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How can ICT transform health care? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How can ICT transform health care?.

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How can ICT transform health care?

In developing countries like Guatemala, these can become a bridge between those with and those without resources to health care. They decrease the gap between urban and rural areas. It provides access to health services for people living in rural, remote and neglected communities.

What do we do to make the e health a reality l.jpg
What do we do to make the e-health a reality?


  • We are using cell phones to connect people living in rural communities, health specialists who live in urban areas, to provide primary health care.

  • Cell Phones for sending electronic information for monitoring or surveillance.

  • Video consultations in remote rural communities of Alta Verapaz through Elluminate Live.

  • This allows people to not have to travel long distances to receive health care, or be referred to articulate and timely manner when their health situation warrants.

  • All actions are carried out jointly with health services of the Ministry of Health for sustainability.

What do we do to make the e health a reality4 l.jpg
... What do we do to make the e-health a reality?


We form technical support staff and nurses in remote sites, preparing people who come from remote communities who need culturally relevant staff, who knows your health problems and who wants to stay there to provide assistance.

What differences exist between developed and developing countries l.jpg
What differences exist between developed and developing countries?

  • The tics must conform to the technological and cultural reality.

  • It`s necessary to analyze the context.

  • Rural communities and with strong attachment to their culture, may open to technology and change.

  • Cost is important for sustainability.

  • ICT advances in developing countries.

What specific actions are needed now l.jpg
What specific actions are needed now? countries?

  • Promote solidarity between developed countries and those developing and on a country level, between the ones who have and the ones who don't have resources.

  • Promote the use of ICTs at all levels, to break barriers because of its ignorance.

  • Creativity, innovation.

And by whom l.jpg
... And by whom? countries?

  • The State

  • The Academy

  • The private sector

  • Civil society in general

    Everyone can contribute from there space.

How much can the e health cost and how to achieve sustainability l.jpg
How much countries? can the e-health cost? and How to achieve sustainability?

  • The costs can be high at the start.

  • The advantages are high:

    • Individuals can receive care where they live or work.

    • Health services are spending less money.

    • Increased productivity.

  • Governments need to invest in e-health, in an institutionalized and systematic way.

What does e health need to accelerate the development and its management l.jpg
What does e-health need to accelerate the development and its management?

  • Promotion and education on the subject at many levels.

    • There is much misinformation in groups such as politicians and high-level technicians in the health field.

    • It is very important to know the great benefits.

    • More solidarity with those who have none, on behalf of the ICT industry.

    • Businesses should contribute to society part of what society offers them as a profit.

Slide10 l.jpg its management?