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Claus R. Hebor, Marketing Director Presentation, July 2007 Welcome to Marketspace – the RedAntenna TM concept Turn Digital Media into a Fundraising Tool RedAntenna gives organizations a new opportunity to raise revenue for their causes.

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presentation july 2007

Claus R. Hebor, Marketing Director

Presentation, July 2007

Welcome to Marketspace

– the RedAntennaTM concept

turn digital media into a fundraising tool
Turn Digital Media into a Fundraising Tool
  • RedAntenna gives organizations a new opportunity to raise revenue for their causes.
  • Nonprofit webmasters can upload digital media products to their websites.
  • RedAntenna turns the digital media into a fundraising tool by channelling the income from every single purchase to a specific cause or project.
  • This is a new and very direct way supporters can donate money to your cause.
  • In addition, RedAntenna empowers nonprofits to be able to distribute their own digital media products to other websites around the world.
  • RedAntenna gives nonprofits the opportunity to reach a greater target audience – beyond those who just visit their website – and bring new donors to their digital doorsteps.
turn digital media into a fundraising tool3
Turn Digital Media into a Fundraising Tool
  • In addition to uploading all kinds of digital media products, RedAntenna puts the power of media into the hands of nonprofits. Nonprofits can showcase their work and further their causes by producing videos and other digital media.
  • Organizations can also partner with artists willing to donate their songs or videos for a good cause.
  • Consumers will be motivated and feel good about buying/downloading the digital media products because by doing so, they are supporting a worthy cause. Something as simple as downloading a new song by an independent artist can turn into revenue for a cause they care about.
the redantenna concept
The RedAntenna Concept
  • RedAntenna is transforming
    • free digital media products
    • un-available digital media products

into easy-to-pay media products

& easy-to-distribute media products,

based on fair share of revenues to all

  • Digital Media Producers upload their digital products to RedAntenna
  • Through matching with Webmaster media products are distributed to targeted Consumers on payment
  • No costs or administration for anybody, but 7% RedAntenna fee
the redantenna concept5
The RedAntenna Concept
  • RedAntenna is a fully automated, online marketing platform that can generate revenue for all participants in a completely fair and transparent way. It does not utilize ads and clickthroughs, as in traditional banner, keyword or affiliate programs.
  • RedAntenna enables:
    • content providers to sell their digital media products across the web
    • web publishers to turn their ad space into a marketplace
    • and consumers to discover new media - and even make money by referring products.
the redantenna concept6
The RedAntenna Concept
  • The key difference between RedAntenna and other online media marketing platforms is that RedAntenna maximizes choice:
  • Media producers can choose how much they want to charge for their products and how much commission they want to share with participating web publishers
  • Webmasters can choose which products they want to feature on their sites, or they can let RedAntenna select the products for them based on their site content
  • Consumers can choose from a diverse selection of digital media products from both independent and mainstream producers.

Aut. process


User interface





  • Find exciting products
  • Aut. create SHOPLet
  • and SHOPportal

  • Upload own developed
  • Digital Media Products
  • Define keywords & description
  • Set sales price and
  • Webmaster revenue
  • Key-in website address
  • Pay via credit card or
  • create pre-paid account
  • View video, film, etc.
  • Download music, games,
  • software, etc.
  • Harvest keywords
  • of website
  • Suggest Products
  • based on keywords
  • Create account
  • Format products
  • Store products
  • Secure rights
  • Create account












XX %

background for concept
Background for Concept
  • People upload more digital media to internet
    • such as software, games, graphics, video, audio, text, URL
  • Much media is valuable for various target groups
    • however almost all media is free
    • or it is unavailable for immediate use
  • Everybody wants to generate revenue on internet
    • Currently, revenue is generated by contextual advertising
    • Advertising generates revenue for the Webmaster – and not for the Media Producer
background for concept9
Background for Concept
  • All must be interested in the concept of “easy-to-pay & distribute media”
    • Webmasters can generate revenue on both media products and advertising
    • Media Producers can generate revenue on media products
    • Consumers can generate revenue through “tip-a-friend”-technology
  • Revenue will encourage to develop more high quality media products
    • And more Consumers are ready to pay more – and often – for media products
keywords for success
Keywords for Success
  • Ease-of-use
    • “Every mans tool”
    • Automatic functions, e.g. matching
    • Global secure payment system
  • Transparancy
    • Simple & logical concept
    • Creating trust
    • Based on synergy
  • Fair Share
    • Creating win-win for everybody
    • Everybody generates revenue
    • Everybody helps each other
keywords for success11
Keywords for Success
  • Global concept
    • Distributed Webmaster technology to Consumers
    • Webmasters reach a large number of targeted Consumers
    • Concept is adaptable for all cultures
  • Expand business
    • Turn Consumers into Media Producers and Webmasters – and vice versa
    • Creating brand new business opportunities for b-t-c, b-t-b, and b-t-g
opportunities e g
Opportunities – e.g.
  • Video & audio distribution:
    • 10,000 Webmasters distributing
    • $0.10 per video view /audio
    • Average of 100 views per day
  • Total revenue: $100,000 per day
  • To be split between all
opportunities e g13
Opportunities – e.g.
  • Film distribution:
    • 1,000 Webmasters distributing
    • $2 per film
    • Average of 100 viewers per day
  • Total revenue: $200,000 per day
  • To be split between all
opportunities e g14
Opportunities – e.g.
  • News / articles subscription:
    • 10,000 Webmasters distributing
    • $1 per month
    • Average of 100 subscribers
  • Total revenue: $1,000,000 per month
  • To be split between all
win win for all
WIN-WIN for all

Digital Media Producers:

  • guaranteed payment for media products
  • multiple global distribution channels
  • reaching targeted Consumers
  • no cost and limited administration


  • increase revenues with no cost or administration
  • attract more contextual content to their website
  • attract more visitors and increase


win win for all16
WIN-WIN for all


  • income on content with Tip-A-Friend
  • certainty that payment reaches Media


  • increasing range of content and


  • minimising advertisements, pop-ups, mailing lists in content


  • fee on total sales
  • database with Consumers, Webmasters, and Digital Media Producers
survey supports concept accenture survey april 2007
Survey supports Concept- Accenture Survey, April 2007
  • “Traditional, established content providers will have to adapt and develop new business and monetization models in order to keep revenue streams flowing”. Gavin Mann, Accenture
  • Survey of 110 companies in USA (60%) and Europe (40%) such as EMI, CBS, Universal Studios, WPP
  • 57%: user-generated content is one of our top 3 challenges today
  • 32%: content will drive our revenues


Survey of Senior Executives in media & entertainment industry April 2007


Survey supports Concept- Accenture Survey, April 2007

  • 68%:within 3 years our business will make money on user-generated content
    • 62%: advertising & sponsorship
    • 21%: subscription
    • 18%: pay-per-play
    • 24%: don´t know
  • Grow potential on user generated content:
    • 53%: short-form video
    • 13%: video games
    • 11%: full-length films
    • 11%: consumer publishing
    • 4%: business publishing


Survey of Senior Executives in media & entertainment industry April 2007



Wannakey A/S

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Phone: +45 7620 84 05

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USA Office:


200 Page Mill Rd, Suite 100

Palo Alto, CA 94306

United States

Phone: +1 650 543 8167

Mobile: +1 650 391 4353

the redantenna story
The RedAntenna Story

For thousands of years, buyers and suppliers worldwide have met at marketplaces for free and unlimited exchange of goods for the benefit of everybody.

RedAntenna has turned this ancient concept into a modern digital marketspace full of opportunities – without any boundaries, limitations or risks.

the redantenna story21
The RedAntenna Story

We believe that the ingenious work of content providers should be available for everybody. But also that everybody who contributes to the marketspace should get their fair share of the joint efforts.

It is common sense and a righteous principle forming the cornerstone of the unique, intelligent concept of RedAntenna.

Encouraging the idea of “do what you are best at - and let others do the rest”, RedAntenna inevitably generates synergy, benefit and revenue for content providers, web publishers, and consumers of digital media products.

the redantenna story22
The RedAntenna Story

All transactions are secured and protected by the patent-pending Wannakey technology which automatically and in real-time enables digital rights management and exact distribution of incoming fees, while at the same time incorporating an easy-to-use and reliable platform for the exchange, distribution, marketing, and sale of digital products.

Welcome to the free and independent global marketspace of RedAntenna.