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به نام پروردگار مهربان PowerPoint Presentation
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به نام پروردگار مهربان

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به نام پروردگار مهربان - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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به نام پروردگار مهربان. In the name of God. IRANIAN AMAZING COLLECTION Pack 2 (DVD no. 1) Iran/ Persia. Socio -Cultural Competence SS08 Presented by Daniel Snider Sye Macey Katharina Stöttinger. Overview. Facts & Figures History Islam in Iran Values

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به نام پروردگار مهربان

In the name of God


Pack 2 (DVD no. 1)

iran persia


Iranian Amazing Collection

Socio-Cultural Competence



Daniel Snider

Sye Macey

Katharina Stöttinger

  • Facts & Figures
  • History
  • Islam in Iran
  • Values
  • InterculturalDimensions

Iranian Amazing Collection

activity 1
Activity 1

Iranian Amazing Collection

Can you find out which Persian inventions these symbols stand for?

thank you persia
  • Goats
  • Bricks
  • Wine
  • Tar (lute)
  • Peaches
  • Backgammon
  • Zororastrianism
  • Taxes
  • Courier Post
  • Spinach
  • Ice Cream
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Polo

Iranian Amazing Collection


Green = Islam

Script : „God is Great“


+ 1 word

+ 1 shaddah

= 5 pillars of Islam

White = Peace

Iranian Amazing Collection

Red = Bravery

activity 2
Activity 2

Iranian Amazing Collection

How high would you estimate the Iranian GDP?

How high would you estimate the income per capita?

facts figures
Facts & Figures
  • Capital:Tehran
  • Official Language:Persian
  • Population:71.208.000
  • GDP:$853.6 billion
  • Per Capita:$12.300

Iranian Amazing Collection

facts figures9
Facts & Figures

Iranian Amazing Collection

activity 3



Activity 3

Iranian Amazing Collection

Can youmatchthefollowingreligionstothecorrespondingportionofthepiechart?

Shi‘a Muslim

Sunni Muslim

Other (Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian)

facts figures11
Facts & Figures

Iranian Amazing Collection

  • *Other =
  • Jewish
  • Christian
  • Zoroastrian
islam in iran
Islam in Iran
  • Only official Shi‘ite state of all Muslim countries
  • Shi‘a Islam vs Sunny Islam:Dispute: Who should become Mohammed‘s successor?
    • Shia Muslims: followed Mohammed‘s daughter Fatimah Zara and his son-in-law Ali
    • Sunni Muslims: followed Caliph Abu Bakr

Iranian Amazing Collection

iranians persians muslims arabs
  • Bernard Lewis:

"Iran was indeed Islamized, but it was not Arabized. Persians remained Persians. […] In a sense, Iranian Islam is a second advent of Islam itself, a new Islam sometimes referred to as Islam-i Ajam. It was this Persian Islam, rather than the original Arab Islam, that was brought to new areas and new peoples: to the Turks, first in Central Asia and then in the Middle East in the country which came to be called Turkey, and of course to India. The Ottoman Turks brought a form of Iranian civilization to the walls of Vienna...[1]"

Iranian Amazing Collection


Iranian Amazing Collection


Iranian Amazing Collection

activity 4
Activity 4

Iranian Amazing Collection

What important event took place in 1979?

Can you name the current president of Iran?

Can you name the current supreme leader of Iran?


Iranian Amazing Collection

iranian values
Iranian Values
  • Family values
    • Family as the basis of all social structures
    • Priority of Family before business
    • Importance of Privacy
    • Nepotism
  • Public vs Private Identity
    • „zaher“ vs „batin“
    • Inner circle includes family and friends and can be extended to business partners
  • Taarof – Politeness
    • Protest compliments
    • Always first decline offers before you finally accept

Iranian Amazing Collection

activity 5
Activity 5

Iranian Amazing Collection

Where would you place Iran on the scales of the following intercultural dimensions?

Power Distancy


Uncertainty avoidance

intercultural dimensions

Iranian Amazing Collection


در پناه يزدان مهربان

همیشه شاد و پیروز و تندرست باشید.

Special Thanks to dear creator

Iranian Amazing Collection