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Phonetics. bɛðəni slɪŋɛrlænd vælɛri ætkɪnsən. How would you say…?. Przemysław Międzyrzecz. IPA Chart. Sound Check. Manners of Articulation. Voiced/Voiceless Aspirated/Unaspirated

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bɛðəni slɪŋɛrlænd

vælɛri ætkɪnsən

how would you say
How would you say…?



sound check
Sound Check

manners of articulation
Manners of Articulation
  • Voiced/Voiceless
  • Aspirated/Unaspirated
  • Stops/Continuants
  • Fricatives
  • Affricates
  • Liquids
  • Glides
  • Monothongs/Dipthongs
  • Tense/Lax Vowels
  • Noncontinuants/Continuants
  • Obstruents/Sonorants
  • Consonants/Vowels
  • Syllabic
  • We also utilize tone, pitch and stress each time we speak.
now try it again
Now try it again….





This is why we need articulatory phonetics!

how is this relevant to the esol classroom
How is this relevant to the ESOL classroom???
  • Study on Perception of English Vowels by Native Speakers of Spanish in a Classroom Setting (Garcia-Perez)
  • Listener Adaptation to Foreign-Accented English (Bradlow and Bent)
  • Clear Speech Effect for Non-Native Listeners (Bradlow and Bent)
Anita Bath (I need a bath)

I.P. Freely (I pee freely)

Oliver Klozof (all of her clothes off)

Ollie Tabooger (I'll eat a booger)

Jacques Strap (jock strap)

Seymour Butts (see more butts)

Bea O'Problem (B.O. problem)

Amanda Huggenkiss (A man to hug and kiss)

Hugh Jass (huge ass)

Ivana Tinkle (I wanna tinkle)

Moe Lester (molester)

Heywood U. Cuddleme (hey would you cuddle me?)

I.M Stilaweener (I am still a wiener)

Stu Piddiddiot (stupid idiot)

Isobel Ringing (Is a bell ringing?)

Al Coholic (alcoholic)

I. M. Adope (I am a dope)


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