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A informação e as novas tecnologias 13 de junho PowerPoint Presentation
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A informação e as novas tecnologias 13 de junho

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A informação e as novas tecnologias 13 de junho - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A informação e as novas tecnologias 13 de junho Kurt Muller, Managing Editor A notícia está evoluindo… e é assim a maneira que os povos a consomem. Launch dates August 30, 1995 CNN International site ( Europe – Sept. 12, 2000 Asia – Jan. 24, 2001

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A informação e as novas tecnologias 13 de junho

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A informação e as novas tecnologias

13 de junho

Kurt Muller, Managing Editor

Launch dates
    • August 30, 1995
    • CNN International site (
      • Europe – Sept. 12, 2000
      • Asia – Jan. 24, 2001
  • Hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Distribution: Worldwide
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 27.9 million
  • Newsrooms: Atlanta, Washington, D.C., New York, London, Hong Kong…and everywhere CNN has a producer/correspondent
cnn digital platforms touchpoints 05 16 07





Total Site: 1.8 billion page views

Home page: 861 million page views

Unique Users (U.S.): 27.9 million P2+

Ad Opportunity: Many unique sponsorships including traditional and rich media placements


90.4 million free videos served

Ad Opportunity: :15 & :30 second lead-In commercials, along with 728x90 companion banner




1 Screen (Interact with TV only):

available in 12.5 million Dish Network homes

2 Screen (Interact with TV & PC in same room):

Available in 50 million U.S. homes

2,000 to 50,000 participants for certain programs

Ad Opportunity: 728x90 banner on registration page. Sponsor presence throughout user application.


Worldwide: Available to 333 million wireless data subscribers. 70 million page views

Domestic: Available to 59 million wireless data subscribers. 50.5 million page views

Ad Opportunity: Text and logo sponsorships




Available in 18.5 million digital cable homes

Average monthly impressions per month: 181,000

Ad Opportunity: Pre-roll :10 sponsorship bump, :30 second commercial and optional long form lead-out


2.7 million audio downloads

1,173,000 video downloads

Ad Opportunity: Audio - Pre-roll audio billboard, traditional post-roll audio commercial. Video - Pre-roll video billboard, post-roll video commercial

CNN Digital Platforms - Touchpoints (05/16/07)

U.S. Web Population (Home/Work):

212.3 MILLION P2+ (75% of U.S. Population)

U.S Broadband Population

Home: 118 Million P2+ (81% of home Web population)

Work: 55 Million P18+ (92% of work Web population)

Sources: Web/Broadband Projections – Nielsen//NetRatings March 2007 (U.S. Penetration Figure Based on Universe Estimate From Nielsen Media Research; Broadband Penetration Figures Based On Active Internet Users); Broadband Videos – Turner Log Files – Webstats (April '07); page views – Turner Log Files - Webstats (April '07); Unique Users – Nielsen//NetRatings Home/Work Panel (April '07); Wireless – Distribution: Turner Estimates, Page views: Turner Log Files - Webstats (April '07); Podcasts – Limelight and Akamai CDN Server Log Files, processed internally (April '07); VOD: Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Insight & Bresnan via Rentrak (Distribution & Impressions – March ’07); iTV – Turner Estimates

Video usage on has increased over 150% since last year

Free Videos Served on

(in millions)

(avg. monthly)

(avg. monthly)

(avg. monthly)

(avg. monthly)

(avg. monthly)

(avg. monthly)

Source: Webstats – Internal Log Files; Notes: Data is based on worldwide usage


01 July 2007

EVOLUTION CONTINUES’s latest evolution gives consumers control and the ability to participate in their news experience.


Relaunch Goals

Create a more compelling user experience

  • Built on extensive analysis of user needs, behavior and expectations
  • Leverages the existing expertise, assets and resources of CNN
  • Enhances and simplifies how people interact with news
  • Incorporates the latest thinking about user experience on the web

Provide a more engaging advertising environment

  • Uncluttered advertising placements
  • Powerful multi-media and cross-platform advertising
  • Unique sponsorship opportunities

The New Home page

Latest News lets users choose between text, video and gallery stories. It also shows how recently a story was posted.



Story highlights at the top of every page help users digest story details quickly.

Concise information to give readers key facts and provide context for other storytelling components.


The New Video Experience

Video will become more prominent, offering both LIVE and On-Demand video FREE.

Simplified video experience: Play in page, highest quality video, increased size.

slide15 versus
  • versus


Mobile Devices

“It’s streaming live TV over broadcast mobile networks. That’s the future as we see it.”

--Neil Mawston, Associate Director Strategy Analytics

Breaking News SMS alerts
  • Latest top stories, business, sport, entertainment & more
  • On the hour video news updates
  • Weather: 5 day forecasts, air travel delays & ski reports
  • Search archive for the last 14 days – text and video on-demand
  • Exclusive CNN In the field correspondent’s blog
  • Watch CNN live via your mobile 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
little screen big opportunity
Little Screen, Big Opportunity
  • eMarketer estimates:
  • 521 million worldwide 3G subscribers will watch video of any sort on their phones in 2009, up from 45 million in 2006
  • 101 million worldwide mobile TV viewers in 2009
  • Juniper Research has also predicted that by 2010 broadcast and streamed mobile video subscription revenues will reach $7.6 billion worldwide.

SOURCES: 1eMarketer “Mobile Television for Marketers” April 2006; 2eMarketer, March 26, 2006 & Media Economy Newsletter, March 27, 2006; 3Media Economy Newsletter, February 23, 2006


News is the #1 content genre on mobile devices

SOURCE: M:Metrics, Inc. (October 2006)

CNN ranks #1 among mobile news providers

Mobile News Providers – Unique Users (000)

March 2007

Source: Telephia Notes: Top providers from news/politics category are included; data includes domestic use only; Data reported at the brand level

01 July 2007

Experience the latest news evolution on