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Disaster Notification Units PowerPoint Presentation
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Disaster Notification Units

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Disaster Notification Units - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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No.: 6701900-021 Updated in August 2013 by Shanhua District Office Population: 4,623. Disaster Evacuation Map of Xiaoxin Village, Shanhua District, Tainan City. Jianan Village. Contact Information . Shanhua brewery. 成功啤酒廠. Disaster Notification Units . 嘉南里.

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No.: 6701900-021

Updated in August 2013 by Shanhua District Office

Population: 4,623

Disaster Evacuation Map of Xiaoxin Village, Shanhua District, Tainan City

Jianan Village

Contact Information

Shanhua brewery


Disaster Notification Units


Shanhua Emergency Operations Center

Tel: 06-5837226

Fire Department: 119

Police Station: 110

Jiaba Police Station Tel: 06-5837379

Shanhua Fire Brigade Tel: 06-5817119

Residents’ Helpline: 1999

Taiwan Power Company: 06-5839643

Taiwan Water Corporation: 06-5974290

Chunghwa Telecom: 0800080412

Head of Xiaoxi Village: Huang Ruifang

Tel: 06-5837154

Mobile: 0912493620

Village Secretary: Zhang Yalan

Tel: 06-5837226

Mobile: 0934306072

Siao Sin Elementary School




Strawberry Farm


Zuojia Village

Zushi Temple




Xiaoxin Village

Xiaoxinying Community Center




Strawberry Farm


Xiaoxinying Community Center

Typhoon and Flood Shelter

Accommodation: 170 people

Size: 510 m2

Add: 113-24 Xiaoxin Village

Tel: 06-5837154

Contact: Huang Ruifang

Strawberry Farm

Safety Message Hotline

Siao Sin Elementary School

Earthquake Shelter

Space good for 160 people

Add: 97-3 Xiaoxin Village

Tel: 06-5837019

Contact: Su Liqing

Disaster Safety Tips:

Disaster Control and Weather

Information Services


*For more information, please contact

Shanhua Emergency Operations Center

Service Hotline:

Mandarin Chinese: 166

English, Taiwanese or Hakka: 167

Weather Service Hotline: +886-2-23491234

Website: Central Weather Bureau:

Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan

2.Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs

3.Directorate General of Highways, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications

4. National Fire Agency, the Ministry of the Interior Affairs

Purposes of the 1991 Safety Message Hotline:

In the event of major natural disasters, telephone lines may be damaged or jammed due to heavy call volume and thus cause a suspension of emergency calls. The Safety Message Hotline is established for the public to contact their relatives and friends during disasters.

How to leave messages of safety to relatives and friends using the 1991 Safety Message Hotline:

1. Dial 1991 via land lines, mobile phones or pay phones

2. Follow the voice-prompt instructions to enter the number that you intend to contact and leave a message

3. Listen to the message by dialing 1991 after entering the contact number.

Do’s and Don’ts During Typhoons

“Better safe than sorry”

1. Evacuate to higher ground as soon as possible

2. Keep abreast of the latest happenings on the radio

3. Reinforce signs and billboards

4. Keep away from dangerous areas

5. Do not work at the riverbank

6. Cancel hiking trips

7. Prepare flashlights and mobile phone batteries

8. Do not go tide watching, conduct water activities or fishing

9. Dredge ditches and prepare sand bags

10. Prepare sufficient food for 3 days

Helicopter Pad

Evacuation Direction

Play ground at Shanhua High School

Add: 195 Dacheng