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Emerging Web 2.0 Technologies

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Emerging Web 2.0 Technologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emerging Web 2.0 Technologies. Kim Peacock, B.Ed., M.Ed. Learning is Changing. There is a growing trend towards online training and collaboration! http://learnhub.com/ http://www.instructables.com/ http://www.videojug.com/ http://www.expertvillage.com/ http://www.edu20.org/.

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Emerging Web 2.0 Technologies

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emerging web 2 0 technologies

Emerging Web 2.0 Technologies

Kim Peacock,

B.Ed., M.Ed.

learning is changing
Learning is Changing

There is a growing trend towards online training and collaboration!

  • http://learnhub.com/
  • http://www.instructables.com/
  • http://www.videojug.com/
  • http://www.expertvillage.com/
  • http://www.edu20.org/
and changing even more
And Changing Even More…
  • http://www.supportspace.com/
learning is changing1
Learning is Changing
  • However, this movement goes far beyond videos and text tutorials.
  • Tools are becoming more interactive.
  • Moving from consumers to contributors to creators of our own learning.
  • Web 2.0 applications make the learner an active participant in learning.
what are web applications
What Are Web Applications?

Allow you to perform tasks or create objects without software or servers.

Often known as “Web 2.0” applications.

Often have an element of social interaction.

Run via a web browser.

Accessible from anywhere.

Usually FREE!


Applications go up and down.

Applications may create thing that can’t leave the confines of the particular web site (e.g./ can’t be downloaded to a dvd, etc…)

Learners with computers at home may get to spend more time on projects than without without since it’s easily accessible.

Live broadcasts can have privacy considerations.

a note on administration
A Note on Administration
  • Most tools require signup, passwords, etc…
  • This can be an administrative nightmare for teachers and/or PD instructors.
  • Idea: generic sign-ins.
  • This is not an exhaustive lists.
  • Not even a “most popular” list.
  • It is an attempt to give you a holistic view of what is available.
  • There is far MORE…
  • Tool: Mindomohttp://mindomo.com/Concept mapping tool.
  • Tools: Liquid Planner and Teamnesshttp://www.liquidplanner.com/http://www.teamness.com/It offers task management, project scheduling, and team collaboration.
  • Tool: Resnoozehttp://www.resnooze.com/Send yourself reminders
  • Tools: TaDa Lists and iOutlinerhttp://www.tadalist.com/http://www.ioutliner.com/Create todo lists
  • Tools: ReQall and Evernotehttps://www.reqall.com/http://www.evernote.com/Organize your life
  • Tool: Trailfirehttp://trailfire.com/Create a path through the Internet.
  • Tool: Snipdhttp://snipd.comCopy and archive web content.
  • Tool: Del.icio.ushttp://del.icio.usSocial bookmarking
  • Tools: Google Docs and Zoho http://docs.google.com/http://www.zoho.comAllow you to upload, create and edit documents online.
  • Tool: Slidesharehttp://www.slideshare.netAllow you to upload and share presentations. Note that all presentations are public.
online conferencing
Online Conferencing
  • Tool: DimDimhttp://dimdim.com/Free online web conferencing. Useful for classes, meetings, etc… 20 person limit.
  • Tool: Elluminatehttp://www.elluminate.comAlberta based company with “three for free” in a room.
streaming video
Streaming Video
  • Tool: uStreamhttp://www.ustream.tv/get-startedPlug in your webcam and create your own streaming online channel for others to watch.
screen casting
Screen Casting
  • Tool: Screencast-O-Matichttp://www.screencast-o-matic.com/Record and share your computer screen.
  • Tool: Sketchcasthttp://sketchcast.com/Record and share whiteboards.
  • Tool: Flowgramhttp://www.flowgram.com/Comment on web sites and other docs.
  • Tool: Pod-o-matichttp://www.podomatic.com/Allows you to record and post a podcast online (no editing available).
  • Tool: GCasthttp://www.gcast.com/Podcasting from any telephone.
audio forums
Audio Forums
  • Tool: YackPackhttp://yackpack.com/Send and listen to messages.
  • Tool: VoiceThreadhttp://voicethread.com/Reflect with voice or text.
blogs wikis
Blogs & Wikis
  • Tool: Blogshttp://www.blogger.com/homeLinear posting to create an online journal.
  • Tool: Wikishttp://www.wikispaces.com/http://pbwiki.com/“What I Know Is”. Non-linear collaborative site building.
  • Tool: Leforahttp://www.lefora.com/Free online forum hosting.
  • Tool: Ninghttp://www.ning.com/Online social networking sites.
web sites
Web Sites
  • Tool: Google Siteshttp://sites.google.com/Basic web sites created using a Word-like interface. Allows you to incorporate other Google tools like Google calendars and documents.
evaluation and feedback
Evaluation and Feedback
  • Tool: Zoho Pollshttp://polls.zoho.com/Polls that can be embedded within other tools.
  • Tool: Surveymonkeyhttp://www.surveymonkey.com/Create free, online feedback forms (limit of 10 questions and 100 responses per poll)...
image editing
Image Editing
  • Tool: Aviaryhttp://aviary.com/home
  • Tool: Picnikhttp://www.picnik.com/
  • Tool: FotoFlexerhttp://www.picnik.com/
  • Tool: Splashuphttp://www.splashup.com/
  • Tool: Animotohttp://www.animoto.comCreate flashy 30 second videos clips.
  • Tool: Vuvoxhttp://www.vuvox.com/Mix and post interactive videos
  • Tool: Cozimohttp://www.cozimo.com/Collaborate on images or videos online.
  • Tool: Luluhttp://www.lulu.com/Easily publish your own resources.
  • Tool: ZamZarhttp://www.zamzar.com/Convert files of all types.
  • Tool: Letterpophttp://letterpop.com/Create online newsletters
thank you
Thank You!
  • More Resources:http://www.protopage.com/web2point0forteachers
  • Contact Me:kim.peacock@ualberta.ca