Teaching with reflector software and a mac book
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Teaching with Reflector Software and a Mac Book - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teaching with Reflector Software and a Mac Book. Mr. Jacobsen. Reflector Software. Allows you to ‘reflect’ or mirror your apple device via blue tooth to your desktop. Creates a more mobile classroom. Allows for more student involvement. How Reflector Works.

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Reflector software
Reflector Software

  • Allows you to ‘reflect’ or mirror your apple device via blue tooth to your desktop.

  • Creates a more mobile classroom.

  • Allows for more student involvement.

How reflector works
How Reflector Works

  • You simply have the software downloaded by Mr. Detlefsen to your computer.

  • Password protect, rename your computer as your name, and you are ready!

  • Connect to it by turning on your blue tooth, clicking on ‘AirPlay’, clicking on your name.

Time for a break yes already
Time for a Break! Yes.. Already!

  • Let’s take a look at different devices while they are connected to our desktop.

    • Mac Book

    • iPhone

    • iPad (Mostly what I teach with)

      • Quick showing of how I use my iPad to teach.

  • We’ll look at how easy it is to switch from device to device.

Noteworthy mac apps
Noteworthy Mac Apps

  • We will cover the following 2 apps in full detail and how to use them in the classroom.

    • QuickTime Player

    • Skitch

    • Anxiety

  • There will be time at the end to ask questions about the apps or general MAC ?’s.

It s worth noting
It’s Worth Noting…

  • You do NOT need an Apple ID to download most apps.

  • You can simply visit their sites and download from there.

  • If your not comfortable we will practice how to do that in this presentation

Quicktime player
QuickTime Player

  • Allows you to take videos of your screen, your face, or a cropped area on your computer

  • It is in your applications.

Quicktime player videos
QuickTime Player Videos

  • Go ahead and try to begin each type of video under ‘File’.

    • Movie – Makes the screen a mirror essentially. This will be a video of your face. THINK: FaceTime.

    • Audio – A purely audio clip.

    • Screen – You can choose to do full window or crop an area of the screen. It will record your actions and you can choose to record your voice.


  • Allows you to target an area of the screen and take a picture.

  • You can edit your picture with art or text.

  • Very simple to download and use!

  • Great for working on pdf files or snapping clips and having discussions.

Skitch getting it on your computer
Skitch: Getting it on your computer

  • We will use a Quick Time Player video that I have previously made.

  • It is fitting to use it now that we have discussed it!!

  • (The file became too large to make it downloadable on my site. Directions are on the next page.)

Skitch getting it on your computer1
Skitch: Getting it on your computer

  • Visit google.com

  • Type in Skitch

  • Click on Skitch|Evernote

  • Click Download to Mac

  • You can see the progress of the download. Once it is done then move to the right side.

  • Now that it has downloaded you need to open 2 folders.

  • One folder should be ‘downloads’ and the other should be ‘Applications’.

  • Grab Skitch from your download folder and drag it to your applications folder.

Skitch topics to cover
Skitch Topics to Cover

  • How to snap a picture

  • Edit your picture

  • Edit your picture more

  • Edit your picture even more

  • How to save and use a skitch


  • Anxiety is basically like Sticky Notes but it syncs all of your Google calendars.

  • You can add your own reminders.

  • Picture 

  • Search Anxiety App for Macs on google.com

  • Downloading it is the same as the Skitch process.

  • Take a minute to download it if it sounds appealing to you!

Thanks for attending
Thanks for attending!!

  • Let me know if you have any questions about the apps we covered today and I can send a QuickTime video!

  • Let me know if there are any other apps to check out because there is always more that I don’t know about!

  • Note: If you can’t make my other session both of the power points are on my teacher site. You can get to it by clicking on my name under teacher pages on the school site under the High School. Scroll to the bottom of my page to see ‘Teacher Stuff’