legal aspect of nursing and midwifery ii n.
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Legal Aspect Of Nursing And Midwifery II PowerPoint Presentation
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Legal Aspect Of Nursing And Midwifery II

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Legal Aspect Of Nursing And Midwifery II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Legal Aspect Of Nursing And Midwifery II. Objectives. By the end of the lecture ,students should be able to: List and explain the rights of patients Understand the code for nurses/midwives Recite the nurse’s/midwives pledge Know the rights of nurses and midwives.

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Legal Aspect Of Nursing And Midwifery II

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By the end of the lecture ,students should be able to:

  • List and explain the rights of patients
  • Understand the code for nurses/midwives
  • Recite the nurse’s/midwives pledge
  • Know the rights of nurses and midwives
the patient s bill of rights
The Patient’s Bill of Rights
  • I have the right to be treated as a human being until I die
  • I have the right to maintain a sense of hopefulness, however changing its focus may be.
  • I have the tight to express my feelings and emotions about my approaching death in my own way
bill of rights cont d
Bill of Rights CONT’D
  • I have the right to expect continuing medical and nursing attention even though “cure” goals must be changed to comfort goals
  • I have the right not to die alone
  • I have the right to be free of pain
  • I have the right not to be deceived
  • I have the right to have help from and for my family in accepting my death
bill of rights cont d1
Bill of Rights CONT’D
  • I have the right to die in peace and in dignity
  • I have the right to retain my individuality and not to be judged for my decisions which may be contrary to the beliefs of others
  • I have the right to discuss and enlarge my religious and /or spiritual experiences, whatever these may mean to others
  • I have the right to expect the sanctity of the human body will be respected after death
bill of rights cont d2
Bill of Rights CONT’D
  • I have the right to be cared for by caring, sensitive, knowledgeable people who will attempt to understand my needs and will be able to gain some satisfaction in helping me face death.

(Source: ANA 2001)

code for nurses
  • Principal Concept Applied to Nursing

The fundamental responsible of the nurse is in four folds:

  • promote health
  • Prevent illness
  • Restore health
  • Alleviate suffering
principal concept cont d
Principal Concept CONT’D
  • Need for nursing is universal
  • It is unrestricted by considerations of nationality, race, creed, colour, age ,sex political and social status
  • Inherent in it is respect for life, dignity and rights of man
  • Nursing is renders to individuals, families and the community
nurses and the people
Nurses and the People
  • Primary responsibility is to who require nursing care
  • In providing care you should create an environment in which the values ,customs and beliefs of the individual is respected
  • You hold in judgment personal information and you must use your judgment in sharing this information
nurse and people cont d
Nurse and People CONT’D
  • Ensure individuals receive accurate, sufficient and timely information in a culturally appropriate manner
  • Advocates for equity and social justice in resource allocation
  • Demonstrates professional values such as respect, responsiveness, compassion, trustworthiness and integrity
nurses and practice
Nurses and Practice
  • Carries personal responsibility for practice and for maintaining competence by continuous education
  • You have to maintain the highest standard of nursing care within the reality of a specific situation
  • Use judgment in individual competence and delegation and accepting responsibilities
  • Maintain standard of personal conduct
nurse and practice con d
Nurse and Practice CON’D
  • Ensures technology and scientific advances are compatible with safety, dignity and rights of people
  • Strives to foster and maintain a practice culture of promoting ethical behavior and open dialogue
nurses and society
Nurses and Society
  • Share the responsibility with others in the society for initiating and supporting action to meet health and social needs of the public
nurses and co workers
Nurses and Co-Workers
  • Co-operate with your co-workers
  • Team work is very important
  • You can fall on other members of the health team to achieve your goals
  • Safe guard the patient when their heath is endangered by another co-worker
  • Takes action to support and guide co-workers to advance ethical conduct
nurses and the profession
Nurses and the Profession
  • Plays a major role in determining and implementing desirable standard of nursing/midwifery practice and education
  • Active in developing core professional knowledge which is evidence based
  • Participate in establishing and maintaining equitable social and economic working conditions in nursing
  • Developing and sustaining a core of professional values

(Source: ICN,2012)

nurses pledge
  • I acknowledge that the special training I have received has prepared me as a responsible member of the community
  • I promise to care for the sick with all the skill I possess, no matter their race creed, color, politics or social status, sparing no effort to conserve life alleviate pain and promote health
pledge cont d
Pledge CONT’D
  • I promise to respect at all times the dignity of the patient in my charge
  • I promise to hold in confidence all personal

information entrusted to me

  • I promise to keep my knowledge and skill at the professional level and to give the highest standard of nursing care to my patients
pledge cont d1
Pledge CONT’D
  • I promise to carry out intelligently and loyalty medical instructions given to me
  • I promise my personal life shall at all times bring credit to the profession
  • I promise to share in the responsibility of other professions and citizens for promoting health locally, nationally and internationally
code of ethics for midwives
Code of Ethics for Midwives


  • Develop a partnership with women in which both share information that lead to informed decision making, consent to plan of care and accept responsibility for outcomes of their choices
  • Support the right of women and families to actively participate in decision about their care
relationships cont d
Relationships CONT’D
  • Empower women/families to speak for themselves on issues affecting health of women and families within their culture or society
  • Work with policy and funding agencies to define women needs for health services
  • Support and sustain each other in their professional roles
  • Work with other heath professionals
relationships cont d1
Relationships CONT’D
  • Recognize human interdependence within their field of practice
  • Responsibility to themselves as persons of moral worth including duties of self -respect
  • Provide care for women and child bearing families with respect to cultural diversity-eliminate harmful practices
  • Encourage realistic expectation of child birth by women within their society
  • Use up-to date and evidence base professional knowledge to ensure safe birthing practices
practice cont d
Practice CONT’D
  • Act as effective role models of health promotion for women through out their life cycle
  • Actively seek personal, intellectual and professional growth throughout their career
professional responsibilities
Professional Responsibilities
  • Holds client’s information in confidence
  • Responsible for decisions and actions-accountable to outcome
  • May refuse to participate in activities in which they hold deep moral opposition
  • Understand the adverse consequences that ethical and human rights violation s have on women and infants
  • Participate in development and implementation of policies
advancement of midwifery knowledge and practices
Advancement of midwifery Knowledge and Practices
  • Advance based on activities that protect the rights of women as persons
  • Develop and share midwifery knowledge through a variety of processes
  • Participate in the formal education of midwifery students

(Source ICM meeting 2008/Glasgow)

midwives pledge
Midwives’ Pledge
  • I solemnly pledge that I will do my best seeking God’s help and asking for grace to keep my body healthy, strong and pure
  • The task midwife, I must carry for sure to keep my mind always alert and fully awake
  • To the profession I have chosen, for life I will stick to be trustworthy, refined, polite and gracious in manner
pledge cont d2
Pledge CONT’D
  • An inspiration always to those under my care to serve unselfishly and wisely everywhere
  • Guiding the innocent, easing the sufferers
  • To make my work filled with sweetness and beauty
  • Where fellowship is found in adversity; to be loyal to my patients, associates, country and God from whom I dearly owe my life and my love. So help me God
rihgts of the nurse
  • Right to find dignity in self expression and self enhancement through the use of special abilities and educational background
  • The right to recognition for contribution through the provision of an environment fit for practice and proper professional economic rewards
nurses rights cont d
  • The right to a work environment that will minimize physical and emotional stress and health risks
  • The right to control what is professional practice within the law
  • The right to set standards for excellence in nursing
nurses rights cont d1
  • The right to participate in policy making affecting nursing
  • The right to social and political action on behalf of nursing and health care
midwives women rights


  • Right to midwifery –specific education that will enable her develop and maintain competency as a midwife
  • Right to practice on her own responsibility within the ICM scope of practice of a midwife
  • Right to be recognize, respected and supported as a health professional
  • Right to access a strong midwifery association that can contribute to midwifery and maternity policy and services at a national level
  • Right to receive care in child birth from autonomous and competent midwife
  • Right to be respected as a person of value and worth
  • Right to security of her body
  • Right to be free from any from of discrimination
  • Right to up-to date information
women rights cont d
Women Rights CONT’D
  • Right to participate actively in decisions about her health care and informed consent
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to choose place where to give birth
  • Every newborn baby has the right to a health and well informed mother

(Source: ICM,2011)



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