Overcoming obstacles to success surviving and thriving in the high tech world
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Overcoming Obstacles to Success: Surviving and Thriving in the High Tech World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overcoming Obstacles to Success: Surviving and Thriving in the High Tech World. Kelly Lopez File Sr. Competitive Strategy Manager Microsoft Corporation kellyfi@microsoft.com. Agenda. Introduction How are women doing in high tech? Obstacles to success How to survive How to thrive

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Overcoming obstacles to success surviving and thriving in the high tech world l.jpg

Overcoming Obstacles to Success: Surviving and Thriving in the High Tech World

Kelly Lopez File

Sr. Competitive Strategy Manager

Microsoft Corporation


Agenda l.jpg
Agenda the High Tech World

  • Introduction

  • How are women doing in high tech?

  • Obstacles to success

  • How to survive

  • How to thrive

  • Personal highs and lows

  • Resources

Introduction l.jpg
Introduction the High Tech World

  • 37 years old

  • Hispanic

  • Mother of 7 month old baby girl

  • BS in Computer Engineering from U of W

  • 20 years of experience:

    • 8 software test and design

    • 9 software development

    • 3 competitive marketing

How are women doing in high tech l.jpg
How are women doing in high tech? the High Tech World

  • Better in pay equity

    • Non high tech: $.73 on the dollar

    • Tech: $.92 on the dollar

40% of Computer Science degrees awarded to women in 1994

*National Science Foundation

*1998 US Census Data

*2001 survey from techie.com of 106,000 workers across 39 U.S. job markets, all levels

Top 50 fortune most powerful women l.jpg
Top 50 Fortune Most Powerful Women the High Tech World

1. Carly Fiorina – Chairman & CEO, Hewlett-Packard

2. Meg Whitman – President & CEO, eBAY

6. Anne Mulcahy – President & CEO, Xerox

23. Betsy Bernard – President & CEO, AT&T Consumer

28. Ann Livermore – EVP, HP Services

30. Linda Sandford – SVP & Group Exec, IBM Storage Systems

32. Donna Dubinsky – CEO, Handspring

47. Janet Davidson – Group President, Lucent Integrated Networks

49. Louise Francesconi – VP & GM, Missile Systems, Raytheon

9 out of 50 are at technology-related companies

Common obstacles l.jpg
Common obstacles the High Tech World

  • Attraction to technical education

  • Getting through the door

  • Retaining women long enough for them to move up

  • Individual obstacles

Education issues l.jpg
Education issues the High Tech World

  • Qualified female students don’t choose scientific majors

    • OTA report of 2,000 9th grade students

      • End of high school: 280 male, 220 females have sufficient math for scientific degree

      • But only 16% of qualified females vs. 50% of males choose scientific majors

  • College can reduce self esteem of women

    • 80 high school valedictorians – 20% of both men and women ranked selves as highly intelligent

      • During college, women outperformed in GPA

      • But only 3% of women vs.20% of men ranked selves high after sophomore year!

  • Personal experience

    • The other two women in my program quit during 1st quarter!

    • Issues with a prof that wanted to flunk me out of Analog Electronics

    • Lab partners scarce, had to be creative

Filling the pipeline l.jpg
Filling the pipeline the High Tech World

  • UMass College of Engineering – great work!

    • Minority Engineering Program

    • Engineering Exploration Program (SWE, Girl Scouts, College of Engineering effort)

    • Women in Engineering Program

    • TWIST – great way to retain women!

  • Corporate sponsorship

    • IBM, Ford, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Microsoft

  • Take Your Daughters to Work Day

Getting through the employer s door l.jpg
Getting through the employer’s door the High Tech World

  • Hiring processes can be um, biased…

  • Women often disqualify themselves

    • Men: 20% job knowledge is enough

    • Women: 80%!

  • Not negotiating well starts you at a disadvantage

  • Learn to “sell” your qualities to prospective employers

  • On the other hand…

    • Education pipeline problems mean fewer female candidates available – they need you


Networking is the #1 success factor for women in high tech

Retention l.jpg
Retention the High Tech World

  • Women are highest turnover group

    • Work-life balance

    • Lack of mentoring and networking

    • Can’t fulfill ambitions, lack of professional development

    • “No matter how hard I try, I won’t win”

    • Lack of visibility to upper management

  • Turnover makes it hard to find qualified female candidates for leadership roles

Mentoring is key to retention

Individual obstacles l.jpg
Individual obstacles the High Tech World

  • “The imposter” syndrome

    • Stanford study shows men more confident

      • Men more confident that they can handle the workload (2x)

      • Women half as comfortable speaking up in class

      • 33% of women (vs 9% men) fear that speaking up will expose them as imposters

  • Women tend to downgrade their capabilities

    • Success attributed to “lots of hard work” vs. men who claim “innate ability”

  • Competing can be uncomfortable

  • Fear of the unknown, aversion to changes

How to survive l.jpg
How to survive the High Tech World

  • Fake it until you feel more confident!!

    • Everybody messes up

    • Everybody feels insecure about their job performance

    • The most successful people are not those who mess up the least

  • Learn to speak up in many different situations

  • Ask the right questions

    *Kaitlin Duck Sherwood, 1994

How to thrive l.jpg
How to thrive the High Tech World

  • Get more comfortable with risks, change

    • My switch to sales and marketing

    • Stepped down from manager to individual contrib role

    • “Can do” attitude helps ensure success

  • Mentor and be mentored

    • 46.8% of women of color cite lack of mentoring as major barrier to advancement (Catalyst Survey)

    • 44% of women of color cite mentoring as a critical success factor

    • UMass participates in MentorNet program – use it!

  • Enjoy working with men

    • They say what they think

    • They make great mentors

    • They have wives and daughters, too…


My experiences l.jpg
My experiences… the High Tech World

Just like the Olympics: “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!”

The agony of defeat l.jpg
The Agony of Defeat the High Tech World

  • Wanted to quit many times while working 30+ hours and FT college

  • Couldn’t break into the “men’s club” at last company

  • Had to fire someone for sexual harassment

  • Presentation to German Bankers 1st 6 months on the job at Microsoft

  • Car and luggage stolen in Malaysia

  • Literally 100’s of dumb questions asked

  • In front of SVP – realized I was not prepared enough

Motto: always make it to the nearest bathroom before you start crying

The thrill of victory l.jpg
The Thrill of Victory the High Tech World

  • Overcame fear of public speaking!

    • Presentation to 1500+ peers at Moscone within 5 months on the job

    • Denmark – 4 hour E-Commerce “seminar”

    • Bangkok – followed SVP to present to 1000+ on E-Commerce

    • #1 rated speaker in the Executive Briefing Center

  • Making a difference

    • Conference Board conference, sharing results with MS management

    • Most Influential Women of Color in Technology award

      • Included live radio interview

    • Mentoring and being mentored

  • Technical accomplishments

    • Kernel mode driver development in C++ of an NFS Server

    • Designed and implemented an API for a customer; resulted in $1M sale

    • Promoted to manage a team within a year at Microsoft

Working mommy moments l.jpg
Working mommy moments the High Tech World

  • Missing my moment in the spotlight…

  • Code word for pumping: “maintenance”

  • Never leave your pump unattended…

  • How to turn down international travel “opportunity”

  • Never underestimate the effects of sleep deprivation

Resources l.jpg
Resources the High Tech World

  • Contact me:

    • Kellyfi@microsoft.com

  • MentorNet: www.mentornet.net

  • National Engineers Week www.eweek.org

  • UMass Women in Engineering Program (WEP) http://www.ecs.umass.edu/wep.html

  • Women in Technology International (WITI) www.witi.org

  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE) www.swe.org

  • IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) www.ieee.org/organizations/committee/women

  • Toastmasters International www.toastmasters.com

  • Positive Politics at Work by McKenna and McHenry

  • Why So Slow: The Advancement of Women by Virginia Valian

Congratulations l.jpg
Congratulations! the High Tech World

Enjoy the new Microsoft Center for Women in Engineering and Science