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Organizing Official FLL Kits

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Organizing Official FLL Kits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organizing Official FLL Kits. Purchase Your Kit. When you buy the official FLL kit this is what it comes in; the gray 9797, and blue 9648 bins. Start Using The FLL Kit(s). Once students start using the parts it won’t be long before the bins and trays look like this.

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purchase your kit
Purchase Your Kit
  • When you buy the official FLL kit this is what it comes in; the gray 9797, and blue 9648 bins.
start using the fll kit s
Start Using The FLL Kit(s)
  • Once students start using the parts it won’t be long before the bins and trays look like this.
  • Ever have a problem finding the right part or spending a lot of time searching for it?
but there is more
But There is More….
  • With these color laminated cardboard inventory cards, you now have space for everything, a description, and inventory at hand.
benefits of having the cards
Benefits of having the Cards
  • Every part has a color picture (most are to scale and can be used for sizing)
  • Every part is referenced to the official LEGO part name
  • Every part has an inventory quantity for the combined sets
  • The heavy card stock is durable and will last
  • If you choose to laminate them it adds additional protection and allows use of dry erase markers on the cards (mark for actual inventory, part selection, etc)
so how to do this
So How To Do This?
  • Purchase 6 Plano “ProLatch” StowAway trays

#2-3701 Utility Box, Quantity 4 #2-3750 Utility Box, Quantity 2

so how to do this15
So How To Do This?
  • Layout tray dividers according to the cards
  • Modify tray 6 by removing the small guide tabs on the bottom of the tray in the front left corner (to make room for the NXT, a chisel worked well).
so how to do this16
So How To Do This?
  • Purchase one storage crate
so how to do this17
So How To Do This?


  • Print your own from downloaded PDF files or
  • Purchase a set of organization cards
    • Options for ways to make this purchase are being developed and should be available by end of September
  • Sort the parts into the 6 trays as shown on each card
so how to do this optional
So How To Do This? (Optional)
  • Label each set to enable tracking of kits
  • Label key components to track parts to kits
this is what you end up with22
This is What You End Up With
  • If you have preassembled a robot or sensor appendages (to enable short introductory sessions) use the blue (or gray) bin to hold the items.
this is what you end up with23
This is What You End Up With
  • This is the final look
cost retail shopping
Cost – Retail Shopping
  • Plano #2-3701 Utility Box, Quantity 4 average $5.99ea
  • Plano #2-3750 Utility Box, Quantity 2 average $4.99ea
  • Crate (Standard milk type storage crate) is $4.00
  • Card set
    • do it yourself $ 0
    • Purchase set and complete the finish work $ 20
    • Tax & gas & time $ ??
  • Total retail cost for trays (availability is mixed) ~$40
suggested option very handy
Suggested Option (very handy)
  • Build Tray
    • Keep parts on tray
    • Write name on it
    • Design on it
    • Practice on it
      • Start/stop
      • Drive a square
      • Line detect
      • Line follow
    • Do simple presentation
  • Cost ~$20 for material for 5 or $4 each
build tray cut pattern of 4 x8 sheet of 1 8 whiteboard







Build Tray cut pattern of 4’x8’ sheet of 1/8”whiteboard

Each tray is two feet tall by three feet wide. Frame with ¾” x 1-1/2” wood strips

a good solution
A Good Solution
  • Trays snap shut tight, things stay in place
  • A dropped tray results in no mess to pick up
  • Students can put things back where they belong, especially when small incentives are offered
  • Easy and compact to transport
  • Stackable to take up less storage space
  • A place for everything and everything in its place
  • Room left in the crate for a laptop PC or workbook binder.
  • Visual, parts are identified on both sides of tray lid
need more information
Need More Information?
  • Contact
    • Marc Couture
    • 920-749-2772
    • Information is being shared for all to use freely
    • Fee will benefit Wisconsin FLL program