where is digital photography headed l.
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Where is Digital Photography headed? PowerPoint Presentation
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Where is Digital Photography headed?

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Where is Digital Photography headed? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Where is Digital Photography headed?

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where is digital photography headed
Where is Digital Photography headed?

Photography has grown so much from the first Camera Obscura. From a long development process, to being able to print from your own home.From the first Kodak camera to the new digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras. Where will this growth in technology be going next?

digital verses film
Digital Verses Film
  • Pro’s of Film:
    • Image detail requires many megapixels.
      • Until recently, "digital" cameras could not meet film resolution.
      • Some people just prefer the look of film to digital.
  • Pro’s of Digital:
    • No expensive film to buy and develop
    • Preview your pictures instantly and delete them at leisure.
    • Manipulate and fix pictures using photo software like Photoshop.
advances in digital photography
Advances In Digital Photography
  • Better Memory
    • Advances include higher-capacity choices in removable memory cards for storing images. From PC Cards to SmartMedia to CompactFlash cards can store up to 64 Mbytes worth of pictures.
  • Higher Quality
    • Companies like Cannon and Nikon are introducing models that will use their existing line of lenses.
  • Lower Prices
    • As more manufacturers go digital, the prices of digital cameras are dropping.
more megapixels
More Megapixels
  • Canon introduces the Canon EOS 20D with 8.2 megapixels.
  • Canon and Nikon Introduce Digital SLR Cameras with higher and higher megapixels.
    • Better resolution equals better quality photos.
more digital pros
More Digital Pros
  • Auto controls for beginners
    • Easier to point and shoot, focus your subject, etc.
    • Easy to upload and print from your own home.
  • Beyond what is possible for film
    • Ability to change film speed from one shot to the next.
    • New opportunities like the “video” feature built on some digital cameras.

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