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Chapter 9 and 10

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Chapter 9 and 10
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Chapter 9 and 10

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  1. Chapter 9 and 10

  2. 1. • Did not want to be drafted, so he enlisted to choose his position in the war • Tricked by the illusion of a clean, peaceful, and natural war – he’s the naturalist and thinks he can still be in nature/goodness while at war

  3. 2. • If you don’t adapt to change, you will perish/die/give out • With the boys’ individual war – the friendship is not adapting – they are trying to pick up where they left off before the accident yet much has changed

  4. 3. • Leper’s white stocking hat bobbing behind him – innocent and childlike

  5. 4. • The war seems even more unreal. No army can be made up of men who are like Leper (into snails, beaver dams, birds, and innocent things like that) • In order to deal with Leper’s place in the war, they make him a mock hero. That way they don’t seriously have to wonder if he’s making it or not.

  6. 5. • Finny says if Leper held a loaded gun at Hitler’s head, he’d miss. • Someone peaceful like Leper is ineffectual in war. . . just like Finny. Finny was not prepared to deal with a war with Gene either.

  7. 6. • Winter was there to stay as was the war • Winter’s occupation seems to have conquered, overrun, and destroyed everything, so that now there is no longer any resistance movement left in nature, all the juices are dead, every sprig of vitality snapped and now winter itself, an old, corrupt, tired conqueror, loosens its grip on desolation, recedes a little, grows careless in its watch; sick of victory and enfeebled by the absence of challenge, it begins itself to withdraw from the ruined countryside.

  8. 7. • Next to the Naguamsett River – their carnival activities were highly illegal • hard cider, dictionary with the dirty words highlighted, the Iliad with translations written in, Finny’s icebox, Betty Grable photos, the ice caricatures of the profs, the stolen money

  9. 8. • He’s become a rebel • If he can’t enlist, he will at least become less civilian • gives up his leadership positions, starts wearing military clothes instead of his suits, he steals the money, etc.

  10. 9. • The boys are experiencing a break from war but the war is always there – hovering in the wings. • Sky – battleship gray • Gene fights off a counter attack • The carnival breaking into riot hung like a bomb among them

  11. 10. • A separate peace – a break from the immediacy of war – a chance to go back to innocence/breaking school rules, like they did in the summer • Finny balances on the table much like he balanced on the canoe before falling into the Devon – he reverts back to old self too

  12. Ch. 10

  13. 1. • Gene never got to war • Always moved around the states training on new weapons • For Gene the war was like Finny said – nonexistent • The constant training seemed to save his life (his life is still torn by the past)

  14. 2. • It is isolated (alone) on the top of a frozen mountain far away from others • Even his name, Leper, shows his isolation from reality

  15. 3. • Leper likes the dining room the best because it is predictable – everyone eats and usually three times a day. He knows what is going to happen in that room – no surprises – therefore, he doesn’t need to adapt to change

  16. 4. • Before – gentle, peaceful, and quiet • After – angry, scared, intense; he becomes accusatory; he lashes out; his careful politeness was gone

  17. 5. • The truth is brought to the surface – that Gene jostled the limb on purpose – he is indeed a savage underneath. When Leper accuses Gene of this, Gene “forgets himself” for an instance and pushes him over, just like he forgot himself when he jostled the tree branch. • Will others learn the truth too?

  18. 5. • “Fear seized my stomach like a cramp. I didn’t care what I said to him now; it was myself I was worried about. For if Leper was psycho it was the army which had done it to him, and I and all of us were on the brink of the army.” • Gene sees the realities of war – the realities of growing up – boys to men - something he can’t avoid – wonders if he will be able to handle it better than Leper

  19. 6. • Army turned everything inside out • Bad food • Sleep deprivation • Aggravating coughing • He began to hallucinate – to see men with female body parts, to see inanimate objects move • Starts screaming and can’t stop

  20. 7. • He’s trying once again to convince himself that the war won’t affect him and the other boys like it affected Leper. But the truth is that no one knows how he or she will react/adapt to new and dangerous situations until they are in them. • Think about Gene and Finny’s relationship. Gene probably never thought he was capable of hurting someone, yet he did when he couldn’t learn to deal with his feelings.