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IPO Powerpoint “Pop of the World”

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IPO Powerpoint “Pop of the World” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IPO Powerpoint “Pop of the World”. By: Trevor Baker and Margarette Zeller. Description of Company. We are “Pop of the World” popcorn store that sells a variety of types and flavors of popcorn and popcorn makers and accessories.

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ipo powerpoint pop of the world

IPO Powerpoint“Pop of the World”

By: Trevor Baker and Margarette Zeller

description of company
Description of Company
  • We are “Pop of the World” popcorn store that sells a variety of types and flavors of popcorn and popcorn makers and accessories.
  • We are located in the Lloyd Center Shopping mall in the food court.
  • We pop and sell fresh popcorn, and sell pre-packaged popcorn gift boxes, and equipment.
  • Our customers are children and their parents.
  • We have been in business for 3 years.
  • Our competition is “Joe Brown’s Caramel Corn.”
what we sell
  • Flavored Popcorn: Original, Kettle, Caramel, Strawberry, Grape, Watermelon, Apple, and Blueberry
  • Popcorn toppings: butter, salt, parmesan, sugar, cheese, caramel, and chocolate.
  • We also sell air poppers, stove poppers, and commercial machines.
  • We also do gift wrappings.
why ipo
Why IPO?
  • After a year we turned a profit, and sales have been constantly increasing. We are going IPO because we are looking to expand and create additional outlets.
  • We are trying to raise $200,000.
  • We are doing it at this time because our business is unique and has low competition. Also, the market is good and the revenue outlook is good.
why ipo cont
Why IPO? (cont.)
  • We have gotten to this point because of good customer service, customer retention and loyalty, and genuine quality products.
  • We want to reach out to other communities who do not have “Pop of the World” in their area so we can fulfill all of their popcorn needs.
  • We are going to use the money raised to open up additional stores.
  • Our fear is that we raise the money but the other locations do not perform as well as the original location. Also, that with the investors we could lose some control over our company, which we would like to maintain our current operations. The rewards warrant the risk because with future stores additional revenue and customers will come. The recognition of the company will also increase.
board of directors
Board of Directors
  • Owner- Margarette Zeller
  • CEO-Trevor Baker
  • COO- Orville Redenbacher
  • CFO- Donald Trump
  • Board Advisors-

Alexander Smith- Retired FDA inspector.

Ronny Baxter- Former Marketing Director of General Mills

Lafonda- Certified public accountant

Jimmy MacElroy- Professional Athlete and retired small business manager

Billy Madison- Former Attorney General from Colorado

board of directors cont
Board of Directors (cont.)
  • Our company is only doing an IPO for 40% of the company. This means that the active Board of Directors will be retained.
ipo pre planning
IPO Pre-planning
  • We will be a sub s corporation.
  • As a profit sharing incentive we will provide a percentage of total stock to our employee’s (as determined by the Board of Directors).
  • Our stockholders will be non-voting stockholders unless required by law.
tombstone advertisement
“Tombstone” advertisement
  • Name: “Pop of the World”
  • IPO date: February 3, 2007
  • Exchange: NYSE
  • Contact Number: 1-800-popyourworld
  • Ticker Symbol: POW
ipo pre planning cont
IPO Pre-planning (cont.)
  • We will publish our advertisement on the Wall street Journal and the IPO daily. Also the Nightly Business Report and Barrons.
  • We will also put our news releases in the Oregonian.
press release
Press Release
  • April 24, 2007
  • PORTLAND, OR—Earlier this morning Pop of the World genuine popcorn company announces its Initial Public Offering. On May 1st the company will go public for the first time allowing people to invest in the very successful unique company. Backed by the very successful and multimillionaire Margarette Zeller, it seems only appropriate that the company expand its size and familiarity.
  • CEO, Trevor Baker, said in the press conference, “With the initial public offering this May, customers will get the opportunity to support and invest in the pop corn company that they truly love. With the IPO, we will get to expand to new horizons and reach more customers that have been long deprived of our service.” It really seems like Pop of the World wants to make a dent in this industry and they will stride for nothing less.
  • Shares will be sold a $13.50 a piece and just fewer than 15,000 will be available. They are expected to go quick and the outlook for the company seems strong over the next year. Plans with the money are to open initially 3 new stores over the next 9 months and 2 more within a year. In addition to the new stores they plan to renovate and redesign its current store to give a new fresh look to the customers.
  • Pop of the World is popcorn store that sells a variety of types and flavors of popcorn and popcorn makers and accessories. They are located in the Lloyd Center Shopping mall in the food court in Portland, Oregon. They pop and sell fresh popcorn, and sell pre-packaged popcorn gift boxes, and equipment. The company services customers that are primarily children and their parents. Pop of the World has been in business for 3 years since opening its doors.
ipo and post ipo
IPO and post-IPO
  • We are listed on the NYSE
  • Our opening price is $13.50 per share.
  • Since our company went IPO we sold 10,000 shares and have raised over $135,000. We have opened up two additional stores, both of which have been successful over the past six months.
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