ensuring good quality ppp projects l.
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Ensuring Good Quality PPP Projects

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Ensuring Good Quality PPP Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ensuring Good Quality PPP Projects Martin Darcy Potential Projects Water/Sewerage Power provision Airports / Seaports Highways / Bridges / Tunnels Hospitals Prisons and Court Buildings Schools / Colleges / Universities Libraries and Museums Government Buildings (National / Municipal)

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Presentation Transcript
potential projects
Potential Projects
  • Water/Sewerage
  • Power provision
  • Airports / Seaports
  • Highways / Bridges / Tunnels
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons and Court Buildings
  • Schools / Colleges / Universities
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Government Buildings (National / Municipal)
  • IT / IS / Telecoms
  • Waste Management
  • Car parking
how a ppp project is created
How a PPP project is created
  • Three main phases
    • Project preparation and development
    • The bidding and negotiation phase
    • Implementation and operating phase
1 project preparation and development
1. Project preparation and development
  • Define project objectives, need and business case
  • Create the team (including external advisers)
  • Risk assessment and strategy
  • Technical Dialogue ***
  • Procurement strategy and realistic timetable
  • Develop bid evaluation criteria
  • Draft contract documentation
  • Approvals and marketing
  • Without proper preparation the project will probably fail (before or after award process )
technical dialogue
Technical Dialogue

Current position is confirmed:

  • Before launching a procedure for the award of a contract, contracting authorities may, using a technical dialogue, seek or accept advice which may be used in the preparation of specifications, provided such advice does not have the effect of precluding competition.
2 procurement and negotiation
2. Procurement and negotiation
  • Advertisement and calls for expressions of interest
  • Prequalification and selection of bidders
  • Issue of tender documents to selected bidders
  • Return of bids
  • Evaluation of bids
  • Select ‘Preferred Bidder’
  • Contract negotiations
  • Commercial / financial close
  • At least 12 months
3 implementation operation and regulation
3. Implementation,Operationand Regulation
  • Creating a working partnership
  • Managing contractual obligations
  • Extracting the efficiencies
  • Delivering / improving the services
  • Change management
contractual organisation example

Financial Advisers



Legal Advisers

Financial Advisers

Project Agreement

Specialist Advisers

Legal Advisers







Specialist Advisers

Long Term

Debt Finance



Operating Contract

Design and

Construct Contract




Operating Subcontracts

Contractual Organisation Example

simple funding principles for a ppp project using private finance


More risk

more equity




Long term


Debt is cheaper than equity



Simple Funding Principles For A PPP Project using Private Finance

risk management at the heart of the matter
Risk Management – at the heart of the matter
  • Identify
  • Analyse
  • Allocate
  • Mitigate

‘The risk should be borne by the party best able to manage it or to manage the financial consequences’.

treatment of risk
Treatment of Risk
  • Key to Lenders and Investors
  • Will affect the overall value for money of the project
gateway reviews
‘Gateway Reviews’
  • Mandatory in the UK and aimed at improving the quality and outcomes from public investment programmes / projects
  • To identify and prevent mistakes that may only materialise when it’s too late
  • Gives confidence and assurance to decision makers
  • Idea based on the concept of ‘Peer Review’ in common and widespread use in the private sector for decades.
  • Must be independent
  • Must not be burdensome or bureaucratic
each gateway
Each Gateway….
  • …has a team of usually three people all independent of the outcome
  • …team will meet for a briefing followed by the review itself. Total time and commitment usually less than two weeks per stage.
  • …need not delay anything. They are usually run in parallel with other activities
  • …should not be costly
  • …produces a draft report to the senior official for comment followed by final report.
  • …report uses a ‘traffic light ‘ system for evaluating specific issues:
    • Green = no problem – go
    • Amber = issue identified - proceed with caution
    • Red= major problem identified – do not proceed without immediate remedial action
differing motivations between public works contracts and ppps
Differing motivations between public works contracts and PPPs
  • Public Works Contracts
    • Often an in-built motivation towards cost over-run and delay
  • Concessions/PPP
    • In-built motivation towards on time and on budget completion
learning lessons
Learning Lessons
  • Value For Money (VFM) Audit (ex post evaluation)
  • Provide Parliament with independent info, advice about how
    • economically
    • efficiently
    • effectively public bodies use their resources
  • Help bodies improve VFM performance