Ctso new advisor orientation
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CTSO New Advisor Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CTSO New Advisor Orientation. Everything You Want To Know But Afraid To Ask!. Objectives. Provide information and resources for new CTSO advisors Respond to concerns, issues, requests for guidance to support YOUR efforts to serve as a CTSO advisor. Enlightenment!!!. Categories.

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Ctso new advisor orientation

CTSONew Advisor Orientation

Everything You Want To Know But Afraid To Ask!


Provide information and resources for new CTSO advisors

Respond to concerns, issues, requests for guidance to support YOUR efforts to serve as a CTSO advisor.



  • Things Advisors Do

  • CTSO Fit

  • Leadership

  • Communications

  • Human Resources

  • Hodge Podge

  • General characteristics

  • Curriculum objectives

  • Mission Statements

  • Who and What

  • Who What Where

  • Miscellaneous Info

How to play
How To Play

  • Match the “answer” cards to each category

  • Arrange your cards in monetary value order: $200-$1,000.

  • It’s possible an answer may fit more than one category-

  • Good Luck you have 5 minutes!

Jeopardy results
Jeopardy Results

  • Things Advisors Do

    • Mentor/consult/guide

    • Accountant

    • “Go Fer” “Chauffer”

    • Coordinate logistics

    • Track & Field (run around a lot!)

  • CTSO Fit

    • Develop occupational skills & competencies

    • Build self-esteem & personal growth

    • Develop leadership

    • Responsible citizens

    • Partnership w. business & industry

Jeopardy results cont
Jeopardy results cont

  • Leadership

    • Code of Conduct

    • Leadership conferences

    • Professional Development curriculum

    • Students chair committees

    • Local/State/National officers

  • Communications

    • Meet with Administrator

    • Detailed Calendar

    • Market your building, organization,members

    • Success Stories

    • Kick off Events

Results cont
Results cont

  • Human Resources

    • Past Advisors

    • Former student members

    • State Director 7 & Board of Directors

    • Other current advisors

    • National office

  • Hodge Podge

    • Advisor is not a member of officer team

    • Use your wisdom/experience to link team to organization

    • Why Chosen? Role model, team player, admired by students and staff

    • Incentives for students : social activities, connection to employers , medals, travel opportunities, exceed their own expectations




Administrator priorities-what care about?

PR, competitive (medal count), student professional development

Actions: include district (school system media) in PR releases, invite admin to attend competitions or conferences, statistics, recognize admin (stapler w. name on it)

  • Lack of administrative support

Strategies continued
Strategies continued



Student: Incentives, food, recognition (PA announcements, posters, class challenges)

Staff: cover professional membership fee, recognition (faculty mtg., thank you gift), peer mentor

Parent: parent booster group, recognition

  • Student, staff, parent apathy

Strategies continued1
Strategies continued



Student aide, special needs students, community service credit, class extra credit, student alumni, community college student, retired staff, senior citizens

Grant writing, fraternal organizations, letter writing campaign

  • Not enough time- need help

  • Limited fundraising

The price is right
The Price is Right!

You are a very lucky person- you will imprint many young people!


They touch the future!