technology in film l.
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Technology In Film

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Technology In Film Past and Present Steve Ryan Badua Scott Belluomini Erika Brow Rosanne Witt Ian Yamashita Historical Overview of Film

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Technology In Film

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technology in film
Technology In Film

Past and Present

Steve Ryan Badua Scott Belluomini Erika Brow Rosanne Witt Ian Yamashita

first motion pictures
First motion pictures
  • 1891- Thomas Edison invented Kinetoscope
  • 1895- first motion picture invented by Louis Lumiere called the cinematographe.
  • 1896 Edison invented the vitascope for commercial use.
the invention of sound
The Invention of Sound
  • Sound was put into films in the 1920’s
  • Sound was finally mixed into the film in 1932
  • The first technicolor film was also in 1932 by Walt Disney
  • Film was called Flowers and Trees

With the invention of a portable motion picture camera, three color film, and incorporation of sound in the 1930’s the motion picture industry was allowed to create the momentum for future invention and innovation in film.


Past and Present


Dracula: The Past

Nosferatu (1922)

  • “Plague Carrier” modernization of Greek term
  • “monster-like” image (resembling a rat)
  • Set design: dirt path

Castle: pointy, set on hill “death like” , crypt

  • technology (low budget)


Bram Stoker’s DRACULA (1992)

Dracula: The Present

  • higher budget
  • beautiful and sexy
  • castle: Transylvanian/gothic


Past and Present

  • 2 D drawing used to create animation
  • Jumps in movement often occurred
  • Employed many artists to produce and reproduce the images
  • Computer animation
  • Characters that verge on reality
  • Heavily based on mathematics and computers
  • Computer experts as well as artists work together to create images
machines of the past
Machines of the Past
  • Rotoscope-

Invented by Max Fleischer around 1914

Frame by frame movement traced

  • Used for the movie Snow White and some Betty Boop cartoons
machines of the present
Machines of the Present
  • Primarily dominated by the computer now

- uses programs like Alias Maya

  • Technology has allowed for visual effects in movies to be improved
  • This technological advancement has made the viewing of movies more realistic and enjoyable