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Leveraging FREE Publicity

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Leveraging FREE Publicity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leveraging FREE Publicity Presenter: Peter G. Pollak, Chairman read Media (formerly Empire Information Services) Today we will learn… The value of issuing press releases, How press releases work, Why the media want your information & What EIS/ read Media has to offer HR consultants.

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Leveraging FREE Publicity

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Presentation Transcript
leveraging free publicity

Leveraging FREE Publicity


Peter G. Pollak, Chairman


(formerly Empire Information Services)

today we will learn
Today we will learn…
  • The value of issuing press releases,
  • How press releases work,
  • Why the media want your information &
  • What EIS/readMedia has to offer HR consultants.
eis read media offer
EIS/readMedia Offer
  • We will go over the special offer to Vital-Learning & Performance Support Systems affiliates from EIS/readMedia.
the value of publicity earned media
The Value of Publicity (“earned” media)
  • Credibility
  • Reputation
  • Loyalty
  • Opportunity
the sources of local news
The Sources of Local News
  • Local Government
  • Churches, synagogues, etc.
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Arts, Cultural & Social organizations
  • Business groups (chambers, Rotary, etc.)
  • Individual businesses
what is newsworthy
What is newsworthy?
  • In 1987 -- news had to appeal to a large audience
    • TV (had to be visually compelling)
    • Radio (had to be brief and immediate)
    • Dailies (had to affect a significant segment of the circulation)
    • Weeklies (had to affect just their circulation area)
  • In 2007 -- any information that appeals to groups that is organized around interests or locations can be used by all & any media org.
releases are a source of
Releases are a source of…
  • Leads (hard news)
  • Story ideas (soft news)
  • Content for the back pages
    • News about People
    • Events
    • News briefs
  • Web content (all kinds)
the read media advantage
The readMedia Advantage
  • For the Issuer
    • Targeted Distribution (not shotgun)
    • Updated Media Database
      • Daily & Weekly Newspapers
      • Broadcast Stations (Radio & TV)
      • Local special interest magazines
    • Search Engine Optimized
  • For the Media
    • Localized
    • Preferential Routing (e.g. Business desk)
    • Web-ready
the media want releases from read media because they
The Media want releases from readMedia because they
  • are routed to the appropriate editor/reporter,
  • are tagged by interest (health, education, business),
  • are tagged by location (zip code) &
  • can be delivered in desired formats (ASCII, xml, PDF &/or tiff).
the read media program for pss vital affiliates
The readMedia Program for PSS/Vital affiliates…
  • Press Release templates
  • Custom built local media lists
  • Preferential routing (how releases get to the right editors/reporters)
  • Media-approved distribution
  • Search engine optimization & indexing
  • Tracking (confirmation reporting)
  • Support
press release templates
Press Release Templates
  • Event notices
  • New clients
  • Publication notices
  • Recognition/awards
  • New hires/promotions
custom built media lists
Custom Built Media Lists
  • Defined geographic market
  • Preserve your existing contacts (if any)
  • readMedia will provide names, titles & phone numbers for follow up calls
  • List(s) will automatically be updated
preferential routing
Preferential Routing
  • How your releases get to the right person at each publication.
media approved distribution
Media Approved Distribution
  • EIS/readMedia’s lists are permission based.
  • Lists are updated in real time &
  • Media contacts are checked at least 2x/year.
search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization
  • Online posting is formatted for search engines.
  • Major news aggregators (Google News, Topix, et al) spider special EIS/readMedia pages for releases.
tracking tool
Tracking Tool
  • Online Delivery Confirmation
    • Publication Name
    • Name of Editor or Reporter
    • Title
    • Phone
    • Delivery method (email, fax, other)
    • Delivery time
read media support
readMedia Support
  • 24*7 accessibility
  • 800-552-2194
  • Quarterly E-newsletter
  • Help & FAQ pages (PR University)
the plans
Tier I

1 Login

1 List including dailies, weeklies, radio, TV & specialty media in 1 geographic market.

Unlimited number of releases for 12 months


$500 after 4/1/07

Tier II

1 Login

2 Lists in 2 geographic markets.

Unlimited number of releases during the year.


$800 after 4/1/07

The Plans
how to proceed
How to Proceed
  • Send us your questions.
  • Sign up on a special page -- www.eisinc.com/newswire/affiliate_offer_form.html.
    • Identify Geographic Market
    • Supply existing contacts (to preserve relationships)
    • Schedule Training
contact us
Contact Us


PO Box 1261

Albany, NY 12201


URL (today): www.empirenewswire.com

URL (soon): www.readmedia.com

Signup Page: www.eisinc.com/newswire/affiliate_offer_form.html