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Request for Services Update John Crawford Deputy Program Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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Request for Services Update John Crawford Deputy Program Manager

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Request for Services Update John Crawford Deputy Program Manager - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Request for Services Update John Crawford Deputy Program Manager November 21, 2006 Agenda Review Commitments and Status Other Actions Taken Standards Overview of Procurement Working Group (PWG) Request for Special Services Metrics Ongoing Actions Review Commitments and Status

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Presentation Transcript

Request for Services Update

John Crawford

Deputy Program Manager

November 21, 2006

  • Review Commitments and Status
  • Other Actions Taken
  • Standards
  • Overview of Procurement Working Group (PWG)
  • Request for Special Services
  • Metrics
  • Ongoing Actions
previous meeting what s next
Previous Meeting - What’s Next?
  • Joint VITA - Northrop Grumman weekly review of outstanding Purchase Requests
    • A joint VITA/Northrop Grumman team continues to hold weekly “burn down” meeting to review Purchase Requests
  • Establish a steering committee to provide direction and monitor progress
    • A Procurement Working Group (PWG) has been convened to serve in an advisory capacity and to assist in review of proposed communication and provide feedback from user agencies. The PWG is composed of AITRS or their designees from approximately eight agencies.
previous meeting what s next continued
Previous Meeting - What’s Next? (Continued)
  • Implement revised process that will expedite the technical review process
    • Technical reviews were combined, financial and contractual issues removed from the technical review and moved to the final stage of the eVA process.
    • Refinement and documentation of Scope determination is ongoing
  • Communicate to the SLDs and the agency the eVA PR criteria and the transformation standards
    • Standards for network, and messaging and desktop completed and will be distributed this week.
  • Communicate Transformation Plan and Schedule to Agency personnel
    • Transformation briefing developed and presented to the Managers conference on 15 November 2006.
previous meeting what s next continued6
Previous Meeting - What’s Next? (Continued)
  • Implement reporting metrics and track trends
    • Initial metrics developed for eVA process (shown later in the briefing)
    • Work continues with DGS to develop more comprehensive metrics
  • Report progress to VITA and Northrop Grumman management
    • Metrics reported daily, and status meetings held weekly.
other actions taken
Other Actions Taken
  • Established a project office to implement improvements in the procurement process
  • Presented transformation strategy and schedule to the managers conference on 11/15/06 and AITR meeting
  • Provided initial procurement communication to the agencies
  • Modified the P2P process to reduce the number of steps and expedite approvals
  • Initiated weekly “burn down” sessions to address PRs presenting complex issues
other actions taken continued
Developed standards for:

Desktop/Laptop systems



Established the Request for Special Services Process

Established a Procurement Working Group

Other Actions Taken (Continued)
guidance prior to transformation


GuidancePrior to Transformation

Customer and


Support Guidance

NG Actions and Status

desktop services standard components
Transformation Approach:

Establish a standardized desktop configuration

Refresh desktops and laptops

Gradually move Printing services to networked printers (reduce the number of standalone desktop printers in use)

Scheduled Agency/Site Rollout through Transformation

Desktop Services Standard Components

Components:Desktop PCs, Laptops, and Printers

Customer and Current Operations Guidance:

Customers should plan to align equipment refreshes with the transformation schedule as it is developed.

Prior to transformation and prior to NG determination of specific vendor product configurations: to meet customer business needs for additional desktops or replacement desktops, requests for systems should meet the system specifications used as the basis for the RFP.

After Standard product configurations are published: Requests for desktops and network-attached printers will be fulfilled using a configuration from the list of standard configurations.

NG Actions and Status:

Develop Standard specifications that meet VITA EA standards. Status: COMPLETE

Provide Standard specifications as guidance for solutions for near-term customer requests. Status: Complete (attached)

Conduct RFP to select specific vendor product as the standard configurations for desktops and printers. Status: Award in Mid-November

procurement working group
Procurement Working Group
  • Composed of agency, VITA and NG representatives
  • Meets biweekly
  • Purpose:
    • To involve the agencies in the evolution of the procurement process
    • To solicit their input on what changes should be made to improve the procurement process and customer satisfaction
    • Actively engage agency representatives in implementing changes
    • Improve communication between the Partnership and the Agencies relating to procurement
  • Actions resulting from first meeting (see handout)
pwg members
Mary Clarke, Virginia Department of Transportation

Gay Cohn, Virginia Department of Health

Beth Easter, Department of Military Affairs

Jim Gargasz, Department of Military Affairs

Craig Goeller, Department of Medical Assistance Services

Vicki Krisnitski, Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

Debbie Madison, Department of Corrections

Pat Paquette, Department of Health Professions

Steve Rusch, Department of Conservation & Recreation

Bob Sievert, Department of General Services

PWG Members
request for special services rfss
Request for Special Services (RFSS)
  • Develop and validate technical solutions in response to a customer agency’s business requirements for new or enhanced services
  • New and/or enhanced services involving multiple functional towers (e.g. desktops, servers, network)
  • New infrastructure items/services typically requiring more than 40 labor hours to complete

Time Estimate

30 to 90 days to develop technical solution

  • Based upon complexity of business requirements
  • Timeline does not incorporate time to deploy solution
request for special services rfss process
Request for Special Services (RFSS) Process

The ITP team will follow the process below to evaluate, solution and implement project requests from customer agencies.

Customer agencies will be consulted throughout each phase of the process

Customer Account Manager (CAM) Agency Performance Manager (APM) Agency Procurement Request (APR) Help Desk (VCCC)

Agency Approves High-Level Solution

Agency Approves Detailed Technical Proposal/Pricing

Agency Is Consulted for Requirements Information

Agency Accepts and Approves Completed Project

ongoing actions
Ongoing Actions
  • Development of a Request for Managed Services form
    • To provide additional information and reduce the need to request additional information from the agency
  • Distribute standards to the Agencies
    • Reduce the number of requests that do not comply with the transformation standard
  • Develop additional metrics
    • Average number of days from submission to approval by month
    • Average number of days from order to receipt by month
    • Number of days to complete RFSS approval process
  • Automate P2P Purchase Ordering submission process
ongoing actions continued
Ongoing Actions (Continued)
  • Complete coordination of the Emergency Request Process
  • Complete coordination of the Escalation Process
  • Establish requirements for the implementation of an online service catalog
  • Continue clarification and documentation of Scope issues
  • Complete expiring contracts process