cu nto sabes de l.
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¿Cuánto sabes de…?

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¿Cuánto sabes de…?. PANAMÁ . ¿Dónde está Panamá?. B. A. C. D. ¿Dónde está Panamá?. B. A. C. D. How large is Panama compared to Illinois?. ?. Panama is about half the size of Illinois. How large is Panama’s population compared to that of Illinois?. ?. 3.500.000. 12.482.000

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¿Cuánto sabes de…?

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what languages are spoken in panama
Spanish – 96%


Chibcha (Kuna) -- “Dot nuet!”

English – 14%

What languages are spoken in Panama?
what is the capital city
What is the capital city?

Panama City (population 1.2 million)

Hey, no fair… trick question!!

reading tasks
Reading tasks
  • Now scan the cultural reading on pp. 320-1 for the answers to the following questions:
    • What is the unit of currency?
    • When was the Panama Canal built?
    • Who are the Kunas?
    • What is “mola”?
    • What does the word “Panama” mean? What pastimes are associated with this meaning?
la balboa
The national currency

But the U.S. dollar is also widely used.

La Balboa
panama canal15
By August 15, 1914 the Panama Canal was officially opened by the passing of the SS Ancon. At the time, no single effort in American history had exacted such a price in dollars or in human life. The American expenditures from 1904 to 1914 totaled $352,000,000, far more than the cost of anything built by the United States Government up to that time. Together the French and American expenditures totaled $639,000,000. It took 34 years from the initial effort in 1880 to actually open the Canal in 1914. It is estimated that over 80,000 persons took part in the construction and that over 30,000 lives were lost in both French and American efforts” (

Panama Canal
Indigenous tribe that lives on the San Blas Islands

“The Kuna people have been leaders in indigenous rights and preservation of the natural resources on which they depend. With the help of the World Wildlife Fund and other institutions, they have established a 600-square-kilometer forest reserve on their lands, an example for indigenous people world-wide” (

What does the word “Panamá” mean?

What pastimes are associated with this meaning?

panam place of many fish
Scuba diving




Coral reefs

Enormous variety of sea life

“Panamá” = “Place of many fish”
religion in panama
82-85% Catholic

10-15% Protestant

4% Muslim

3% non-religious

Religion in Panama

missions work in panama
Missions Work in Panama

There are numerous missions projects every year in Panama organized by various denominations.

Projects include church planting, medical services (eye and chiropractic care) to the poor, construction and maintenance, retreats, training, leadership development, and scholarships to needy children.