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Introducing Linux 10/25/04 Rodney Peters Outline of Presentation What is Linux ? Advantages of Using Linux User Interface to Linux Migration Strategies Obtaining Linux What does it comprise ? Linux Distribution Channels and Pricing Models Applications Available for Linux

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Introducing linux l.jpg

Introducing Linux


Rodney Peters

Outline of presentation l.jpg
Outline of Presentation

  • What is Linux ?

  • Advantages of Using Linux

  • User Interface to Linux

  • Migration Strategies

  • Obtaining Linux

    • What does it comprise ?

    • Linux Distribution Channels and Pricing Models

  • Applications Available for Linux

    • Covered at Previous Two Monthly Main Meetings

  • Hardware Compatibility

  • Configuring Linux using Control Centre

What is linux l.jpg
What is Linux ?

  • Consider a PC from Computer Shop or Department Store

    • Typically has Windows XP installed

    • Often has other commercial Windows applications

      • anti-virus, firewall, Office, photo-editing, CD/DVD burner, Video Editor etc

  • Similarly for Macintosh Computers

  • Linux is a complete Software Environment which can be used instead of commercial software by running:

    • Linux Operating System in lieu of Windows (any version) or Mac OSX

    • Linux versions of (primarily) Open Source Applications in lieu of commercial Windows/Macintosh Applications

Why choose linux l.jpg
Why Choose Linux

  • For Home Users, << lower cost is a major motivation

    • RRP of bundled commercial Windows/Mac software > $1000

      • about 3 year replacement cycle

    • Maintaining up-to-date Linux over the same period about $180

  • “Try before buy”

    • full versions available for download or on magazine cover CD

    • not “de-featured” or “time-limited”

Why choose linux cont l.jpg
Why Choose Linux (cont)

  • Concensus that Linux is more secure than Windows is sufficient motivation for some users

    • current viruses rely on Internet Explorer or Outlook to function

    • viruses written for Windows unlikely to affect Linux anyway

  • Windows/Mac Commercial Software have become “one size fits all”

    • specialised computers require full licences

      • Internet only PC, media PC, servers, firewalls

    • higher hardware configuration required for simple services

Demonstration of user interface l.jpg
Demonstration of User Interface

  • This works in Linux only

  • CTRL Tab from Linux to move to empty desktop

Drive letters l.jpg
Drive Letters

  • Windows (& OS/2) use different identification for drives

  • Linux Drive Designations & Folder paths will be foreign to Windows users

    • Less so to Mac users

  • Need not be a major impediment to migration from Windows

    • Elementary use requires little knowledge of the folder paths & hard disk nomenclature

      • “home” folder

    • Even for data backup

  • Linux/Mac designations more explanatory

Windows l.jpg


\docs \images


\programs \documents

\programs\acrobat \programs\.mozilla


\images \programs

Rest of the world l.jpg

floppy cdrom dvdrecorder

images programs

Documents .mozilla


backup share

Rest of the World






/mnt /windows

Permissions l.jpg

  • Linux is designed to be a secure Operating System

  • A user has permission to their home folder

    • Generally given permission to removable media also

  • Novice User can do all tasks with default permissions

  • Default permissions are fairly lax

    • other users can see your home folder

  • Advanced Users will need to learn Permissions administration

Strategies for migration to linux l.jpg
Strategies for Migration to Linux

  • Appreciate issues & constraints

    • Major Commercial Applications are not Available for Linux

      • eg Microsoft, Corel, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro

      • Probably never will be

    • 6 month upgrade cycle and associated costs

    • Some hardware peripherals & PC components not supported

  • Confirm Intention to Migrate

    • Use Knoppix to explore User Interface, Applications, hardware compatibility

Live cd eg knoppix l.jpg
Live CD eg Knoppix

  • Does NOT

    • alter partition table, in any way

    • install any software to Hard Disk

    • alter MBR, in any way

  • Does (PC only, not available for Macs)

    • boot from CD/DVDROM – recommend 12 speed minimum

    • runs entirely in RAM – minimum 96MB required

  • Optionally

    • uses free space on FAT/FAT32 as swap-file

    • configure to write data to FAT/FAT32 partition

Cross platform applications l.jpg
Cross Platform Applications

  • Changing Applications may be the Largest impediment to Migration

  • Learn Alternate Applications from Windows/Mac prior to Migrating to Linux

    • One at a time to stagger the learning process

      • operating on real data

    • The OpenCD 350 MB

      • Advantage of cross-platform & Open Source Applications available for Windows (on CD) & Mac (via web-links)

      • Also reduces exposure to Internet Malware, which targets primarily Microsoft applications

Data migration l.jpg
Data Migration

  • File Migration is straight-forward

    • Repository (partition) shared between Windows & Linux

    • Simple Option - Store all data files in FAT32 partition

      • NTFS not recommended (unreliable from Linux)

    • Advanced Users - Create Linux Ext3 partition

      • Install Windows IFS drivers for Ext3

  • Data Conversion

    • unnecessary for HTML, PDF, most graphics formats

    • Linux applications will open .doc, .xls. .ppt etc

    • migration tools available for e-mail, particularly Outlook

    • may be complex for specialised applications eg geneology

Installing configuring linux l.jpg
Installing & Configuring Linux

  • Some Hardware Vendors do not provide Linux drivers

    • Select laptops, modems, printers, scanners and TV cards, in particular, for Linux compatibility

    • Some motherboard chip-sets have poor Linux support

  • Check compatibility of existing hardware

    • Use Knoppix on any PC

    • download hardware compatibility test-suites (Linux PC only)

  • Research prior to purchasing new hardware

    • refer to hardware compatibility databases

Configuration control centre l.jpg
Configuration (Control Centre)

  • During Installation a graphical interface is used

    • Internet connection, printers, scanners, TV, etc are configured

  • Later Configuration changes done via same graphical interface to:

    • Display settings for each user

    • system components such as network cards, modems etc

      • note that GUI configuration of system components is relatively slow

Linux distributions l.jpg
Linux Distributions

  • A Distribution is a Collation of Linux software by a Single Vendor, comprising:

    • the Linux Operating System, drivers & System utilities

    • Graphical Configuration tools

    • X Windows (in the case of Desktop systems)

  • And optionally:

    • KDE (or other) extensions to X Windows

    • Up to a thousand Applications both large & small

  • Excepting graphical configuration tools and a few small Applications, all are Open Source & freely down-loadable from the Web.

Price trends commercial software l.jpg
Price Trends - Commercial Software

  • 1984 “Office”

    • eg Word-star + Lotus 123 + DBII = $1500

      • (say) $3000 in 2004 dollars

    • Same for corporate & retail buyers

  • 2004 Retail “Office”

    • > Scope of tools & >> Depth of function for << $

    • Long term trend is downwards (may be levelling out)

  • Both Purely “product” models

    • Licence & materials (floppies/CD, templates and manuals)

    • no installation or support services included

2004 retail price models l.jpg
2004 Retail Price Models

  • Linux

    • Consumer's choice of:

      • ~$110 for ”boxed set” of media, manuals & installation support for release having 6 month release cycle

      • ~$30 for CD-R/DVD-R media only

      • “Free” download

    • Primarily a “service” model

  • Windows or Mac Software from Major Vendors

    • > $1000 for licence & media only for product having 36 month release cycle

    • 1984 “product” model

      • at reduced real cost

Linux price too good to be true l.jpg
Linux Price Too Good to be True ?

  • Excluded Costs

    • Lawyers

    • Shop-front

      • Shop-fitting

      • Prime location rental

      • Sales staff

    • Marketing & Advertising

  • Opt out of:

    • Printing

    • CD/DVD Media production

    • Logistics

    • Direct Sales

Initial linux resources l.jpg
Initial Linux Resources

  • Software-free New Computers in Canberra

    • Cougar Computers (on-line)

    • AC/DC Computers (located in Macquarie)

    • Computer Fairs

  • Software Download



  • Hardware Compatibility Databases



  • Your Local Linux User Group