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GT Portal Version 2.0 Data Delivery

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GT Portal Version 2.0 Data Delivery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GT Portal Version 2.0 Data Delivery December 2008 Summary of Enhancements Account Surveillance Enhancements

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Presentation Transcript

Summary of Enhancements

Account Surveillance Enhancements

  • New delinquent category (X-Day) – accounts 3-29 days past due are now identified as ‘X-Day’ and not delinquent to remain consistent with overall corporate delinquency reporting. Delinquent accounts are those 30+ days past due.
  • Account import filter – Account lists imported into the portal through ‘Account Selection’ can take advantage of the portfolio filter capability offered for accounts contained within the servicing system (using portal ‘Advanced Search’ capability)
summary of enhancements
Summary of Enhancements

Data Delivery Feature

Produce and Delivery Ad-Hoc Files

  • Creates and delivers payment history and collector comment files (standard format)
  • Creates and delivers custom loan (ad-hoc) file based upon available portal account surveillance attributes.Account attributes organized (displayed) by account surveillance portal page category
  • Requested data files may contain entire universe of accounts or filtered subset determined by portal advanced search capability
  • Created custom file layout(s) can be saved for subsequent reuse
  • Provides access to available files for 90 days

Deliver Scheduled files

  • Delivers requested/scheduled files produced by Green Tree investor reporting. Results in “one-stop” shopping to acquire all data files produced by Green Tree (except those produced from ABS web-site)
portal data delivery workflow
Request new File(s)

User specification (universe). Universe exists of either all accounts in portfolio, universe created based upon latest portfolio search, or account universe based upon content of previous search.

User specification (file type). Up to (3) files may be concurrently requested; standard payment and comment files, and ad-hoc loan account data file.

Submit file requests. All specified files are submitted to the server in real-time. Portal provides messaging regarding file build progress and remaining time to complete.

File processing. Files are processed in the background even if the portal session is terminated. Using portal status messaging, users will be made aware of when files are available for retrieval (download).

Retrieve Available File(s)

Two folders available for file retrieval:

Scheduled data files. Select file folder under ‘Client Reports’ to view data files produced on a scheduled basis outside of the portal –most likely by GreenTree investor reporting (may be currently available through GTVault)

Ad-hoc data files. Files displayed are those produced from portal requests initiated by authorized user(s) within user’s ownership group. Select from the list of files located in the ‘Requested Files’ directory.

Portal Data Delivery Workflow

Portal Data Delivery - Introduction

File directory section

Client Reports

Scheduled files created

external from the portal

most likely by GreenTree

Investor reporting. Click the

folder to view available files.

Select the desired file to open

and view contents.

Requested Files

Files requested through

the portal that have been

processed and available

for viewing/download.

Requested files in


Files requested via the

portal that are yet to complete.

System will provide real-time

status via ‘Refresh’


File request section

Select Accounts

Controls the universe

of accounts that will

be contained within

processed file.

User may receive either

entire portfolio, list of

accounts based upon

latest account search, or

the universe of accounts from a previously saved


Select Account Files

Select one or more of

the available file types.

‘Account Data File’

provides the ability to

define a custom file

layout that can be

saved for repeated use.

Comment and payment

files contain standard data attributes.

Note: The portal will not govern the amount of data returned. Certain files, especially

comment files can get very large and could hamper browser functionality if PC memory is



Portal Data Delivery – Specify an Account File

(New Layout)

If an account data file is selected –

Use the File Layout builder to define

a custom file layout.

Data attributes may be viewed by

selecting the desired field.

Fields are organized similarly to

how they are displayed on the

portal surveillance page.

GT account number is automatically

selected for inclusion in the file.

When a field is selected by indicating a

check in the desired field, it is

automatically moved into the ‘Field

Order’ grid.

The arrow keys can be used to subsequently

control the order by which fields are

contained in the file.

request the specified account file
Request the specified account file

Once fields are selected,

A default file name is presented.

Change the file name to any desired


Use the ‘Create File(s)’ button

To begin the file creation process

If you wish to save this layout,

Enter a name in the ‘Layout Name’

Section and press ‘Save’.

The layout will be available to retrieve

For subsequent files.

Use ‘Delete’ to remove a previously

saved layout from the system.

process the specified file universe all accounts
Process the specified file (Universe = All accounts)

Once the ‘Create File’ button is invoked,

the file process begins.

This request is to produce a download

for all accounts in the ownership

universe (4395 accounts).

Note that the ‘Current Search’ option is

disabled if portfolio search parameters have

not been indicated (using ‘Account Selection’)

prior to navigating to ‘Data Delivery’.

The ‘Requested Files in Progress’ indicator

can be used to follow progress of the

file creation process.

When the file is complete, the file name

will move to the ‘Requested Files’ section

of the directory display.

request a file portfolio filter example
Request a file – Portfolio Filter example

This request is to

produce a download file

for all California

loans in a foreclosure


After invoking ‘Search’

to populate the results

grid –

Select the link to directly

navigate to the

‘Data Delivery’ page.

specification of comment and payment files
Specification of Comment and Payment files

We have requested a ‘Comments’ and

‘Payment’ file for the 178 accounts

retrieved through the search engine.

The ‘Current Search’ account universe

selection is defaulted with the 178

selected accounts indicated.

processing file requests filtered universe for comment payment files
Processing File Requests Filtered Universe for Comment/Payment Files

Once the ‘Create File’ function is invoked –

The system indicates that (2) files have

been requested and both of the

file requests are displayed in the

‘In Progress’ location of the page.

files complete and ready for view
Files Complete and Ready for View

When files are complete, the file names

are displayed under the ‘Requested Files’

directory identified by the name entered

during the file creation process.

Comment and Payment files have the phrase

‘Comments’ and ‘Payments’ appended to the

specified file name.

The default file name is user-id, date and time

(at file request time).

Double-click the file name under ‘Requested Files’

to open the file.

All files open as Excel documents.