understanding your students uniqueness l.
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Understanding Your Students’ Uniqueness PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding Your Students’ Uniqueness

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Understanding Your Students’ Uniqueness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding Your Students’ Uniqueness. Darla J. Layton 28 October 2002. Content. Introduction Aspects of Student Diversity Diversity and Multicultural Education Bilingual Education Reduction of Racism Teacher Awareness Conclusion. Introduction. A students’ uniqueness is defined by:

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understanding your students uniqueness

Understanding Your Students’ Uniqueness

Darla J. Layton

28 October 2002

  • Introduction
    • Aspects of Student Diversity
  • Diversity and Multicultural Education
  • Bilingual Education
  • Reduction of Racism
  • Teacher Awareness
  • Conclusion
  • A students’ uniqueness is defined by:
    • Race
    • Ethnicity
    • Language
    • Religion
    • Points of reference
    • Learning ability
    • Interests
  • This uniqueness is an opportunity for an improved learning process.
diversity and multicultural education
Diversity and Multicultural Education
  • Diversity is not necessarily multicultural.
  • Multicultural education involves diversity.
  • Includes: race, ethnicity, religion, points of reference, learning ability, and interests.
  • Multicultural education adds spice to the classroom.
  • The ideal?: Diversity is so common, that it is no longer an issue.
bilingual education
Bilingual Education
  • Bilingual Education should include: ESOL instruction, sheltered subject matter teaching, and instruction in their first language.
  • Mainstream the student when English is more proficient.
  • How can knowledge be acquired if there is no literacy?
reduction of racism
Reduction of Racism

Diversity and Multicultural Education can lead to a Reduction in Racism:

  • Show common life events.
  • Common factors: money, housing, food, and customs.
  • Show respect and understanding in our differences.
teacher awareness
Teacher Awareness

A Requirement for a Diverse and Multicultural Education is Improved Teacher Awareness.

  • The teacher needs to be aware of his/her own biases.
  • Become educated on your students’ backgrounds.
  • Know the heritage views on learning, respect, and competition.
  • Know the mind set on the value of education.
  • Help the students feel valued, appreciated, and understood.

The old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” is true when it comes to education, and the well being of a child. It takes the entire school to help with the successful continuing education of children, no matter the diversity. We as educators need to be aware of diversity in our students, the community, and ourselves. This uniqueness is a wonderful opportunity for improving the learning process.