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ANNAPHANTS. ANNAPHANTS Anna Ling; Lucy Jun; Nicholas O; Kota Abe. AEROPONICS. A technique for growing plants without soil or being submerged in water. CONTENTS. Aero-what? How is Aeroponics different from Hydroponics? How Aeroponics Works Advantages and Disadvantages of Aeroponics

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Anna Ling; Lucy Jun; Nicholas O; Kota Abe



A technique for growing plants without soil or being submerged in water.

  • Aero-what?
  • How is Aeroponics different from Hydroponics?
  • How Aeroponics Works
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Aeroponics
  • Environment Impact
  • Challenges faced in Aeroponics
  • Aeroponics in space
  • Aeroponics on Earth
  • Summary
aero what
  • Did you know the word aeroponic is Latin? “Aero” means “air”, and “ponic” means “culture”. So “aeroponic” means “air culture”!
  • Aeroponics is the process of growing crops suspended in the air or in a mist without using soil. The roots of the crops are sprayed with nutrients at regular intervals. It is a type of high-technology farming.

First ever available aeroponic

apparatus – The Genesis Machine

NASA Inflatable

Aeroponics system

how is aeroponics different from hydroponics
How is Aeroponics different from Hydroponics?
  • Although the words may sound alike, hydroponics is grown in water, and uses water as a growing medium to convey essential minerals to sustain plant growth.
  • Aeroponics is conducted without a growing medium.
  • A medium is an agency by which something is accomplished, conveyed, or transferred.
how aeroponics works
How Aeroponics Works

Did you know this aeroponic apparatus was powered by only tap water and a microchip?

Aeroponic grown crops are suspended while a nutrient solution is delivered by sprayer nozzles,

thus surrounding the roots with a fine mist of nutrients for the roots to absorb to grow.

environment impact
Environment Impact
  • Aeroponic growing is safe and ecologically friendly and also produces natural, organic and healthy crops.
  • Aeroponics is ecologically friendly because of the conservation of water and energy.
  • When compared to hydroponics, aeroponics requires less water and uses less energy inputs per sq meter of growing area.
challenges faced in aeroponics
Challenges faced in Aeroponics
  • The profit made by farms all depend on how much crop is produced, so if a machinery malfunctions, and a large crop is destroyed, there is a chance the farm will face a loss.
  • Machinery must be carefully inspected everyday to make sure the machinery works properly.

aeroponics in space
Aeroponics in space
  • In 1999,R. Stoner (developer of aeroponics), funded by NASA, developed an inflatable low-mass aeroponic system (AIS) for space and earth for high performance food production.
  • The inflatable nature of the innovation makes it lightweight, and can be deflated to take up less space for easy transportation and storage.
  • There was also another aeroponic system for use in space, but it was hard to transport and store it, thus making it very problematic.
aeroponics on earth
Aeroponics on Earth
  • Aeroponics is mainly used in countries where water and land are scarce. The countries are also usually rich.
  • Examples of such countries are Japan and Singapore.
  • Aeroponic growing allows plants and crops to grow without the use of pesticide and thus it will be disease free. The crops will grow in a natural healthy manner as the aeroponic system is very similar to nature environmental conditions.
  • As aeroponics is conducted in air combined with micro-droplets of water, almost any plant can grow to maturity in air with a plentiful supply of carbon dioxide, water and nutrients.
  • Furthermore, aeroponics helps conserve water, land and nutrients, so the aeroponics system is the way of the future, making cutivation of crops easier.


  • How is Aeroponics different from Hydroponics?
  • What is one advantage of Aeroponics?
  • What is one disadvantage of Aeroponics?
  • What is a challenge faced in Aeroponics?


  • Aeroponics is conducted without a growing
  • Medium, while hydroponics is grown in water as
  • a growing medium.
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