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TRENDS IN TELEMARKETING BY : SACHIN BHATIA VICE PRESIDENT - DRISHTI Agenda Introduction Tele-Marketing Let’s Define it Perspectives and Trends Customer Geography Compliance Outsourcing Technology Putting it all together Takeaways About Us QnA and Closing Remarks

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    2. Agenda • Introduction • Tele-Marketing Let’s Define it • Perspectives and Trends • Customer • Geography • Compliance • Outsourcing • Technology • Putting it all together • Takeaways • About Us • QnA and Closing Remarks 5 Mins 20 Mins 5-10 Mins 5-10 Mins

    3. Tele-Marketing Definition Telemarketing The business of selling products or services by making unsolicited telephone calls to potential customers. Telemarketing (known as telesales in the UK and Ireland) is a method of direct marketingin which a salesperson solicits to prospective customers to buy products or services, either over the phone or through a subsequent face to face or Web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call. Telemarketing can also include recorded sales pitches programmed to be played over the phone via automatic dialing. Telemarketing has come under fire in recent years, being viewed as an annoyance by many. WHAT SHOULD WE CALL IT TODAY BIG QUESTION: WHAT WILL WE CALL IT TOMORROW?

    4. What has changed? • Consumer is more reachable through various mediums (Emails, IM, Social Network, Mobile) • Technology has become powerful and affordable. • Sales has become a science not an Art. • -- Havard Business Review • Reliable Market research and analytics information is available DEFINITION OF TELE-MARKETING. Telemarketing is a PROCESS to offer a product / service to a customer who requires it, at a time when he requires it. The CHENNALS include SMS, Email, Web, Phone, Fax to reach the customer in a NON-INTRUSIVE manner. It is often supported by MARKET RESEARCH with clearly established needs and technology that allows reaching the customer in a most COST-EFFECTIVE manner.

    5. Lets Gaze into the crystal ball • Tommy is typing a mail to his friend in manila, complaining that his phone line is really bad, He had to get off a conference call because of the bad line. • Our friend Google The Oracle uses their multi billion dollar Analytics engine and shows Tommy a small ad just above his mail window saying: EXCELLENT PHONE LINES, CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY NOW IN MANILA! • Tommy clicks it obviously to know more about it. • He gets connected to a sales representative over chat and after a brief understanding the Sales rep suggests Tommy if the company can call him (If he wants over the web) • The Telecenter calls Tommy and describes the agreement. “Wow I don’t even have to change the number” • Sale is Closed. From Need to Sale -> 20 Minutes

    6. Customer • Business to Consumer • - Market Research • - Cold Calling for Financial / Telecom Services • - Appointment Generation • Business to Business • - Market Research • - Appointment Generation • - Events and Opportunities • Corporate Services • Relationship oriented

    7. Customer - Trends • Business to Consumer • Integration of Customer Services and Telesales • Cold Calls only for research (Preferably some Incentive) • Pull based Interactions to increase • Outsourcing to 3rd party providers would increase • Business to Business • Will continue to be a in-house function • Separate function but more closely tied with Corporate Sales and Account Management • - Surveys, Feedback would increase as compared to Sales

    8. Geography • The West (US, UK) • - Strong Personal Privacy framework • - Research information available • - Alternate Media adaption (Web, Email) already started • - Strong Legal framework – Transactions over Phone • APAC • - Right Agent – Language / Skill challenge • - Research information not well published, Usually for Lead generation, Research • Alternate channels adaption slow • - Cost per contact low

    9. Geography-Trends • APAC • Investment into Right Technology / Toosl would increase • Focus on measurable Processes and Standards • Increasing outsourcing and profit sharing deals with 3rd party vendors • Service providers who integrate various functions would win more deals. Vertical knowledge would be a MUST HAVE • Market research, Loyalty management companies would play a major role.

    10. Compliance • DO-NOT-CALL • Examples of National Level Initiatives • INDIA - NDNC • US – FTC • UK – OFCOM • Usually set with an objective of regulating telemarketing and giving option to consumers to opt-out • Some of these initiatives have failed because of lack of accountability. • Idea with which this should be done is to make it accessible via various stake holders’ and various systems.

    11. Compliance - Trends • As the volumes increase in APAC more and more countries will have one or other form of Do-Not-Call Registry • Technology would allow Real Time scanning of DNC and a more integrated approach. Some of the current systems just don’t deliver. • Research Survey with incentives rather than Hard Selling would be a major function of telemarketing. • Alternate (Non-Intrusive) channels would gain share as a medium of interaction. • Industry and governments would work together on this with common goal.

    12. Inhouse vs Outsource • When to Outsource? • - Well defined portfolio, Market research available • - Measurable Sales Process • - Outsource Market research • - DO-IT-YOURSELF first • - Usually for B2C • - B2B only Market Research • Concerns • - Data Security • - Passion / Control

    13. Outsourcing - Trends • Cost is still the biggest driver for outsourcing. That would change with outsourcers bringing in more methodical approach to Sales [SCIENCE not ART] • Risk / Profit sharing would become a major driver. [PARTNER not VENDOR] • With SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and VoIP Integration of Backend processes with outsourced partner now possible. • Companies which can add value with data / processes would gather major share of the business. • Economies of scale and specialization would mean consolidation in the service provider space.

    14. Technology • Automated Dialer • IVR • ACD and Blending • Unification of Media (Unified Communication) [SMS, Web, Chat, Email, Phone] • Work Force Management • - Voice Logging • - Performance Management • - Quality Monitoring • CRM • CATI (Market Research) • Analytics

    15. Dialer A system used to automate outbound calls and direct them to an agent when a live person answers. Predictive dialing screens out answering machines, busy signals or operator intercepts and records the results • Reduces Cost per Contact • Increases Agent productivity • Can be used as a broadcast medium, Custom messages • Usually integrated with CRM for screen-pop information of the client who is connected. • Focus on Meaningful contacts rather then just contacts • Tighter integration with Back-End Data and Real-time systems like Web. • Multi-skilled Agents allowing cross selling and upselling

    16. ACD ACD is an acronym for Automatic Call Distributors, a telephony term for a facility that automatically routes incoming calls to the next BEST AVAILABLE AGENT. • Allows Calls to be routed as per priority and Skill • Allows mapping of Service levels to technology. • Usually integrated with CRM for screen-pop information of the client who is connect • Blending would be more frequently used for optimal utilization of agents. • VOIP/Work from home allowing multi-site integrations and real time strategies in call routing. • Full automation (Self Service) on routine enquiries. • Customer support slowly shifting to a profit center.

    17. Unified Communications A communications system that includes three or more of the following elements: voice, unified messaging, video, mobility, web/data collaboration, conferencing and presence management. • Allows various media channels to be used in a single business process. • Same Agent could be interacting with various customer using multiple channels. • More and More interactions would happen on non-intrusive media. • Multiple media channels in a single interaction would allow business to be conducted faster. • Telcos adopting VOIP would be a single biggest driver.

    18. WFM / Analytics A set of tools to monitor, Measure and improve productivity. It also allows to forecast and plan workforce as per desired service levels. • Quality monitoring and performance management a must for all sized operations. • Forecasting and planning for large > 500 seats operations. • Standalone solutions of not much help. Should be well integrated with the basic Contact center system. • Most small scale centers don’t know what to do with the tools, as processes become measurable these tools help them improve further. • Integration would play a major role in WFM tools. • With WFM tools deploying muti-tasking, and still maintaining SLAs, would be easier reducing Cost per contact further.

    19. Technology - Trends • Because of volatility SaaS models would gain market share • Standalone TeleSales -> Upselling, Cross-Selling, Multi-Media tools • VOIP would reduce cost per contact. • - Telco Cost • Work From Home • In the cost structure the overall costs would go down and share of technology would increase.

    20. Case Study Education vertical

    21. WLC (Weighan and Leigh College) • Leading professional training provider • Established in 1996 • Over 40 locations across the country • Multiple Courses and Traineeship Programmes • Multi-media reach-out to present and prospective Students WLCI offers Advanced and Professional level programmes in Business Economics, Advertising & Graphic Design, Fashion Technology and Media for undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to WLCI certificates, their students are awarded internationally recognized diploma by Weighan & Leigh College U.K.

    22. Requirement Overview • Interaction management (Customer Care and Telemarketing) with Voice, SMS, Email, Chat, Web • Toll Free Number • Bulk SMSs/Email • Premium service SMS handling • CRM and Automation • Multi-site, Multi-tenant system for over 10 sites

    23. WLC Marketing Cycle WLC markets through TV, Radio, Web and Print media and the prospects contact the institute via Toll Free Phone Numbers, Premium SMS Numbers published, Email, Web queries, as well as Live Chat Sessions. Besides these, CSR at WLC also reach out to present students and prospects via Voice, SMS and Email broadcast.

    24. Architecture

    25. Highlights of solution • Customer care with customized CRM and screen pop • While on call, agent can Email/ SMS • Full featured ACD/IVR for self and assisted service • Web queries response • SMS (premium service) handling with automated Callbacks • Email Response as well as marketing broadcast • Chat (interactive) sessions • Bulk SMS/ Email/ Voice broadcast • Quality control and supervision (on all interactions)

    26. Customer Care with Customized CRM Caller On resolution, a Phone/ SMS/ Email notification is sent to customer A caller can contact the university via Toll Free number/ Premium SMS service/ Email/ Live Chat Complete Interaction Management with Helpdesk Chat Phone E-mail SMS IVR (Self-Service) Web An agent gets a screen pop with the relevant details (as per the media) Helpdesk

    27. Typical Interaction Flow – managed by ACD & IVR Example: A student wants information regarding Courses offered and admissions Query via any channel Various Queues can be created as per university policy Admissions Operations Finance

    28. Case 1: IVR flow without database integration Admission Department Connected to SME A SME B SME A Subject Matter Expert A >> Gets connected to student A (after #9 is pressed) Conveys admission Information/ eligibility information, but is not sure about scholarship eligibility Conferences with SME B who knows all about scholarships SME B talks to student while all three are in conference Hangs up after all doubts are clarified Student A >> Calls the university number and hears IVR options Presses #1 For general admission announcements Presses #3 To know about the last submission dates Presses #4 to know about the Admission Eligibility Has a question. Presses #9 to speak to a customer rep

    29. Case 2: IVR Callflow (with Integrated Database) Students call up to know last semester exam scores without talking to the agents or waiting in queues • Student calls IVR number • System asks for language selection, • Authentication by Student ID, DoB • On success the IVR fetches details from database about exam scores • System plays the score for caller via TTS Authentication IVR Module IVR Module fetches information from DB

    30. Web Callback Agent connected to caller by the system automatically as soon as submit button is clicked Name: Ankur Sharma Phone: 9818222222 Query: Need information on admission System calls the web visitor and connects agent to him Hello Mr Sharma! We received a query regarding admissions Customer enters name, contact info and query on the website to request immediate callback from a specific department.

    31. SMS triggered Callback Institute Name_Course Code/Query_Student’s Name SMS to a Premium Number On accepting, Agent is connected to caller by the system automatically Hello Mr. (Student name)! How can I help you? Student sends an SMS to the university requesting information regarding a course or any general information. System pops up the SMS information and asks agent to proceed with call?

    32. Live Web Chat Chat module pops up and agents starts responding Want to know about my scholarship status. Can you please check and let me know Your scholarship has been approved. You’ll see it… Customer enters a message along with a query System pops the message to the chat rep who can answer the questions

    33. Voice/SMS/Email broadcasting IVM Module throws broadcast Calls/SMS/Email to students/ faculty based on a rule. For example, change of exam can be communicated to students of a class Step 1: Calls initiated by the dialer+ACD (IVM) Module to student list Step 2: System plays the message to the student (E.g.: the exam time for the finance 101 exam has been changed to 4 p.m, on 29th July) Step 3: Student hears the message related to exams 1,2,3: Message played out

    34. Supervisor interface The customer details are visible in this area, so a supervisor can see who’s being services CSR and queue related information is shown in this panel, along with supervisory actions. Other tabs show important information The supervisor can see multiple campaigns in this view, and can select any campaign to see its details.

    35. KPI - Trends

    36. Takeaways • PULL not PUSH • Make the customer come to you, reach him in a non-intrusive way. • Meaningful Contacts • Get Research or Do research yourself to segment data. • Multiple Channels • Use all media in a unified fashion to achieve common goal. • Customer Care as a Profit Center • Use Incoming interactions and Cross-Sell / Up-Sell. • Measurable Processes • Measure KPIs and improve them. Make it a Science. • Invest in right technology • Technology is no longer a support function or a Tool. It has to be part of the core strategy.

    37. About Drishti • Leading providers of Customer Interaction Management Solutions • Patent Pending Technology • Powering over 400 clients globally • Billions of calls processed and thousands of active users • 100s of Self-Help, Outbound, Inbound & Blended processes • Focus on emerging economies. • Presence across India, Philippines, Middle East, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, United States • Recognized by leading industry bodies • Winner of NASSCOM innovation award (2008) • IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award from TMCnet • Awarded best ACD, Outbound, Customer Supportin APAC by Contact Center World 2008. • Deloitte fastest 500 in Asia-Pac (2008) • Red Herring top 200 companies (in contention for top 100) • NASSCOM - EMERGE 50 for the year 2009

    38. Over 400 happy customers • Call Centres • Kochar • Intouch • Magus • ELI Research • GetIT Infomedia • NIIT SmartServe • SaaS Partners • Symbio • Novanet • Enterprises • Motilal Oswal • D’Damas • GE Money • LPU • Unicon • Telecom • Dhiraagu • Applications/IVR • Bookmyshow • CESC (IVR) • HCL Technologies

    39. Drishti in Malaysia • Started operations through Microtel Technology in 2009 • Focus on Outsourced Telemarketing, Collections and Customer Service companies. • Integrated All-In-One solution in DACX AMEYO • Complete local support through trained team.

    40. Questions Session

    41. Where from Here • A copy of this presentation can be found at • I would be putting up a blog at with Questions covered here. You can ask more questions there. • I can be reached via LinkedIn. Just search for “Sachin Bhatia Drishti”. • In Malaysia Microtel is representing Drishti and they can be reached at • Point of Contact Tommy Ng

    42. Thank You Chennai: Moonsea Business Center Cubicle 7, 53 Ist Floor, 7th, Cross Street West, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai - 600 030 Manilla, Philippines Drishti Philippines Inc. 14-B, Rufino Pacific Tower, 6784 Ayala Avenue,cor.Rufino St., Makati City, 1200 Philippines Bangalore Golder Square Cubical 206, 53/A, 16th C Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangaluru - 560 034 Mumbai Zear's Business Center Cubical 5, 4th Floor, God's Gift Tower, Near Lucky Rest, Bandra West, Mumbai - 400 040 Head Office Drishti Soft solutions GP 62-A, First Floor, Sector 18, Maruti Industrial Area, Gurgaon-122016, Haryana US | Middle East | Malaysia | Indonesia | Bangladesh | Cebu | Makati | Srilanka