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Business Plan

Business Plan. OVHL MAINTENANCE by Nedeljko Drakul. OVHL MAINTENANCE. 1.Introductory Elements

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Business Plan

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  1. Business Plan OVHL MAINTENANCE by Nedeljko Drakul

  2. OVHL MAINTENANCE 1.Introductory Elements In our Electric Power System at this moment we have a big reorganization and as a result of that reorganization we have the dislocation of some jobs outside the company. One of that job will be the maintenance of overhead high voltage lines (OHVL). That is why I think that the idea to found the company for maintenance and building OHVL is very interesting.

  3. OVHL MAINTENANCE 2.Business Description In the beginning we will start with jobs of OHVL inspection checks with replacement of insulator strings, repair of conductors, earth wire, painting the steel lattice towers and cutting the vegetation under the OHVL. The next stage will be reconstruction of parts of OHVL with replacements of some towers and conductors. The finalstage will be offering ofconstruction of completely new OHVL.

  4. OVHL MAINTENANCE 3. The Market As already mentioned in the introduction the owner of the OHVL are the companies from the Electric Power System and thatOHVLmaintenance jobs will be dislocated. That is one possibility to get new jobs, another possibility is building a new OHVL, and renovating the old OHVL. Of course, we can offer our services to Electric Power System in neighbouring countries.

  5. OVHL MAINTENANCE 4. Development and Production We already said that our development will be step by step. When we reach the level that we can offer construction of OHVL we will start with development of the next stage in this area - design of OHVL, and when we reach that stage we will be able to provide a complete offer.

  6. OVHL MAINTENANCE 5. Sales and Marketing Our production program has no special product, we offer design, construction and maintenance of OHVL and will have special marketing approach. We have to be present at the electric expert events, like seminars conferences and fairs. We are planning to organize promotional presentation where we will call potential users of our service and for that presentation we will prepare promotional materials with our offer in the area of OHVLdesign and construction.

  7. OVHL MAINTENANCE 6. Management In preparation for this businessplan we had a lotof contact with experienced specialists fromhigh voltage technology. Their long experience indevelopment of design and construction of transmission lines is a guarantee for the quality, reliability and functionality of thisservice. Their skills andexperience come from workingon the transmission lines all overformer Yugoslavia. Theirknowledge, skills and know-how willsupport us in minimizing risk and optimizing the return on our assets.

  8. OVHL MAINTENANCE 7. Financials Our business plan is established on the financial conditions in our country. We can geta fixed amount for each employee if we employ people from existing companies, like the public company EPS. It is only for starting the business, but we know that we need more money for all equipment needs for our business, because we have to borrow money from banks or buy that equipment on leasing.

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