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Bess of Hardwick

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Bess of Hardwick - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bess of Hardwick. Real name:. Insert a picture of Bess in the frame. By coping it from a website and then pasting it and shrinking it to the right size. Place of birth:. Family position in life. Age of first marriage. Number of marriages. Income aster 3 rd marriage.

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Bess of Hardwick

Real name:

Insert a picture of Bess in the frame. By coping it from a website and then pasting it and shrinking it to the right size.

Place of birth:

Family position in life

Age of first marriage

Number of marriages

Income aster 3rd marriage

Official title after last marriage


When Bess of Hardwick was born and died.

(Place date of her birth and death on the timeline)

King Henry VIII

King Edward

Queen Mary

Queen Elizabeth I

King James

Date of marriage to George Talbot.(place on the timeline)

Bess of Hardwick spent most of her life under the reign of:

(name the king or queen that she lived under the most)


Countess of Shrewsbury

  • Name the different houses that the Earl of Shrewsbury had:
  • Bess would of lived in them at different times. Bess did not lived in Shrewsbury, however there are many reasons as to why she would of be proud to be called the Countess of Shrewsbury:
  • Shrewsbury was one of the largest town in England.
  • It was the real town before the coast.
  • The area next to the Welsh bridge became the centre of
  • The trade from Shrewsbury to Bristol included being
  • From Bristol Shrewsbury was able to buy expensive items like
  • All this suggests that Shrewsbury was a town.


Insert Talbot ‘Coat of Arms’ here by coping it from a website and then pasting it and shrinking it to the right size.

A picture of the Talbot ‘Coat of Arms’.

Insert pictures of Tudor building around the pentagon by coping it from a website and then pasting it

Picture of Tudor Shrewsbury


Bess of Hardwick in comparison to other Tudor women

  • Girls were taught that their aim in life was only to
  • and have
  • Were these Bess' aims in life?
  • What do you think her aims were?

A Tudor girls education was not to promote independent thinking. However Bess was a very independent thinker. What things did she do by herself?

(On the Tudor women website scroll down to the section on ‘LAW’.)

  • Why do you think Bess married (their could be different reasons behind each of her marriages)

(On the Tudor women website scroll back up to to the section on ‘BETROTHAL’.)

  • Who chose a girls husband?
  • Who choose husbands for Bess’ children?
  • Which marriage in Bess’ family caused a big fuss:

Why did Bess get into trouble:

  • Where was she sent, as punishment, by the Queen:
  • Bess was able to keep her land and money both during marriage and widowhood. Were most women allow to keep their own land?

Was Bess of Hardwick a significant person?

  • This is were your can have some fun and make the presentation uniquely your groups work. Take what you have learnt about Bess of Hardwick to help your group form an opinion on if you think she was a significant person, remember you do not have to agree and there is no right of wrong answer, but can your group back up your argument?
  • Here are things to think about when considering if Bess of Hardwick is a significant person:
  • Her wealth, properties and how she got them
  • Did she know important people e.g. Queens?
  • Her ambitions (Why was she sent to the Tower of London?)

Look at Hardwick Hall, what does it tell us about Bess?

  • How was she different from other Tudor women?
  • Conclude ‘do you think she is a significant person in our history?

Have fun!