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Females in comedy convention 2014 Media Kit PowerPoint Presentation
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Females in comedy convention 2014 Media Kit

Females in comedy convention 2014 Media Kit

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Females in comedy convention 2014 Media Kit

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  1. Females in comedy convention 2014 Media Kit April 22-27th, 2014 in los Angeles, California Educate...Encourage. ..Empower…

  2. The Females in Comedy Association (fica) History The Females in Comedy Association (FICA) founded by veteran comedienne Hope Flood, realized in her 25 years on the road, stage, television, film and as an on-air radio personality, that it takes well over a decade of work before most comedians are even recognized. In her own journey she saw many of her female peers get discouraged and give up, while watching her male counterparts careers skyrocket. Flood decided to create a solution to help more women in comedy succeed. Founded in 2011, FICA is designed to be a comprehensive resource for the particular needs of stand-up comediennes. The goal of the group is to network, educate and collaborate; in addition to bringing awareness to the economic and creative power of women. Most importantly, FICA provides mentorship from the veterans to aspiring comediennes who want to learn how to break into the business and/or how to refine their craft. The group has been well received and has become a rapidly expanding, actively engaged global community of networking women. FICA started off as a Facebook group, and has evolved to include extension programming that enables engagement and relationship building opportunities through events and promotions with seasoned professional comediennes. • One major change to the convention is the invitation of male comedians. Although the convention is branded as Females in Comedy Convention, it is the vision of founder Hope Flood to include all comedians regardless of gender.

  3. WHAT IS THE Females in comedy convention (FICC)? • Event Overview • In April 2014, FICA returns with the 3rd Annual Females in Comedy Convention (FICC), to be held in Los Angeles, California. The convention will include 6 days of workshops, panel discussions, a celebrity basketball tournament, a farewell brunch, and nightly showcases all led by industry executives, comedy club owners, talent bookers, and veteran comediennes. The convention will draw an impressive following of comedy lovers with sell-out crowds for the comedy showcases held at the hottest comedy clubs in LA. The Females in Comedy Convention (FICC) creates a unique atmosphere for female comedians and patrons alike. Delivering a diverse demographic of women who come to learn empowering information to perfect their art, create strong business strategies for their businesses and interact with some of comedy’s biggest stars.

  4. A Nickel of hope, Inc. MISSION: The Mission of Hope’s Girlz Club is to assist in positive growth and development of adolescents, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being, so they can live an abundant life. OUR STORY: The significance of our organization name A Nickel of Hope is key to its mission: a “NICKEL” represents the percentage of time, effort, and commitment that is required to begin the process of infusing HOPE in an otherwise lost generation of youth that society has either forgotten or given up on. We ask: How can a child take us into the future without HOPE? To learn more, visit Don’t miss out on your chance to catch some of you favorite entertainers and comedians flex their skills on the court on Saturday, April 26, 2014. The charitable Comedy Slam – Celebrity Hoop Jam will donate a portion of the proceeds to benefit “A Nickel of Hope, Inc.” a non-profit organization. Funding and resources supporting The Hope’s Girlz Club/A Nickel of Hope Inc., are provided in part by extension programs, events and activities created by Hope Flood. Projects benefiting the non-profit organization are aligned with empowerment initiatives and tools toward the economic progress of less informed women.

  5. 2014HEADLINER Sponsor Package - $10,000Inclusions: • Radio on-air mentions • Live liners per market • Event naming rights at Celebrity Basketball Game • Sponsor spotlight • On-stage mentions • Signage placement/banners • 3 Exhibit booths • Prominent company logo on all printed materials • 6 - VIP access badges • VIP/Celebrity photo opportunities • No waiting in line • VIP courtside seating • Access to hospitality room (food & drinks) • Company logo on FICC website with link to corporate site • Mention in all PR initiatives • Press release distribution • National • Local • Convention book • Front & Inside Cover • 2 page spread • Logo on T-shirts

  6. Special event sponsorships Industry Panel Breakfast: $500 (4 available) • Banners and signage at event • Booth space at event • 2 complimentary tickets to event Promoters Workshop & Networking Mixer: $500 (4 available) Banners & signage @ event Booth space @ event 4 complimentary tickets to event Comics Rock Farewell Brunch: $1000 (4 available) • Company logo on tabletops & printed material • Your company’s corporate gift included in gift bag to brunch attendees • Corporate logo on Step & Repeat banner for brunch • 6 complimentary tickets Comics Rocks Forum - Meet & Greet / Taco Reception: $500 (4 available) • Banners & signage @ event • Booth space @ event • 4 complimentary tickets to event

  7. FICA for life SPONSORSHIP FEATURE Sponsorship $1,500 Logo on all full color flyers ¼ page in Convention Program (2) Mentions as sponsor during event Printed material of your business on tables at event Product/Service to give away at event 6 complimentary tickets to event OPENER Sponsorship $1,000 Product/Service to give away at event (2) Mentions as sponsor during event Printed material of your business on tables at event 4 complimentary tickets to event GUEST Sponsorship $500 Product/Service to give away at event Printed material of your business on tables at event Mention in the Convention Souvenir Program 2 complimentary tickets to events HOST Community Supporter Sponsorship $250 Product/Service to give away at event Mention in the Convention Souvenir Program Tickets to give away to single mothers, teachers, veterans, mentors in the community that work with our youth given away on your behalf or you can give them to a Community Based Organization of your Choice.

  8. Female comics rock Open Mic (a la carte) Sponsorship. • $300 Banner on website • $150 Convention Exhibitor • $100 Signage at Events • $50 Product/Service Giveaway at Event Convention Book • $200 Back Cover • $150 Inside Front Cover • $150 Inside Back Cover • $100 Full Page • $75 Half Page • $50 Quarter Page SPONSORSHIP package

  9. Building your brand among our growing consumer base will give you the ability to advertise your brand through sponsorship, branded apparel, digital or on-site ad placement and workshop sessions. Inquire now about opportunities that will deliver you a female demographic that is filled with affluent decision makers who have spending power. Hope Flood, FICA/FICC FOUNDER Comedienne, Actress • More information? Please contact: • Females In Comedy Association (FICA) • • 310.800.1899

  10. EXHIBITOR AGREEMENT Company _______________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name / Title _______________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address _______________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________ State __________________________Zip ______________ Phone ________________ Mobile _______________ Fax ______________ Email ________________________ List the products and/or services to be exhibited. (Only items listed will be allowed in your exhibit.) VENDOR BADGES: 1ST Name ____________________________ 2nd Name____________________________ Exhibit Space Includes: 10x10 Space – Exhibitor is responsible for both tables & chairs. Number of Booths Requested: ________ Charge My: Visa _____ MasterCard _____ AMEX _____ Discover _____ in the Total Amount of $____________ Account Number: __________________________ Exp Date: ___________ Security Code: _________________ Printed Name on Card: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Card BillingAddress: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Booth Fee: $150( due by March 22, 2014) **All fees must be paid on or before the due dates, otherwise any fees paid as a deposit will be forfeited** Multiple vendors will not be able to share booth space unless they are representing the same business. There are no refunds as all sales are final. Your signature verifies your intention to participate in the Females in Comedy Convention as an Exhibitor. Full payment or a deposit must be submitted along with the return of your application. Please fax the completed application to 310-677-5809 or mail postal money orders to: Females in Comedy Association, 1201 N. Labrea Ave., Suite #15, Inglewood, CA, 90302. Your Signature below indicates that you agree to follow all rules, regulations and policies of the Females in Comedy Convention and further verifies that you understand and agree to the contents and terms of this agreement. Authorized Signature _______________________________________ Date ____________________ Printed Signature __________________________________________ Date ____________________

  11. Letter of Intent/Registration • Levels of Sponsorship: • ____ Headliner - $10,000 • ____ Comics Rock Farewell Brunch - $1,000 • ____ Industry Panel Breakfast - $500 • ____ Comics Rock Forum/Meet & Greet/Taco Reception - $500 • ____ Promoters Workshop & Networking Mixer - $500 • ____ Feature - $1,500 • ____ Opener - $1,000 • ____ Guest - $500 • ____ HOST Community Supporter - $250 • ____ Open Mic (a la carte) – Refer to Media Kit for Pricing • ____ Convention Book - Refer to Media Kit for Pricing • ____Vendor Booth

  12. Credit Card Authorization • _________________________________________________________________________________________ • By signing and completing this form you agree that you will serve in the capacity as chosen above and you understand that your payment is non refundable. • You must pay one half of your fee as a deposit to reserve your sponsorship. Once your fee is paid in full, you will be announced as an Official FICC Sponsor. • If the remaining sponsorship balance is not paid by the specified date, your deposit will be non-refundable and your sponsorship will be sold. • Please fax your completed form to (310-677-5809 • Deposit Amount: $______________Final Payment Balance: $______________ • Final Payment Due Date: 03/22/2014 • ______________________________________ • Signature Date • ONLY Mail Postal Money Orders Made Payable To: • Females in Comedy Association • 1201 N Labrea Ave. Suite #15 • Inglewood, CA 90302

  13. FEMALES IN COMEDY ASSOCIATION EXHIBITOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Exhibitor Space: Show management reserves the right to: a) reject any applicant for booth selection b) to assign and designate each exhibitor space.   2. Exhibitor Move In/Move Out: Move‐in times are one hour before event and out by one hour after event 3. Payment for Space: All exhibits must be paid in full at the time of exhibit reservation. Approved methods of payments are included in the Exhibitor Agreement. Subsequent charge-backs will be assessed with the original amount of the charge-back as well as a $35 return fee and $100 inconvenience fee. However, if payment cannot be collected from the Exhibitor and the Females In Comedy Association were to enter legal proceedings, Exhibitor agrees to be responsible for both the principal amount owed and any attorney fees incurred by show management of Females In Comedy Association. 4. Operation of Exhibit Space: Exhibitor agrees that the show manager may remove any exhibits that it deems as disruptive or inappropriate in nature. Exhibitor displays and advertising materials must not protrude into the aisles and interfere with the movement of visitors at the show. 5. Sub-leasing: No Exhibitor shall exhibit or permit to be exhibited in their specified allocated space, any merchandise other than that noted in the Exhibitor Agreement. 6. Identification: All Exhibitors are required to wear their Exhibitor badge during the show. 7. Exhibitor Behavior: Exhibitors are expected to behave in a professional and ethical manner at all times. No inappropriate language or body contact will be permitted. Show Management reserves the right to ask Exhibitors to leave the premises due to any unprofessional, unethical, or unacceptable behavior that exemplifies gross disrespect for another person and/or their property. If Exhibitor is asked to leave, all fees, and payments are forfeited and they may be prohibited from participating in future shows. 8. Security: Show Management will provide security services during show hours. Show Management requests that Exhibitors refrain from leaving personal property unattended. The Exhibitor booth must be staffed at all times. The Females in Comedy Association is not responsible for any losses the Exhibitor may incur during the show, before the show or during the move-in/move-out process. 9. Liabilities and Security Waiver: Exhibitor agrees to follow all fire and safety rules of the show and venue. Exhibitor Agrees that the Females In Comedy Association (FICA), Hope Flood and affiliates will be held harmless from and against any loss, damage, expense or penalty arising from any action based on complete fault or negligence. If Females In Comedy Association (FICA) is held liable for an occurrence from the Exhibitor’s action (s) or failure to act, Exhibitor will defend Females In Comedy Association (FICA), Hope Flood and affiliates for damages and cost resulting from incident, including any attorney fees and damages. In the event that a show becomes unusable or cancelled due to causes not within our control, Exhibitor releases Females In Comedy Association (FICA), Hope Flood and affiliates from all claims, damages, or loss. Refunds will be issued on a pro-rated basis, less all expenses incurred by the show. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This document and any later additions, corrections, or clarifications made Females In Comedy Association (FICA) is a binding part of Female In Comedy Association (FICA) Exhibitor Agreement