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Czars of Russia

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Czars of Russia. Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great. TLWBAT Discuss the achievements of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. Warm-up Identify the treaty for each occasion. 30 Years War War of Spanish Succession Peasants Rebellion Reformation.

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czars of russia

Czars of Russia

Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great

warm ups and objectives

Discuss the achievements of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great


Identify the treaty for each occasion.

30 Years War

War of Spanish Succession

Peasants Rebellion


Warm-ups and objectives
isolation from europe
Isolation from Europe
  • Russia’s geography (natural borders) affected their progress.
    • Russia was land-locked from Europe.
  • Strong influence from Byzantine Empire not from western Europe; Eastern Orthodox religion.
  • Language and writing barrier between Russia and Western Europe
from ivan to the romanov
Ivan III

Conquered the territory around Moscow

liberated Russia from Mongols

centralized the Russian government.

Ivan’s Son was Ivan IV- Ivan the Terrible.

Ivan the Terrible was first Czar 1533.

Added territory to Russia

added power to central government.

Ruled by Terror

accused Boyars, nobles, of poisoning his wife, Anastasia-a Romanov

set up secrete police and executed many Boyars.

Killed many people and gave land to new nobles who promised to be loyal or die.

From Ivan to the Romanov
ivan s downfall
Ivan’s downfall.
  • In 1581, Ivan killed his eldest son.
  • 3 years later his weak son became Czar when Ivan the Terrible died.
  • Son died with out an heir
    • Time of Trouble-Boyars fought for control.
    • 1613 Michael Romanov was chosen to start dynasty-grandnephew of Anastasia.
peter the great
Peter the Great
  • 1696 Peter became Czar of Russia
    • moved Russia from Feudal system (Boyars and serfs)to a strong central government.
    • Traveled to the west to learn about the new ways- machines and customs.
    • Returned promoting “westernization”
  • The Romanov family ruled Russia from 1613-1917.

Peter the Greats’ Goals:

  • “Westernize” Russia
  • End Russia’s “land-locked” situation by gaining a warm water port. (St. Petersburg)
  • Strengthen and westernize the military
peter s absolutism
Knew his people would not agree to Westernize so

brought Orthodox Church under state control

reduced power of great landowners and then gave it back once they were loyal

modernized army by hiring European officers.

Introduced potatoes

started first newspaper

raise women status

changed traditional to western clothing.

Promoted education and growth

built St.. Petersburg as “a window on the sea”-Russia’s new Capital.

Peter’s Absolutism
st petersburg
St. Petersburg
  • Peter opened the window to the west by gaining an all year seaport.

Introduced potatoes

Started newspaper

Peter the Great

Created a warm water port (St. Petersburg

Raised woman’s status

Forced nobility to “westernize”

catherine s goals 1770
Catherine’s Goals (1770)
  • Continued the expansion of Russian ports.
    • Acquired the Sea of Azov by driving back the Turks
  • Gained western territory.
    • Acquired most of Poland due to weak government
catherine the great catherine ii 1762 1796
Catherine the Great (Catherine II 1762-1796)
  • Tried to pass enlightened reforms
    • Set up a commission to review Russian Laws
    • Proposed reforms based on Montesquieu and Baccaria
    • Recommended religious tolerance ad abolished torture
  • Crushed rebellions and gave absolute power to nobles
  • Gained access to Black Sea by defeating Ottomans
  • Enlarged her empire by taking parts of Poland and Russia emerged as an international power