how to develop your website and ebusiness on a shoestring part 1 on page development factors l.
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How to Develop Your Website and eBusiness ...on a shoestring. Part 1 On Page Development Factors PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Develop Your Website and eBusiness ...on a shoestring. Part 1 On Page Development Factors

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How to Develop Your Website and eBusiness ...on a shoestring. Part 1 On Page Development Factors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Develop Your Website and eBusiness ...on a shoestring. Part 1 On Page Development Factors Tony Treacy Director of eLearning Solent Training & Development Ltd. The Internet is the most powerful Lead Generation & Follow-up Marketing Tool ever invented.

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How to Develop Your Website and eBusiness ...on a shoestring. Part 1 On Page Development Factors

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how to develop your website and ebusiness on a shoestring part 1 on page development factors

How to Develop Your Website and eBusiness...on a shoestring.Part 1 On Page Development Factors

Tony Treacy

Director of eLearning

Solent Training & Development Ltd.


The Internet is the most powerful

Lead Generation


Follow-up Marketing Tool

ever invented.

to have a successful e business
To have a successful e-Business...
  • Highly Qualified – i.e. Targeted – website visitors
  • Professional website that easily converts qualified visitors into customers
  • Internet success is about Strategy...not Technology.

Today’s Goal is to help you develop a game-plan for your online business.

To treat the Internet and the Search Engines as a laboratory.

To test everything.

what i ll be covering today

Website Themes and Types

Payment Systems

Domain Names & Hosting

Submitting to Search Engines

Press Releases

Reciprocal Links

Outbound e-Marketing

RSS Feeds & Blogs


What I’ll be covering today...
website design for the complete novice
Website Design for the Complete Novice
  • The Internet is made of two main elements:
    • Text
    • Pictures

These are the Basics – Get them right First Time

text do your research
Text...Do your research

The Internet

is all about


keywords meta tags
Keywords & Meta Tags
  • URL Address (e.g.
  • There are 3 types of Meta Tags that concern us:
    • Title - this is the text that appears in the title bar of your browser
    • Description - This is a quick summary of the information that appears on the page
    • Keywords - these are the words that are important on the page
  • First sentence on the page, body copy, bold or emphasised phrases, H1 or other tags, Alt tags, Navigation system.
search engine optimisation what the search engines see
Search Engine Optimisation – What the search engines see
  • </</script><!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="doctitle" --> <title>microsoft training</title><div id="masthead"> <h1 class="style1 style7" id="siteName">Solent eLearning Network </h1> <div id="pageName"> <!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="pageName" --> <h2>Online Training Centre </h2> <!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="body" --> <div id="content"> <div id="bannerImage"> <div align="center"><a href="/agreement_.php?text1=demosolent&text2=demo&submit=Sign%20On" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore()" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('Image6','','/images/lwwwboff.gif',1)"><img src="/images/lwwwbon.gif" name="Image6" width="570" height="134" hspace="0" vspace="7" border="0"></a></div>
where to get your keywords
Where to get your Keywords
  • Free
  • 30 Day Trial
  • 2 hours free
keywords search engines
Keywords – Search Engines
  • Google – First 7 Keywords/key phrases
  • MSN – First 15 Keywords
  • Yahoo – First 30 Keywords
keywords research
Keywords – Research

Research The Competition

search engine optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

Given that your customers' most likely path to your website is through a search engine or a link from another site, strategic search engine optimization (SEO) has become a matter of survival.

  • Downloads

This download lists 24 Web sites and resources that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

website designs types
Website Designs - Types
  • Brochure
    • Create a PDF and include site address on all Corporate ID
  • Information Site
    • Design a mini web site that focuses on just one product or service, with no other content of any kind. A landing page with a ‘buy button’ or a ‘sign-up form’.
  • eCommerce Site
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Design a content web site that includes not only your products and services, but also information and resources that will be of interest to your target market.Although both types of sites can be effective, your success ultimately depends on your site design and marketing strategies. Both will play a very important role.
a professional web site will
A Professional Web Site Will...
  • Drive repeated targeted traffic to your web site
  • Increase your web sites popularity, which will provide you with additional links pointing to your site
  • Increase your Search Engine ranking and bring additional traffic to your site
  • Increase the perceived value of your products and services
  • Increase your sales
  • Increase your bank account
website designs themes
Website Designs - Themes
  • 1.Buy a Template
  • 2. Pay a website designer to build it...but consider:
    • The expense
    • Changes / Edits
    • They focus on looks and appearance not SEO
    • It creates dependency
  • 3. Site-Building Software
    • e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver MX 2004
    • FrontPage ( Included in Windows XP )
pictures graphics
Pictures / Graphics

Free graphics tool download

Bitmap Image


Jpeg Image


Gif Image


8 simple steps for enhancing your site
8 Simple steps for enhancing your site
  • 1.Build it for speed
    • Keep graphics small – compress them to Gifs
    • Only use page space if it draws your customers to a sale
  • 2. Target your market
    • Know who they are and cater to their needs
  • 3. Focus the site
    • Focus on the goal of selling your product or service
    • Give product information and ‘How to buy...’ 2 or 3 step process
    • The ‘What we do...How we do it’ if you are a service
8 simple steps for enhancing your site28
8 Simple steps for enhancing your site
  • 4. Build credibility
    • Become an authority in your chosen niche – use articles
    • The Internet is about information, not just marketing
  • 5. Keep navigation simple
    • Easy and intuitive, simple and smooth.
  • 6. Keep the look and feel consistent
    • Colours, fonts and themes constant
    • Make sure another page does not look like another site
8 simple steps for enhancing your site29
8 Simple steps for enhancing your site
  • 7. Make the site Interactive and Personalised
    • Add feedback forms and an ‘email us’ link
    • FAQs
    • Personalisation technology provides analytic tools to facilitate cross-selling and up-selling when they buy online.
  • 8. Content is King
    • Good content sells a product
    • Does your site convey the message you wish to get across to your visitors?
    • Have others review everything. Check spelling & Grammar.

The best web sites are simple, yet professional in design, load quickly, and provide an easy navigational system.

free articles
Free Articles
merchant accounts
Merchant Accounts
  • Check out this link for more info:
  • Paypal
    • Easy to set up
    • Free
    • Create your own branded invoices
    • Full merchant account manual and help line – 0800 number
    • Payments arrive in your account within 3 – 5 working days
    • You may pay suppliers from this account
    • Or transfer to your business bank account
    • Approx <5% transaction fees
domain names site hosting
Domain Names & Site Hosting
  • Check with your Broadband Supplier
    • e.g.

** Make sure you have FTP Access**

( File Transfer Protocol )

  • When hosted – Test your site via
search engine submission do this
Search Engine Submission – Do this
  • The Open Directory Project -
  • MSN Search -
  • Yahoo Search -
  • Google -
free press releases
Free Press Releases

Free Half-Day e-Business Seminars Held Across Hampshire.Whatever stage you are at with your website or e-business, you can benefit from an e-Hampshire sponsored free seminar on ‘How to Develop Your Website and e-Business on a Shoestring’.

These are no nonsense, no jargon workshops presented by Tony Treacy of Solent Training & Development Ltd. who delivers the skills and free tools you’ll need to develop your e-commerce website on a tight budget.

Dates and Locations:

Southampton 24th Jan

Andover 31st Jan

Fareham 6th Feb

Portsmouth 21st Feb

Basingstoke 28th Feb.

For more information, log on to

reciprocal links page ranking41
Reciprocal Links (Page Ranking)
  • Why Is Linking Important?

The whole concept of linking, in the eyes of the search engine companies, is that when Site A links to Site B, then Site A is making a personal recommendation of Site B.

Because Site A is willing to put their reputation on the line, to share the story of Site B, the search engines have determined that Site B must be of higher value than Site C.

  • The site with the most Quality Links – Quality Pointers – wins The Market Share of the Search Engines.
outbound e marketing
Outbound e-Marketing
  • e-Mail
  • e-Newsletter
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • RSS Feeds & Blogs
  • Free Downloads Section
outbound e mail
Outbound / e-Mail

Useful Links

There are two excellent pdfs provided by the Information Commissioners: A Brief Overview (3 pages), plus a comprehensive Guidelines to the Regulations (35 pages), which includes an FAQ for marketers.


MediaPost Publications

  • Be aware of the Legislation
  • ‘Opt Out’ option should be easy and upfront
  • e-Mail Etiquette
    • Don’t SHOUT
    • Keep everything ‘above the fold’.
  • Build Database of Opt Ins
    • SQL (on your web server) is better than Access
  • Personalise
    • Personalisation isn't just about saying 'Dear Paul', it's about content that's relevant to the recipient, which can include offering discounts and special offers - and incites immediate action.
  • What’s the Objective of your e-mail?
auto responders

Set up an auto-responder and it will do the work for you

rss feeds
RSS Feeds

Using RSS Feeds, websites can:

  • Attract more customers/ visitors.
  • Keep subscribers informed of new developments
  • Allow subscribers to instantly learn of new articles, content

and products on their website.

  • Reduce the load on the subscriber's inbox by reserving

newsletters for important news, special product offers, etc.

Download free software at

outbound inbound free downloads section
Outbound & InboundFree Downloads Section
  • ‘How to Guides’.....
    • PDF’s (make sure they’re SEO friendly...see item 18. SEO Firm Explains How to SEO Your PDFs )
  • Free Trials/Samples
    • Sign up for them
  • Information Sheets
    • Product updates
    • Service availability
    • Quick references & White Papers

Give a site visitor a reason to visit your site.

Give them something to Click On!

thank you
Thank You


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