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7b 10-20-06

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  1. Michaela Summers 7b 10-20-06

  2. Fantasy: Fiction characterized by highly fanciful or supernatural elements These are other fantasy genre books that you may enjoy: • The Wizard of Oz By: L. Frank Baum • Peter Pan By: J.M. Barrie • Alice in Wonderland By: Lewis Carroll • The Frog Princess By: E.D. Baker • Dragon’s Breath By: E.D. Baker

  3. ~Dorothy~ -Dorothy is a young girl of about 12 or 13. -She lives on a farm with her Aunt and Uncle and she thinks her life is boring. -Dorothy Gale wanted to see the world for herself. -Her friends the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion thought she was very brave for such a young girl. -Being from the country, she wears her hair in braids, has a rosy complexion, and is dressed in a blue and white gingham dress. -Once she gets to Oz and meets the Wizard she learns that she misses her true home in Kansas and that all she ever wanted was right in her own backyard. “Somewhere over the rainbow!”

  4. Scarecrow -The Scarecrow is a lively, friendly, and goofy character with no brains. -He was built by a Munchkin and his job is to scare crows. -He is made entirely out of straw and wears old clothes from the munchkin that built him. -Dorothy finds him quite funny and charming. -Even though he says he has no brains, he acts very intelligent in the book. -The Scarecrow acts very brave to the Wicked Witch. -The only thing he is afraid of is a lighted match.

  5. TinMan -The Tin Man is a jolly fellow who loves to help others. -His friends Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Lion all love him dearly because he is such a good friend. -The Tin Man has no heart but he acts very kind and passionate to all creatures. -The TinMan is rather tall and is all made out of tin. -He is very sensitive as well as sentimental.

  6. Lion -Lion is a friendly character who pretends to be the “King of the Jungle.” -He is really nothing but a coward. -This character has a golden mane as well as a matching coat. -Even though he is afraid most of the time, he is a loyal friend to Dorothy in her time of need. -In the book, he does show courage when he helps to overcome obstacles on his way to Oz. He just doesn’t realize that he has courage after all.

  7. SETTING ~The setting for this story is the Wonderful Land of Oz. There is the land of the Quadlings, Munchkins, Ozians, and much more. Along her journey, Dorothy follows the yellow brick road to her destination: The Emerald City and then to the South to visit Glinda. This setting fits with the story because the genre is fantasy and the setting is very fanciful.

  8. Point of View The point of view in this story is told by a narrator. He is telling about Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz. This is called the “Third person point of view.” "Dorothy and her friends traveled on the yellow brick road until..."

  9. PLOT Exposition: Dorothy is bored with her simple country life in Kansas and decides to run away. Rising Action: A tornado sweeps Dorothy up and away into the Land of Oz. During her time there, she is trying to get back to Oz. She ends up having to kill the wicked witch but she locks her up instead. Climax: The wicked witch threatens to light the Scarecrow on fire and Dorothy, being courageous, dumps a pail of water on the witch and she melts. Falling Action: The Wizard was the one that told Dorothy to kill the witch and then he would send her back to Kansas. It turns out he is not really even a wizard. He tries to take her back home in a hot air balloon but he leaves without her on accident. So she and her friends travel to the South to see the good witch Glinda. Resolution: Glinda helps Dorothy get back to Kansas and Dorothy lives Happily Ever After.

  10. CONFLICTS The main conflicts in the story are when: • Dorothy gets swept up in a tornado • When the Wizard tells her to KILL the Wicked Witch • When the Wicked Witch traps her and makes Dorothy her slave • When the Wizard accidentally leaves in his balloon without Dorothy By working together, Dorothy and her friends conquered these conflicts with their own special talents!

  11. THE END Glinda