Colorado Boulder

  12. University of Colorado Boulder • Flagship Original Campus • 1876 • Boulder Colorado (Population 90,000) • $280 Million Externally Funded Research • 29,000 Undergraduate and Graduate Students

  13. University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

  14. University of Colorado Colorado Springs • Primarily Undergraduate Institution • 1920 • Colorado Springs (Population 320,000) (Colorado Metro Population 650,000) • 7,500 Students

  15. University of Colorado Denver

  16. University of Colorado Denver • 2 Campus system located in Denver Colorado • Anshutz Medical Campus • Downtown Denver Campus • 1912 • $371 Million Externally Funded Research • 28,000 Students • Undergraduate and Graduate • Including all forms of Medical Doctorate

  17. University of Colorado DenverDowntown Denver Campus --College of Engineering • 38 Full-time Faculty (42 part-time lecturers) • 4 Departments • Civil (11 faculty), Mechanical (9), Electrical (9), Computer Science (9) • Annual External Research Funding • $1,500,000 to $2,000,000 (Almost all in CE) • College of Engineering Enrollment • 328 Graduate, 484 Undergraduate, 240 pre-engineering • Student enrollment increasing last 3 years • Appx 200 degrees awarded per year equally split between graduate and undergraduate

  18. UCD College of EngineeringDepartment of Civil Engineering • Areas of Expertise • Structural , Transportation, Materials, Environmental, Sustainability, Geotechnical, Hydraulics, Geographic Information Systems • Appx Civil Engineering Enrollment • 22 PhD students in CE • 80 MS graduate students • 100 BS undergraduate students

  19. UCD-CCD Relationship • UCD (K. Rens) – CCD Relationship • Began February 1997 • Infrastructure Management • Bridges, Pavements, (Anything owned by “tax payers” • Many Undergraduate and Graduate Students • BS, MS, PhD • Began with $50,000 grant • Now $200,000 - $ 400,000 Annual Budget

  20. City and County of Denver University of Colorado Kevin Rens Lynn Johnson Yvonne Neiman Mike Gogel Ray Burrows Myron Lacome Deb Steckley Benjamin Allen Trieu Hoang Carnot Nogueira Jon Conley Sarah Young Sam Brown Adam Blankespore Mike Doyle Monica Janakowski Plus Many, Many more… Terry Gruber Jim Barwick Dan Roberts Ed Maez Bill Melton Al Wheeler Leslie Thomas Pete Baertlein Larry Grauberger Roger Mutz Joel Schmidt Dave Luhan Leif Joy Rich Bauer Jeff Jones Michael Gill Jim Hamblin Pat Kennedy Plus Many, Many more...

  21. CCD Project Scope: Why It Began • City Employee • 2 hours to 2 weeks to find Information

  22. Disorganized Filing - Bldg A

  23. Organized Filing -- Bldg B

  24. Organized Filing -- Bldg C

  25. Deteriorating Files All buildings

  26. Geographic Information System (GIS) Not a new technology Maps+Objects+Data Information Disseminator/Records manager Infrastructure layers Arial Photography Bridge Alley Street Street subsystem

  27. Image Numbering Instructions

  28. Documents collected, organized and sorted by report type and assigned unique ID • ID label placed on each document • Documents delivered to scanner

  29. Bridge Photographs • Digital camera used to photograph bridges; elevation and longitudinal shots • Photos displayed on one-page report

  30. Select Structure from Map

  31. Scope: How it Evolves • Bridge failures • Bridge management • Assessment/Inventory/Management Major • Provide public w/ state and local government • financial position (infrastructure assets) • Standard reporting approach • Depreciation • Modified reporting approach • Inventory, Assessment, Maintenance Minor

  32. Scope: Where it is Going • Prevent Deteriorating Records (GIS) • Inspect Street Subsystems, Alleys, Streets • Prevent Deteriorating Bridges • Using NDE to • augment internal • visual inspections

  33. Questions ? Thank you

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