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Pud Throws

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Pud Throws.

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pud throws

Pud Throws

I will typically do 10 each OH, Front, 1-Arm Left, 1-Arm right (=40) in a workout. During the pre-competition season, throw the heavier pud often and then do more lighter pud throwing as the season progresses, e.g., when you would be doing more light ball throwing in practice for speed development.

The term Pud actually comes from the Russian “pood” designating a unit of measure. The Hungarians throw long handle Puds of varying weight. The Pud throw was a major part of Olympic Silver Medalist and American Record holder Lance Deal’s training. Lance preferred and now manufacturers a short handle 35, 28 and 14 pound Pud. The 35 and 28 are suitable for men while most women will be fine with a 14 pound.

Overhead Sequence

Note how the OH throw makes you pop the hips and hit a good “inverted C” position.

Front Throw Finish

1-Arm Sling Sequence

For the hammer, this really helps with anticipation of the implement coming down through zero degrees between your legs at the finish, lifting straight up with hips and back, blocking with the left leg, and throwing up and around the block. To maintain symmetry/balance in neuro-muscular development, one should throw an equal number of one-hand to each side.

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