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  1. four-wheelers By TreverHollern

  2. Here is a Honda Sport • This four-wheeler is used for hauling, mudding, ECT. Over all it is a good four-wheeler.

  3. This is a Racing four-wheeler. • This four-wheeler is meant for racing but you can also use it for mud bogging racing four-wheelers are usually faster than sport 4-wheelers.

  4. Street racing 4-wheelers • This is a street racing 4-wheeler that is why it has these tires on it you can change it back to a regular racing 4-wheeler.

  5. This is a carburetor • This is not a stock carburetor it is for a racing (Honda only) carburetor it makes it go faster.

  6. This is a mudding 4-wheeler • This 4-wheeler is used for mudding because it has mud tires but you can change it back to a sport 4-wheeler by changing the tires.

  7. This is a 3-wheeler • You can pretty much use this for anything like racing, mudding, trail riding, and for riding on the roads.

  8. A showroom quality 4-wheeler • This is a 4-wheeler that is meant to be shown off in showrooms although it is probably used for street racing as well.

  9. Honda shock system • This is a picture of air ride shocks for Honda air ride shocks use air instead of a spring for a smoother ride.

  10. This is a lifted Honda • This is used for going through deep water and mud that is why it has such a big lift but it has almost no suspension.

  11. Front and back racks • Racks are a good accessory for a 4-wheeler because it blocks brush from tearing out wires.

  12. Nerf bars • Nerf bars are good for keeping brush away from your feet, legs, and feet so it doesn't cut you.

  13. Racing tires VS Mudding tires • Racing tires have thinner tread on them compared to mudding tires mudding tires are thick and have good traction.

  14. Disc breaks • Most 4-wheelers have disc breaks and they get tighter and tighter as you squeeze the breaks.

  15. Racing plastic VS Sport plastic • The plastic on sport 4-wheelers has a more square shape so they can have racks on them and racing 4-wheelers do not have a distinctive shape.

  16. Enclosed rims VS Open rims • With enclosed rims you can get pushed around by the wind if you are riding on the road but with open rims the air passes right through it.

  17. Bibliography • • Personal knowledge and experiences.