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Logitrac Inc. Buy Here Pay Here PowerPoint Presentation
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Logitrac Inc. Buy Here Pay Here

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Logitrac Inc. Buy Here Pay Here - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Logitrac Inc. Buy Here Pay Here

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  1. Logitrac Inc.Buy Here Pay Here

  2. Features • Unit comes with 500 locates to use anytime • Built in geo-fences to provide alerts for boundary use • Starter Enable / Disable with a touch of a button • No monthly fees • Small and compact for stealth installations • Located within seconds of click • Reports generated automatically

  3. Uses of the XT-2000 • Emergency location is critical to finding someone whether they are broke down on the road or had an accident. • Theft recovery, having this unit can save you up to 20% on your insurance and pay for itself. • Any type of leasing of a vehicle or an asset. Being able to locate on demand if someone doesn’t pay their bill is worth the world. • Renting of vehicles, you can provide geo-fences to make sure the car stays in town or even inside the US • Heavy equipment located in fields can sit on job sites for long periods of time and need to be located • Loss Recovery – Write Off and recover lost or stolen vehicles immediately, resulting in reclaiming possession of the vehicle before it loses its value. • Collections – Lower Delinquencies • Fewer Refinances – Less Referrals • Better Customer Service • Collection/Recovery Time cut from average 8 hours per vehicle to less than 30 min. Immediate notification when a past due vehicle leaves a locked garage, lot, etc., allowing for immediate recovery. • Reduce collection office staff by 50% or more!! • Notification of violation(s) can be sent IMMEDIATELY to your email address, cell phone, PDA etc. • Large after market/Extended GPS Service for the product including: • Teen Monitoring, seeing how fast your teen drives, if the car breaks down, etc • Personal safety for trips, logging state mileage for work

  4. Continued • With accurate vehicle location technology, you can: • Be notified of vehicles entering local impound lots in 15 minutes, resulting in reduced impound fees. • Remotely disable vehicles that are late or skipping out on their note and know the location of that unit when it’s been disabled, resulting in better collections or quicker repossessions or if its stolen so you can stop the getaway • Be notified of a vehicle leaving a geographical area, allowing you to be immediately aware of when your notes leave your state for example. • Recover lost or stolen vehicles immediately, resulting in getting the vehicle back before it loses its value. • Be notified if vehicles ignition has not been turned on for an xx number of hours (i.e. 72 hours) along with the vehicles location. • Be notified immediately when a past due vehicle leaves a locked garage, lot, etc., allowing for immediate repossession. • Notification of violation(s) can be sent IMMEDIATELY Via E-mail to your email address on your computer, cell phone, pda, etc.

  5. Extended Service Programs • Remotely Enable/Disable Starter featureBoundary and Geo-fencing with automated alertsLocate and Disable Vehicles Using Mobile Phone)Locate on DemandDrive Report/Motion ReportOver Speed NotificationWeekly Heartbeat/Location ReportVehicle Heading and SpeedMileage Threshold NotificationOBDii Harness (optional)Google Mapping2D and 3D Satellite ImagesCustomizable Stop Report/Alert Reads Acceleration, Deceleration, and Fuel Usage • Virtual Odometer (GPS-Based)Sub-AccountsPermissions and PrivilegesMultiple Log-in CapacityHistory Data Export CapabilityOutside Zone NotificationInside Impound Lot NotificationSmallest Equipment In The Industry17 Different types of ReportsUnlimited Geo-FencingLandmark StatusTurn by Turn Pinpoint LocationsInstant ping location for real-time accuracyEvent driven for teen monitoringRecovery mode(ability to update every second)

  6. This is the mapping page. It shows you the dot of where your APU is located. It also shows any of your alerts, how many locates you have left, different maps to choose from, and even routes to or from this location.

  7. This shows you all the commands that are available. You can click locate and it will bring up the current position within seconds. Drive report will alert you when the target moves. Starter Enable / Disable to shut vehicle down. Stop report sends a message if vehicle stays in current position too long. You can also look at your geo-fences setup

  8. The settings page allows you to setup an alert to be sent via sms or email for any of the alerts you want to generate.

  9. The history page shows you all the activity that ever happened with that particular unit. You can view each position by clicking on the map it button.

  10. Here is a picture of a geo-fence. It can either be a radius or a polygon. The polygon is great for cutting out exactly the area you need with unlimited points. You can setup the vehicles to be alerted entering, exiting, or both. You can also show speed going through geo-fence.