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( Insert Professional Picture of Yourself ). Place Full Name Here. (school, year). Click on a button below to take you to some examples of my best work. Resume. Job Application. Job Process Letters. Interviewing. Letters Of Recommendation. Statement Of Goals. Transcript Of Grades.

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Place full name here

(Insert Professional

Picture of Yourself)

Place Full Name Here

(school, year)

Click on a button below to take you to some examples of my best work.




Job Process



Letters Of



Of Goals


Of Grades


& What

You Have


Resume best work.

  • Provide a link to your current resume

  • Provide a link to your scannable resume

  • Provide at least 5 tips regarding resume writing on this slide.

Job application
Job Application best work.

  • Provide a scanned copy of a typed job application.

  • Provide link to information/tips regarding job applications.

Job process letters
Job Process Letters best work.

  • Provide a link to your 5 types of job process letters we have discussed.

  • Provide link to the handout on writing letters you downloaded from my website.

Interviewing best work.

  • Provide link to 5 questions you could be asked in an interview and these are to be thoroughly answered. Be sure to include the question.

    • Type in Word and link from this slide

  • Provide at least 5 tips regarding interviewing on this slide.

Letters of recommendation
Letters of Recommendation best work.

Obtain 2 letters of recommendation and provide links to each. You will have to get these files electronically from your teacher and make PDF OR use copy machine and scan your letter to your email.

(use the person’s name and job title as your text hyperlink)

Statement of goals
Statement of Goals best work.

  • Develop 3 long term goals YOU have

    • Write them directly on this slide.

  • Be sure to write each using the SMART process that we discussed WAAYY back then.

Transcript of grades
Transcript of Grades best work.

You will have to obtain this from your counselor. Scan the document as a PDF and provide a link to it.

Documentation and what you have gained from this project
Documentation and What You Have Gained From This Project best work.

  • Provide written examples of the following skills that you have developed and with linked documentation – you may have to scan these possibly. This could be a paper you wrote, a speech you have given, a scoring guide, or a document you type citing examples of each – something of evidence to show you have developed this skill adequately. Provide a second link to each stating what you have gained from each (how did you benefit from doing this project/assignment):

    • Written communication

      • Gained

    • Oral communication

      • Gained

    • Computer skills

      • Gained

    • Problem solving skills

      • Gained

    • Team work

      • Gained