water rights website toolbox http waterrights utah gov l.
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Water Rights Website Toolbox waterrights.utah

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Water Rights Website Toolbox waterrights.utah - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Rights Website Toolbox http://waterrights.utah.gov. March 12, 2007 Boyd Clayton boydclayton@utah.gov. Vision. Water is the paint brush which has painted our past, how we manage that resource is the chisel which will shape our future. Agency Mission.

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water rights website toolbox http waterrights utah gov

Water Rights Website Toolboxhttp://waterrights.utah.gov

March 12, 2007

Boyd Clayton



Water is the paint brush which has painted our past, how we manage that resource is the chisel which will shape our future.

agency mission
Agency Mission

The Mission of the Division of Water Rights is to promote certainty, order, and safety in the use of the water resources of Utah.

fundamental principals
Fundamental Principals
  • Water is the property of the Public
  • Conservation of Mass (water is mass)
  • Manage as a renewable resource
  • A water right is a use or loose proposition
  • A right has specific characteristics or limits
  • Allowing enlargement defeats priority
state engineer
State Engineer
  • Collects unbiased information and maintains records
  • Studies scientific information and draws conclusions using engineering principals
  • Makes decisions based on information available

“The state engineer shall be responsible for the general administrative supervision of the waters of the state and the measurement, appropriation, apportionment, and distribution of those waters”

water right title complexities
Water Right Title Complexities
  • Dual Record Keeping
    • Recording in county controls ownership
    • Water right records control administration
  • Deed silence implies appurtenance to land
    • Separate water conveyance deeds may not be obvious
    • Pre/Post 1998 appurtenance rules
website objective
Website Objective

73-2-11.Records -- Certified copies -- Evidence.     He shall keep on file in his office full and proper records of his work, including all field notes, computations and facts made or collected by him, all of which shall be part of the records of his office and the property of the state. All records, maps and papers recorded or filed in the office of the state engineer shall be open to the public during business hours. The office of the state engineer is hereby declared to be an office of public record…

website design philosophy
Website Design Philosophy
  • Access by All to All
  • Minimize Additional Software
  • No Charge for Service
  • Same Interface Used by Staff
preferred user environment
Preferred User Environment
  • WWW Browser (MS Internet Explorer)*
  • Adobe Acrobat Viewer (PDF)
  • High Speed Internet Service
  • Tiff Viewer (fax / image)
  • MP3 Player (media player)
  • Java VM (map server)
inhibitors browser issues
Inhibitors/Browser Issues
  • Popup Window Blockers
  • Tiff Image Viewers (Quicktime …)
  • Java Support (Mapserver)
  • Javascript Security
website main page
Website Main Page




website title resources
Website Title Resources
  • Title Policies and Guide Manual
  • Forms
  • Notice and electronic filing tools
  • Use calculation Tools
  • Water Right Information Programs
  • Hydrographic Survey Maps (POU Info)
title complexities
Title Complexities
  • Records to establish appurtenance
    • Map deeds to determine land
    • Review hydrographic survey, wrpou for uses
  • Supplemental Groups
  • Multiple Owners
supplemental groups
Supplemental Groups
  • 05-1
  • 05-1,05-2
  • 05-2
  • 05-2,05-3
  • 05-2,05-4
  • 05-3
  • 05-3,05-4
  • 05-5
  • 05-2,05-3,05-4
why it matters
Why it Matters
  • Who is entitled to the use of the water?
  • How did it get this tangled?
  • Who has authority to straighten in out?
  • Who is injured if we make an administrative decision?
change of address process
Change of Address Process
  • Manually checked for problems (title, abuse)
  • Notification letter - old address of record
  • Record updated immediately
  • Record backed out if there is an objection
scanned documents
Scanned Documents
  • Use multiple formats depending on content
    • Tiff (single color historical text documents)
    • PDF (reports or content viewed together)
    • JPG (Photos)
    • MP3 (hearing voice recordings)
  • New documents appended to end
  • Ordered newest to oldest
  • Separated with Scan History sheets
accessing water right records
Accessing Water Right Records
  • Multiple Methods to Search

Produce short lists (query results)

Link to master listing of water right

Paper record is the official record